Geyser own hands

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05 May 2016

Summer - time of rest, relaxation and pleasure - is not over yet!And since we are talking about the pleasures, we can safely say that the greatest pleasure we tend to bring what was done with their own hands.Because today, its experience of creating a geyser on rockery us divided forumchanin Nafanya .

Unlike fountain, whose water drops on the water surface, the water from the geyser falls on the stones, shells or sand - so our future composition is essentially a copy of this mountain geyser.

Let's get started.

Before creating and installing a geyser need to do some preparatory work.The first thing you need to dig a hole for the barrel and make nulevku 25-30 cm. Then prepare a suitable galvanized 200-liter barrel, the end of which you need to cut the grinder.

water tank and pump

After these preparatory works Getting started Basic.To begin to pour in the prepared pit our barrel and surrounded it from all sides with stones, thus creating a rockery.The number, size and type of stones depends on y

our vision of slides and is limited only by your imagination.Rockery can ennoble and decorate, creating, for example, similarity of the flower bed.

next step attach the pump for decorative garden fountains on the metal plate, which in turn is attached to the two lateral rubber from tires.This is done in order to create a cushioning effect and reduce noise at work (after all, this construction will be located inside the barrel).

attached to the pump hose for the water supply, which can use the "tee" by 2 separate water fountain.

If your tee will be small - it will have to "drive."You can do this first round file, and then - with a drill;tee placed on the hard collars and collars - in the comb.

nozzles and the upper plateau

At the end of each of the two hoses attach on the nozzle through which water will gush.Both nozzles are attached through a pre-cut and slightly curved outward metal cover, which is a kind of "platform", which will cover a barrel and subsequently serve as a dress for decorative stones and shells.Since this board has at this stage the design is not very tough, it makes sense to strengthen slightly.For this purpose the metal hooks that are placed around the edges of the cover and, clinging to the sidewall barrel lid is securely fixed.

nozzles are made of copper pipes, a little flattened at the ends, in order to obtain a sheaf of water, a suitable pressure, height and shape.Nozzles are attached to the board with clamps.This design becomes quite stable and at the same time have a certain mobility nozzle, which enables to simulate the direction of the jet geyser.

Sides plateau covers half of a small rubber hose (for this hose cut lengthwise into two equal parts);This is a protection against the ingress of barrel shells and small pebbles.

assembles design

So now getting pretty massive structure can be safely lowered into our prepared barrel.To alleviate this problem, the lower plate (to which the pump is attached) can be mounted on the holder with a hook on the end, for example, a solid wire.This holder will facilitate not only the process of lowering the pump at the bottom of the barrel, but also, if necessary, reverse the process of extraction (the hook must remain at the top, outside the barrel).For the best water filtration pump can be shut tights.

After carefully submerged pump at the bottom, the top is covered with a barrel top metal disc (plateau, to which are attached the nozzle).

as ballast used 4 buckets of 25 liters.These buckets are lowered into a barrel for the winter in order to avoid squeezing spring groundwater.In winter, the water is pumped out.


Before laying the shells and stones on the board should make sure that they are clean, and if necessary - rinse.Decorating begins from mid-sized stones that lay along the outer edge of the plateau, thereby covering the sidewall with hose and barrel protruding edge.Smaller stones and shells filled the entire central part of the plateau.Large stones, reserved for the end - they are covered by the nozzle, creating the illusion that the water hits right out of the stones.It is better if they are oblong with flat face - such stones would be more convenient to set up and they will be more stable.

So our geyser in fact ready and now you can check out his work.If necessary, adjust the direction of the water jets, slightly moving the nozzle in the desired direction.

last stage decorate barrel protruding from the ground, hiding it from prying eyes.For this purpose, we use the biggest stones in our arsenal.

Geyser has a closed water cycle, which is a big plus: the water in it circulates around and calls for a special attention to any or significant cash outlay.However, some of the water from the geyser will spill past, and some evaporate - because without periodic refresh of water can not do.Depending on the activity of a geyser on refilling is required up to 3 hours in a bucket.

If desired, you can send a geyser illumination that have particular way in the dark.In this case, the author and creator of several small geyser used camouflaged in the rocks colorful lanterns own production.

We thank forumchanin Nafanya

with other videos available on the Internet channel project " Dachnoe video ".If you have ideas, you can invite videoperatora yourself.