On the balcony of orchids

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21 April 2016
«I envy your greenhouse.I live in an apartment, I have no such possibility, "- often writes one grower to another.In fact, the possibility is: you can make a greenhouse on a regular balcony, putting the hands and imagination.
«The thought is to remake the balcony in the winter garden.And then I have a very dark apartment and want flowers "- dreams participant www.forumhouse.ru Triksi .We describe how to translate these dreams into reality.
How warm
If your balcony is encased with siding and has a normal double glazing, it is half the battle.But only half: that your plants feel comfortable in the heat and cold, the balcony must be properly warmed, and so as to protect it from overheating on hot July days.Remember that it is necessary to insulate a balcony material, which is not afraid of moisture - known as moisture-loving flowers you want to grow.
Many ornamental plants do not like sudden changes in temperature, and it is necessary to consider: air temperature in your conservatory bal
cony should be stable.This will help electric heater with temperature sensor, which itself will monitor and maintain the desired temperature.What you need to take care about is that the heat is spread evenly across the balcony.At the same time, it is impossible to prevent a greenhouse effect.To do this, many set on the balcony greenhouse air conditioning, but some cost and ventilation hatches.
Sex on the balcony too, will have to warm.Ideal - to make floor heating, but there are options for the Budget: put a layer of insulation on it - board, hardboard.Top - linoleum or any other flooring, necessarily - waterproof.It would be the best ceramic tile.
seems that the last floor - a big advantage for the balcony conservatory: you can make the glass roof.However, experienced growers say they do not need it: on sunny days the plants will suffer from the heat, increase the risk of burns.Moreover, such a roof is quickly polluted - torment her.And by the way, if your balcony faces south, at the stage of thermal insulation on the windows install horizontal blinds.
Where to take place, if it is not
In fact, the space on the balcony - more than it seems.Flowers can stand on the windowsill, twisted walls, hang from the ceiling.On the floor, on the sides and in the center of the balcony you can put boxes for large plants and bushes.Along the outer wall of the balcony inside the flange can be installed in tiers: the upper floors - for the most light-loving crops, and lower - for plants that prefer shade.
That's not all.You can put a pair of uprights for pots, secured to the front wall brackets to hang from the ceiling beautiful pots and baskets.It can be good to strengthen a couple of boxes on the outside terrace in summer they will look great basket plant.
Arrange plants at several levels, not only would find scope for their deployment - in fact, it gives endless possibilities for imagination and creativity.Your balcony will look like a floral paradise.
- and I'd like to praise.And this beauty is growing at our lodge, transformed into a winter garden:
Floristry - fun.You may not notice how your balcony turned into a thick jungle, and the room began to dim for a balcony as a storage room.The light must penetrate the room, do not forget about it!Ideally, the plants on the balcony framed window opening on three sides or both as theatrical scenes.
is grown
After studying this section here www.forumhouse.ru, you can grow in your home greenhouse anything: ginger, murraya, strawberries, coffee, fruit-bearing trees, grasses and cereals ... Andto start just consider the location of your balcony.If he goes to the south, planted crops that like light: pelargonium plyuschelistuyu, Drummond phlox, dolgotsvetku, Dutch and Chinese carnations, daisies, gillyflower, dahlias, snapdragons, nasturtium.If we talk about climbing plants, the sun like hops, Morning Glory, Kobe, passionflower, Turkish beans and sweet peas.Dracaena, yucca, aloe and a variety of cacti also excellent take root on the sunny side.
If your balcony most of the day hiding in the shadows, put emphasis on fuchsia, marigold, forget-me, mignonette, tobacco and various tuberous begonias.Feel free to place pots of oleander, laurel, balsam.Want creepers?Take ivy or ampelopsis.
Excellent look ordinary mixes with tropical plants.Agapanthus, hibiscus, citrus, clianthus, orchids, abutilon, passion flower, Gloriosa fine dilute the modest garden perennials.
In the experience of our growers, the best in the gazebo take root plants that are native to subtropical.In winter, they suffer in our apartments, they need lower temperatures and in hothouse loggia they are perfectly happy.But colder + 15C on the balcony should not be!They thrive in the balcony and conservatory conifers and other plants that require cool winter.
Discard the idea to grow large trees with spreading branches, if you have a small balcony.Compact variety of plants will look spectacular.
- krupnomerov say a big "no"!If you mean the acquisition of their large.The main purpose - lush vegetation.Place the wider goal!Application of lush vegetation!
How to
Making balcony greenhouse depends on the terrace, and from the interior of the adjoining room, and the type of plant.If you live on the first floor and your balcony is protected by wrought-iron railings, and the accessories must comply with: Wrought iron stands and console furniture on metal frame.Consider the interior of a room adjacent to the orangery.For example, if it is made in high-tech style, make perforated metal shelves and put flowers in metal pots.
Dry tropical garden with cacti looks pretty monotonous - set up the ladder on the podium plants on a background of original walls lined.And if you put on the perimeter of the balcony vines, vines and tree roses and stretch across the ceiling and along the walls of the lattice and the fishing line, a greenhouse is similar to the classic gazebo.
Orangerie is a favorite place in your home, and it is possible that the balcony landscaping - your new hobby.You can decorate the wall of a cliff or oblitsevat its textured stone, decorative plaster with the texture of the stone.Put a small fountain, wicker chairs, include recording with the singing of birds and forget about all the excitement and anxiety ... The designers believe that the chairs and tables are just as important as the plants - let your greenhouse will become a place where you can sit with a friend over a cup of coffee.
details on how to turn a balcony into a conservatory, described in our accompanying video.And here - a video on how to choose plants for the winter garden.And this bonus and useful for beginners and experienced florists - the theme of this forum "Pests and diseases of indoor plants."