How to make a garden bench

By Admin | Landscape
04 May 2016

Look at the prints of the 17th century: it is unlikely you will discover in the images of the Versailles palace comfortable place, where you could sit down.Perhaps this was because the favorite of Louis XIV wore everywhere chair "Sun King."

Until you have got their own lackeys, you may still want to have in the garden place for rest and contemplation of the landscape.

make simple and convenient bench somewhere in a shady corner.When the ability to deal with a jigsaw, you will not be difficult to make a nice bench with simple horizontal bars.Great location, it will serve as a place to relax and guests of the owners of the garden.

you can make a comfortable wooden bench seat with a smooth line from the board and some simple tools.

you need the following tools:

circular saw to make the legs and trim boards slats, struts and cross members.
hacksaw to make the seat and backrest.


1. 1x3 boards for the bars, struts and cross members 12 pieces length 2.44 m.
2. Boards 2x6 seat and four legs: 2 pieces of length 2.44 m.
3.2x4 board to support the planks back: 1 piece 2.44 m long.
4. round head bolts, washers and nuts, for fixing the legs - 2 pieces on foot.
5. Screws length of 1.59 cm. With a large flat head for mounting brackets, struts and cross members.
6. Sandpaper grain 120.


Make basis for seat

Make marks on 2x6 boards in accordance with the intended form.The width of the board at its narrowest point must be at least 5 cm. Cut the board to support the legs and seat lower cross member.Carefully grind them with sandpaper.

Prepare the board to support the back

Cut the board so that each one end is rectangular, and the other slowly passed into an angle of 15 degrees.Deal ends sandpaper.Screw back support board to the supports rest on the inside so that the backrest was tilted slightly backwards.

Make legs

Prepare two boards with rectangular ends of the front legs.Using round head screws, attach them to the inside of the front seat support bar, 1.9 cm. From the end.Make plates for rear legs with angles of 15, 165, 15 and 165 degrees.Attach them the same support bar bolted to the seats on the outer side.Corresponding ends of the rear and front legs should be parallel.

Strengthen bench

Measure two struts that they clearly docked with the front legs and backrest.Screws fasten them to the supports of the seat.Screw 1x3 board to the edges of the front legs, to connect the two supports.Screw the two cross 1x3.

Attach strap

Prepare a sufficient number of long strips of 92 cm. To form the seat and backrest of the bench.Using a flat-head screws, attach the strap to the supports.