We spread the garden path

By Admin | Landscape
02 May 2016

Step One
Remove the old track.Suffice it easy and enjoyable process, you just need to walk a jackhammer or sledgehammer.When working with a jackhammer Always use gloves and goggles.

Step Two
Next, you must decide on the edges and boundaries of the future track.Outline the expected edge of the track with the help of stretched fishing line or other available materials.

Step Three
The next step is to create the foundation.Remove the top of about 10 centimeters of soil, make sure that the surface has turned out flat, without hills and valleys.Next, pour a layer of gravel, about 4 centimeters, the resulting track top coat layer of sand 2 cm

Step Four
compaction.It is very important that the surface is completely leveled, so take your time and do everything carefully.Bricks laid on an uneven surface, will not fit snugly to each other and collapse path, do not serve you for a year.

Step Five
on compacted surface must be added back to the sand.Make sure you ar

e using mortar sand, not any more.Only this type of sand to lay out the bricks so that they did not disperse and tight to each other.Sprinkle about 2 centimeters of sand on track, the edges of the surface, parallel to each other, put the two metal tubes.Again fill the sand and leveled to obtain a flat surface.Next, start the alignment with the help of the board, leading her along the entire surface.This process is quite long and boring.Have patience.Upon completion remove the tubes from sand and level the surface, you can simply handed.

Step Six
can spread further stones or bricks across the entire width of the promenade, the technology is similar to laying laminate: you start the bridge, laying the stones one by onetightly placing them together.For convenience, it is best to re-tighten the line, which would define the limits of the promenade.An important point: place bricks on the sand smooth, do not throw them.May form bumps, and you will again have to level the surface.Do not worry about the cracks formed, they will be removed later.

Step Seven
If your track is not in a straight line, and has turns and corners, some of the stones have to trim around the edges, that they were the desired shape.For this process, it is best to use a saw with a cutting grinding disc (grinders).To simplify the process, use a disc with diamond grit.

Step Eight Once you lay out all the stones strew your path with sand and evenly, with the help of improvised means, spread it over the entire surface.To finish, walk along the path compactor.