By Admin | Landscape
28 April 2016

Lawn - a kind of pet.Once let him in on your site, you take the responsibility to look after it continually throughout his life.If you are not ready to give it as much time and effort as you need it and not have left you, you should not even take up the device on your lawn area.Since the slightest inattention to his charge affects not only their health, but also, at times, in his life.

But for those who are willing to sacrifice a little bit of everything is his time, physical and mental strength to lawn care, we hope will be useful to review this issue.

So you've decided to create a green lawn on your site.For a start, it would be good, reading the professional terminology, read books that will expand your knowledge and understanding of the device and lawn care.I recommend the book you will be able to "Botany Library" on our forum.

to the lawn does not cause undue hassle to fight for its survival, it is necessary to consider not only phytocoenosis, the texture of the soil, climate zone, but th

e purpose of the lawn, what kind of load it will experience.Only then you can proceed to the selection of grass mixtures, turning to consultants in our forum theme "lawn grass".

next step towards the transformation of your site will be to prepare the ground for seeding or laying "turf."The theme of "How to start a lawn?"It tells you about all stages of the conversion of virgin land in a noble English lawn.

But we must remember that to create a lawn that can be proud of, you need the right content and competent care.

In the topic "lawn fertilizer", we will see how often, when, what and under what conditions it is necessary to carry out a lawn fertilizer.

manicured lawns require regular watering.Insufficient watering leads not only to deterioration of the appearance of the lawn, and may cause it diseases.On the surface of the lawn watering preference irrigated using "Automatic irrigation systems".

time has not felt remotely lawn can become a hotbed of fungal diseases and a haven for pests, it hinders access of moisture to the roots and aeration of the lawn.The best tool in the fight of lawn thatch for you will be "aerator. Vertikkuter.""Mulching lawn edges and tree trunks" will help solve several problems at once: to prevent drying lawn edges facilitate haircut.

not always the lawn gives us only pleasant chores.Sometimes we are faced with serious problems that require time, effort, and a timely response to eliminate them: the poor state of the lawn after last winter, illness, etc.And if the time to recover and treat the lawn has been lost and become irreversible damage, most likely, you will need to "repair the lawn."To avoid this, we recommend that you pay attention to the theme "Caring for the lawn after the winter" and "What's with the lawn? (A problem, disease)."

lot of anxiety and deliver weeds.How to deal with them and what to do to fight for labor to minimize, to tell the theme of "Weeds in the lawn."

Many lawn owners worried about the appearance of mushrooms in the area.But is it worth worrying and it is dangerous to the health of the lawn the appearance of mushrooms, you explain in detail our consultant Sodmaster topic "Toadstools on the lawn."