Patio and landscaping

By Admin | Landscape
30 April 2016

Landscape Design - is an art and amateurish approach in this case is simply unacceptable.Create a climate in the backyard of your home, make sure that coming to your house, and you rest your body and soul, only by professionals.

landscape in your garden - a space which is created artificially, but that is in no way lose its harmony and aesthetics.Your garden is primarily a reflection of your inner world, that is what the guest sees for the first time come to your house, that's the beauty of nature and natural materials you have in service.

Landscape designers are using all kinds of decorative elements, materials and design finds, to create original and unique garden for each client.After a landscape design - is not just planting flower beds and lawns - in the arsenal of experts are: the device is water and rocky gardens, playgrounds and walkways geometry of diverse material, installation of irrigation systems, original lighting your garden, construction of pavilions, terraces, fences and more.Espec

ially I want to dwell on the details such as the decoration of garden patio.

What does that word mean and where it traces its history?

word "patio" of Spanish origin and literally means "garden".But in the dictionary landscaper, it is, of course, has a different, more liberal translation.Designers interpret "Patio" as a small plot next to the house, which is strewn with pebbles or paved with tiles, the main purpose of which is to relax the hosts in the open air under the open sky.

the option of using the patio weight: summer is playing with the kids, picnic area with barbecue grills or meat on the grill, a place for sunbathing, and a mini-disco.In winter, the patio, you can dress up a Christmas tree and meet underneath the new year.It all depends on your imagination.

When planning a patio, one of the main factors is its location.It is desirable to design your site so cozy that it was protected from the wind in bad weather, and in the intense heat in the shadow, and would serve as a refuge from the sun.

By constructing a patio area of ​​4 square meters and more.And the material that it is of three kinds of paving:

-plitka or stone,
-Wooden flooring.

Each coating has its pluses and benefits, but the most daring imagination decorator can be found on the patio combination of all three decks.The only and the main requirement, the coating should be such that it was convenient for him to go.

Centre patio is usually a small fountain or a mini-pond, but you can plant a tree in the middle, which is its spreading crown will give you cool in the midday heat in the middle.

It is important not to forget about the furniture that will be in your yard.It is laid out in detail the color, size, design and material design.Perhaps it will be forged elegant benches and chairs or wicker furniture durable, maybe, just ordinary wooden stumps of large and small sizes, stylized chairs and stools in the country style.

One of the main requirements to the designers of furniture is its durability, quality factor, convenience and resistance to various weather conditions.

Home, remember that your garden - this is the area in which your aura should be felt, and only depends on you whether your patio center of comfort and warmth, and one of the favorite places for your household.