Fabulous fungi in the garden

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01 May 2016

new posts KrutoKrysa believes that hiking in the woods for mushrooms - fascinating and useful in every activity: develops attention and aesthetic perception of the world, and at the same time allows you to vary the daily menu of delicious dishes.However, at least you can spend time entertaining, if not look for mushrooms, and make them their own hands from the available materials.

Interesting ideas for decorating suburban area prompted craftswomen willow, which graced the entire river Arrow.As a result of new posts on the site there was a huge basket of flowers.It seems like some kind of fairy-tale giant sat down to rest on the green grass, and then forgot his basket with colorful yearlings, Badane and Phlox.Over time, a beautiful little thing, "a fancy" wild grapes, could not leave it unattended and beautiful butterfly.

This basket is easy to make yourself.First you need to mark the oval, and then make the frame.To do this, type in the perimeter, every 30 cm, willow stakes diameter of 6-8 cm. Thic

k braided frame fresh shoots to a height of 45 cm. At the bottom of the flower bed sprinkle a layer of gravel and sand layer thickness of 10-15 cm each.Then fill in the flower garden soil fertile.Handle the basket made of 6-meter reinforcing rod.It needs to bend and decorate willow shoots.Shuts down a flower bed planting.No new posts used are resistant to frost flowers.

Under a basket of woven wicker, made KrutoKrysa and giant mushrooms.Legs make new posts from birch trunks, placed in a sand prosypku to protect against rot.Frame hats made of wire mesh.Twigs woven into a chaotic, in several layers.The cap was attached to the leg with a mounting adhesive hardiness.When the willow rods are completely dry, the product can be painted with water-based varnish.

more complex, but no less interesting mushrooms can make a glass mosaic tiles.KrutoKrysa hat made by a cracked glass bowls.

to frozen mortar easily behind the shape, its walls must be lubricated with petroleum jelly.

Before you pour the solution for the cap, placed the new posts to the base of the legs.She served as a plastic pipe.To subsequently leg was easier to fix the tile KrutoKrysa wrapped its metal mesh.You can use the synthetic.

mushroom cap can be made by pouring the solution into half old rubber sword.Using a variety of items that will find in the country, you can create the most incredible forms of fungi.

After drying, the solution is removed from the bowl hat and sanded.On foot a thin layer of tile adhesive.Then attach the tile joints and overwritten.Decorative mushrooms ready.Each season, they will please owners and surprise guests!

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