Repair of garden paths

By Admin | Landscape
06 May 2016

In the country can not do without the garden paths.They simultaneously perform several functions: can comfortably reach the desired object, which is especially important in the rain, protect the part of the plot of weeds and are the decorative element garden.

basic requirements that apply to the tracks - it's elasticity and durability.In bad weather or during watering they should not soak, as well as the melt being heated by the sun.To garden paths last a long time, when the device is necessary to consider many things: to plan the correct location on the site, calculate their size and color, choose the type of coverage, as well as solutions and other materials for installation.

However, to provide all turns out not always.So it turns out that a few years later the track can go into the land, swollen or overgrown with weeds.

repair track

Member Forum Nomad several years ago made the country lanes of paving slabs.I put them on a sand cushion thickness of a bayonet spade.The sand is hard packed an

d spilled water.The paths to get a perfect horizontal.

time, however, the beginning of the tiles to go into the ground, although initially was 2 cm above the ground level.As a result, after the rains on the tracks accumulate water.Later the situation worsened uninvited guests - moles.

As a result, five years later the path began to look pitiable.The owner came to the conclusion that if the country is home to various digging creation, garden paths should be done differently.And so, rolling his sleeves, he took up the repairs.When removed the tiles, I discovered numerous moves.

Level removed the top layer of sand, rammed and brought the horizon.Then I put a metal grid, sleep 5 tisantimetrovym layer of dry cement-sand mixture in the ratio of 1 / 3.5.This lifted the net, so it does not lay down and was in the middle layer.All lined up and put the tile.To a mixture of grab forumchanin paths shed.

stepper tracks Nomad to do the same.The distance between the tiles is also sprinkled with a mixture of dry: the grass will not be here to grow, but the moles and should not occur.

Until then, until the solution hardens, the paths should not walk: you can inadvertently shift the tiles, and then she is not into place.

recommendations forumchan

Sasha76 recommends that all is well to consider if you want to lay tiles on a layer of cement with reinforcing mesh: then it will be difficult to alter anything.We must immediately decide whether you will make the joints of the boards, take into account that these seams should be held strictly under tile, well compacted, consider measures to prevent local erosion, etc.

InSAn gives another tip: if you make a concrete base under the tile, keep in mind that during the thaw under it can get melt water, and in the cold tiles blown off from the base.Therefore, we must first make a recess to fill sand (10-15 cm), and then lay geotektsil and have him fall asleep rubble: the web is not a stone will "drown", and that, in turn, protect the track from the moles.After the trail polyethylene layer, and it pour sand and lay plates.Each layer of well tamped.

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