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30 April 2016

Someone prefers to protect itself from the outside wall of a deaf fence, and someone got tired of seeing the powerful fortifications of stone, concrete and metal sheets.So where is the way out, because, alas, the mentality of our citizens who are on both sides of the border area, is not yet ready for the complete abandonment of the obstacle between the region and the outside world.But even in such a seemingly dead-end situation, there is a way - it hedges!In this case, with proper selection of plants, you will be able to provide not only impassable barrage, but also impressive decorative element, which is the most integrated into the landscape of your site.

So, what is the hedges, what are their strengths and weaknesses, which plants are used to create them, you can read in a review article site NewsHouse.ru "Hedges".

to talk in more detail about the "hedges", discussing which of them are best suited for you, pick up the plants, depending on the soil type and climatic zone in which the suburban a

rea, you can in the homonymous topic in our forum.

One of the major drawbacks of the hedge is quite slow growing plants.For a quick fix fence area from intruders, using wire mesh fences.But the issue of exclusion from prying eyes personal area remains open.Here come to the aid of the fast-growing "Climbing plants to close the fence from the grid".

For inspiration and ideas about the possibilities of expansion of the hedge, we recommend you look into the album, "Hedges" on our forum page to Facebook.

Let's talk about the deciduous plants, which are most often used for hedges, for decorating the garden and to protect it from penetration of outsiders to the area.

Let's start our conversation with a strong, fast-growing shrub enough, most of the species which is famous for its thorny branches, carved foliage, abundant flowering in spring and bright fruits of autumn."Hedge of hawthorn" is suitable practically for all areas where the predominant climate in temperate latitudes.

Dёren white, silt and Svidina, another very popular plants used in hedges.Rapid growth, unpretentious th care, shade tolerance, various color combinations are spectacular foliage - the dignity of this shrub, which remains decorative even in winter, thanks to the vivid coloring nym and yellow branches of some varieties dёrena.

"hedge of lilacs Amur" - it's not even a topic this video tutorial, which has prepared for you and Andrey Potapov channel ForumHouse.tv.Advantages of this shrub are indisputable: loyalty to the level of groundwater, soil composition, gas contamination, frost and cold hardiness.

And the most popular plant for quick decoration of a particular construction, fences, pergolas, old tree trunks, walls of the house - was and remains "parthenocissus."

appearance on our market a large variety of species and varieties of conifers has made it possible to expand our understanding of the material to create "evergreen hedges."The advantage of such hedges are undeniable.With proper selection, planting and care, you get an impassable wall of green plants and protect your land from the public eye throughout the year.

most optimal for the growth rate, ease of formation and the requirements for growing conditions is a "hedge of arborvitae."With different varieties of arborvitae, features of cultivation and care, you will be able to more fully explore the topic forum "Tui".

primary care hedge - this is her hairstyle and formation.And here we come to the aid of gasoline and electric (battery and network) tools to more efficiently complete the entire volume of the necessary work in the garden.Article Site NewsHouse.ru "hedge trimmers - types, the use of" tell us about the types of hedge trimmers and their use when trimming a hedge.

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