An artificial pond at the dacha

By Admin | Landscape
05 May 2016

If you decide to change the design of your infield, and for this purpose to place it on the pond, it is necessary first of all to determine the place of its location.When the device artificial pond, it is necessary to choose a section where direct sunlight will fall no more than 3 - 4 hours in a day.This is to ensure that the water in the pond would not "blossomed."

If this is not possible, then the edges of the finished pond will need to plant shrubs or trees.

An artificial pond at the dacha After selecting a place to begin excavation - the excavation, it is advisable to dig any form that would be closer to the natural contours of the pond.The depth of the artificial pond is not recommended more than 1 meter, that would facilitate the cleaning of the bottom of an artificial pond.

Once we form the necessary pit dug - bottom and walls, if possible maximum equalized.Then, it fits into a special butyl - rubber or PVC film.If an artificial pond is not big in size, the film is placed in one piece.

If the size of the artificial reservo

ir large enough that the film is applied overlapped, followed by gluing with special glue - sealant.
In any case, the film must go beyond the border of the pond for at least half a meter.
Thus, the film is laid, proceed to the next stage - preferably over the entire area to lay a soft mesh - netting used in plastering.This grid is placed for strength and cover the bottom of the "banks" of the pond.
To make the pond and give it a natural, it is best to use any natural stone that does not react with water, river pebble, for example.

If there be a river with rapids, the problem is simplified - you can own (with the appropriate machine) to go and pick up any material for the design of an artificial pond.

solution for laying the stone must be prepared from cement grade not less than 400.
laying on a solution must begin with border bottom place and the adjacent wall (the coast) pond.Evenly having leveled solution do a small horizontal surface of the stone, and on the edges begin to stack up the stone wall up to the upper limit.

solution should be laid fairly thick layer that would be when laying stones, stitching on the border of contact is completely filled with a solution.
And the same pattern happening styling, the entire inner area of ​​the artificial pond.It is important to bear in mind that to do this job, the main thing to calculate the surface of the stacked, for whatever step on fresh packed plot.
must be provided at the deepest point of the pond, a small platform made of flat stones.It will serve to remove debris that will eventually accumulate in the pond.

rim of the artificial pond, too, it is desirable to make the artificial stone (although you can use other material).Inside the side or toward the edges must be secured before left ends of the film.
If desired, the artificial pond may install pumps for water circulation and extra lighting.

should remember that artificial pond used only for decorative purposes - swimming in it is not allowed