Pond, swimming pool: a delight for body and soul

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03 May 2016

What do you associate the word "cottage"?Ringing heat, endless weed, tedious work, after which the relief creep in a city apartment?

Or is it - other: soft lawn, nice tickling bare feet, rich aroma of herbs, tearing his nostrils, refreshing the soul and the body cool water that babbling brook flowing over stones between slender plants?

If you want to receive from the suburban area, not only aesthetic, but also the physical satisfaction, then a pond, the pool - to be!

What is the advantage of the pond-bathing?

Unlike plastic pools, which are unlikely to fit harmoniously into the landscape, require expensive cleaning systems, change the water and remove it in the winter, the pond-swimming pool - a great opportunity to have both a decorative pond with beautiful plants growing in and around the waterShe and bathing place all the family.

Such a pond can be given any shape, it does not require a complex system of water purification: by the special design of the bath is maintained ecological balance and

there is self-cleaning.

From theory ...

Classic swimming pond consists of three components: the swimming cup regeneration zone and bioplato (autonomous regeneration of the reservoir).Binding element protrude conductive lines and electrical equipment.

At the edge of the bath constructing a wooden platform for relaxation and sunbathing, arrange a convenient entrance into the pool with steps and handrails where necessary establish the awning and deck chairs.

Selecting the

Pond for swimming suit at a location in partial shade, protected from wind.Pond size of 70-100 m not require little or no equipment for water purification, if half of the area devoted solely to the regeneration zone - the territory of the vegetation around the pool.

If space on the plot a bit, the pool can be reduced to 30-40 meters, while the regeneration zone will take approximately 10-20 square meters and will have to use filters and pumps.

There should be no trees near the pond: fallen leaves, falling into the water, can lead to contamination of water and the formation of algae.

Plants Pond

in the regeneration zone aquatic plants are placed in containers or planted them in bulk soil (local - Susak umbrella, arrowhead, bolototsvetnik, forget-me-marsh and calla lilies or exotic).Heat-loving plants (orontium water, Pontedera) harvested in the winter in a cool room.

important bioplato plant plants that are good biofilters.Usually it is a plant with tubular stems: broadleaf cattail or bulrush.However, they need space and are suitable only for large bodies of water.To make better use of small ponds sedge, bean trefoil or iris marsh.

as coastal aquatic vegetation using plants from local reservoirs: loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria, Euphorbia palustris, marsh marigold, a small cattail, rushes.Decorate the pond can garden plants, moisture-loving varieties host and astilb, meadowsweets, Globe hybrid, Ligularia, primrose, Badane.At the edge of a pond planted a weeping willow, a little way off - daylilies, Rogers, Siberian iris, ferns, cuff.

Pond Care Pond

-bathing should be regularly cleaned of fallen leaves and other debris, crop dried plant parts, clean the filter grille.Once every five years, carry out "capital" clean pond.In winter, the water is not drained in the summer it is desirable to manually refill.The fish in the pond to settle the pool is not recommended.

... to practice

participant of the forum "Home and cottageĀ» Santolia set about trying to alter your decorative pond to pond-bathing.My husband donated a piece of beautiful lawn to get some extend already existing pond.

Under pond bathing took plot size of 4x6 m. Due to the depth of the groundwater out small - only 1.2 meters, but enough to cool off in the heat.It was decided to dig a pit for bathing, make steps to decorate the edges of the side to organize the shallows.

were scheduled to install the pump at an average depth from one side of the swimming area and lay the hose on the edge of the creek.Brook had to pass through the plant and out into the pool area.Thus it was supposed to create bioochischenie water.

pond dug a hole under three days.Already it has been taken by WHO last ground as a heavy rain.Livni washed away all the stages, so owners had to puzzle over how to save your work.

Santolia did not wait for the dry marsh formed: pond threatened to grow in size.Together with her husband pumped water and tried to put the degree of soil out of the hole placed in the punctured plastic bags, which are placed as a brick.However, the venture had to be postponed: the soil floated, and promised the construction rubble.

To strengthen the bank, you can use the block house made of larch, driving a sharpened stakes on the edges of bowl swim.Bags of soil is best done from a geotextile "joining" them with construction stapler.

As the long-awaited dry weather than home and rushed to take advantage of the edge of the rubble dug pit, its Shots geotextile, beds in two layers of PVC film, putting felt pads on the bottom and put it with rubble layers.After a pit filled with water in parallel umaschivaya stage Booth and filling the joints between the layers of gravel.

Sand Santolia advises not to use: it becomes dirty, but still rising turbidity, when you walk along the bottom.

And now the time has come "to direct beauty" and do "settling" bioplato.

Later Santolia wants to put a fountain in the form of a beer barrel, situated on a bench from which will flow a trickle "beer" - a kind of a gift to the husband, the lover of this drink.

And while the resulting image seems to invite, together with the owners, enjoy the peace and freshness, to reward workers for a difficult job to establish a bathing pond.

, comments and answers to questions, Vladimir Petrov, head of the studio of the landscape Petriv Landscape Designe:

Ā«The fundamental error of our everyman, what we should build a pond, and then there are various issues.Small at first glance, the details make uncomfortable bathing ponds in the future, sometimes they smell bad, are covered with slime, etc.If you just dug a pond, you will always depend on the nature, dry summer it shallow, and vice versa. "

- What should be the optimal depth of the pond-bathing?

- In our climate, the size of the pond for swimming - from 5x10 with a depth of 1.8 m. If it is less - a rapid warming, though for small children is a plus.

- better sprinkle the bottom of the pond, not to bloom and it was not slippery?

- Pond in any will bloom on the bottom can be sand or gravel and waterproofing.If you want to stage, there is a stone or larch, please correct deviations or nature itself will make them.

- it possible to solve the problem of "unwelcome" - Adders, snakes, beetles, water beetles and the like?

- Pond and residents in the pond - is not a problem but a blessing.And if it is annoying, then needed a swimming pool and chemical water treatment technology.

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