How to make a plan of the site

By Admin | Landscape
02 May 2016
example, is too narrow or too wide portion.

So, you need to draw a plan of their own land, and you do not know where to start.Plan site better stages.First of all, you have to learn everything about your site: topography, soil type, openness winds, access to sunlight, the ratio of light and shade, the ground water level.Then think about what you would like to see on the site and what to do, to interview all household, to discuss their wishes and preferences.

Gathering all this information you can start planning.

First you need to outline the boundaries of the site to identify the location of the world, accommodation areas and neighboring roads.Then apply the plan existing buildings, growing trees and shrubs.If some of the trees you intend to cut, then the plan can be omitted.It would not hurt to draw buildings and trees neighbors in close proximity to your borders.

You can then proceed to the zoning of the site.The main zones: residential, shopping and gardening.These areas, in turn, can be divide
d into individual subbands.

The economic zone with a garden, it is desirable to place in the sunniest part of the site and away from the living area.It would be good to plan around the garden shed for storage of household supplies, it is also important not to forget the place for a compost pile.You can provide a place for burning garbage.All the main buildings and large trees should try to arrange so that they did not give to the area a lot of shade.

Entrance to the house is more convenient to place on the south side.On the south side is going less snow, and it quickly melts in the spring.Number of structures in the area should not be too large.For example, a garage is better to attach directly to the house.If you are going to do a pond, try to place it so that it was not a day in the sun.

playground to be visible and also not in the sun.Recreation area well to make a secluded, closed it from prying eyes shrubs, trees, decorative screens with climbing flowers, etc ...

Now that you have identified all of the zones, and placed additional buildings (such as a gazebo for relaxing orshed), you can proceed to the tracks.It is better to start with a basic, and then to identify minor.Try to think about how to be more convenient to move around the site.Man always tries to automatically shorten the route, do not forget about it, planning to track.

next stage - the selection of garden style.And here we must stop.Take magazines, watch carefully the different gardens.Think about how you would like to see my garden.What styles are in your soul response, which color combinations like, what colors you want to see in your garden.There no need to hurry, because in the garden you live.And when you decide for yourself, decide what you closer - a natural garden with soft, natural lines:

or you prefer the rigor of regular planning:

And maybe you want to make a rose garden, orturn your site into a mini-Japan ...

When you answer yourself this question, you can proceed to detailed planning of the garden and flower beds.It is best to planners long winter evenings, when our gardens are sleeping and you can safely think.

Good luck in this exciting lesson!