Smart tools for the garden with his own hands

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21 April 2016
work in the garden and the garden can really be easy and pleasant if we use the right tools.We'll tell you about the tools designed by users these inventions and improvements will serve faithfully and you!
Ploskorez "Mower»
user Antol13 invented and designed ploskorez "Mower" (from the word "spit").Previously, between rows of potatoes for processing forumchanin used ploskorez Fokine, but then decided to simplify your job, "like a good, but not that, and the quality of the metal, its thickness is poor, and the prices are biting."
for the new device, which would be more penetrated into the soil, forumchanin decided to use a braid that lay unnecessarily and stalks, bought at the store for 30 rubles.In the manufacture of ploskorez he spent 40 minutes.The work does not require significant technical skills:
  1. Cut Bulgarian shoulder stiffness, while working to ploskorez not experienced resistance and not cling to the ground.The optimal length of the b
    lade with plane - 17 cm.
  2. increase the angle of attack by podgibaniem in a vise, using a pipe wrench.The angle of attack of the blade - 30-40 degrees.
  3. for better fixation in the hands of the handle ploskorez to do on both sides of the bore electroplane.
  4. clamp stainless steel at the top of spines strengthen and prevent loosening of fasteners.
Ploskorez well proven in operation.In addition, it performs functions and braids: they can mow chronic burdock, thistle, and other "grass evil."
- Made ploskorez surpassed all expectations, such pleasure in the never experienced.Two sealing lips allow, without bending, to do the job quickly and with good quality.
drill for beet
viktor50 beets planted by hand.The soil was slabovlazhnaya and beet rose a little, and there were gaps of 1-2 meters, although at the farm, where they took the seeds, seedlings were friends."Then he realized that it sowed the drill, she sows seeds and consolidates them.Seeds without stitching as if stuck in the soil, poor contact with moisture, and if the soil has dried slightly, sprouting can not wait. "The following year, in just half a day forumchanin made semblance of industrial drills.The seeds sprouted close to 100%.
The design of the handle is in front of drills (drill pulls one person).At State Farm yard score gears diameter of about 200 mm and a width of 20-30 mm.They cooked together, turned the rink as the gear diameter, width of 15 cm and a weight of 5-7 kg.A piece of pipe about 3/4 at the bottom of a little bent during drills, along the back wall is cut to 5 cm and a trumpet deployed (such as a hollow spout turned cultivator).This tube is attached to the handle of the first, then cost device which rakes furrow.This was Hiller is brewed gear wheel, it compacts the land.In the upper part of the pipe is inserted into a two-liter plastic bottle with the bottom cut off: the man who follows the drill, throwing into it the seeds of beets.
- That's all a device as simple as a penny.There are no lathed parts, everything is done on the knee.If there is welding, is no problem at all with the assembly.Use this drill for about 20 seasons.
zayka2 make here are hand drills, copied from "Vinnichanki" sowing machine with a brush.He is a little improved design: set removable drive wheels and upgraded marker - set the knob to control, not to stoop to transfer to the other side.These drills can be sown almost any seed: carrots, onions Chernushka, beets, beans, peas, corn.
Universal wheelbarrow garden
forumchanin unkas this year had to do backfilling pits on the site.Available are two-wheeled carts, the track which was too wide in some places.Garden wheelbarrow neighbors did not like unkasu for different reasons.
Members Active bought polyurethane wheel, which does not need to pump (similar to the wheel, but not made of polyurethane and rubber, is cheaper), 2 corners, the axis of the bolt and nut bar 40 * 40 * 3 m. Plywood and resthe had.
- Tachkostroenie - an exact science.If you do everything by eye, it turns out crooked.
Home Water Tower
Jakomo Venciano build a water tower for watering the garden.
looks like this: a small round base on it for three two-meter diameter concrete ring set on a solution.Top cover with concrete hatch.The expert calculated the strength of the tower rings (rings, plus the weight of water pressure).It turned out that there is a three-time margin even for the weakest of the concrete, but with the proviso that the concrete is not saturated with water.That is important and waterproofing inside and outside (the rains).For exterior waterproofing forumchanin decided to make a conical roof with overhang.
inside and outside the tower stairs are installed.The joints between the rings gently shpaklyuyut, transport holes are sealed.Outside, everything is painted green paint, waterproofing inside walls and foundation and a layer of plastic, such as acrylic.
the bottom drain fitting-watering.At the top of the union nalivochny.From the drain through a tee fitting on the outer wall of a transparent proveshivajut shlang- transmitter.
Jakomo Venciano:
- to a filler fitting internally connected float valve on the toilet tank with a preliminary coarse filter.Pour going on summer water pressure of 1 atm.G.
winter, the tower will be empty, and in the summer the water in it will warm up to an average daily temperature to 15 degrees in the tower can be diluted fertilizer for fertilizing the garden, mixing them drain pump.
bury capacity forumchanin not: the only plus to bury the container that it does not freeze in the winter water.But why winter irrigation water?
tool for collecting apples
Akordik made a simple but functional tool for collecting apples and plums.Prior to that, she has tried several options plodosbornikov from the store, but then they found themselves abandoned and gathering dust without cause.It was found that the best fit of the three-meter aluminum pole and plastic bottles have nothing.This device uses the new posts often because of its ease and convenience.
- And without it we can not.With him comfortable, and do not need a ladder.
wood screw planting seeds
Denforever invented a device for planting seeds, which allows to do well and do not thin out the seedlings later.The device is implemented in several embodiments: length 3 cm, 5 cm and 2 cm. Subsequently, the device is adapted to handle.In the photo we can see that the screws are not screwed - is for easy transportation.Then, of course, they must be screwed.
Wonder shovel
Serdsvetlana in admiration of the "miracle-shovel," which is easy to do yourself.The ease with which to dig the garden, loosen the soil and dug potatoes, surprised.
Feature tillage miracle spade: garden delves not across and along.We take a miracle for the shovel edge of the upper limit of the two arms outstretched, stepping onto the platform (step), and it easily into the ground.Easy movement (can be combined with a light by shaking), retreated two steps back, shovel translate from vertical to almost horizontal.Then we take a step forward, drag away the shovel back to 30 cm, to give it a vertical position, to drive into the ground and repeat the cycle until the end of a row.Then proceed on to the next series.
Materials: half-inch pipe, logs (or hexagon) with a diameter of 15 mm.
for easy portability can be made collapsible design.
about other homemade instruments -drovokol, mixer and anchor truck - read here.On what instruments should be in the arsenal of the gardener - here.And watch our video reviews of new products for use in the garden.