Summer swimming pool with their hands

By Admin | Landscape
28 April 2016

Stop.And if neither one nor the other is not?We'll have to start the construction of its reservoir.

There are several types of pools - inflatable, collapsible frame, jacuzzi pools and so on.If you want your pool served for a long time - to be built of concrete.Consider the case without any complex elements.First, define the shape of the bowl and the size of the reservoir, as well as its location on the site.Pools are very different configurations - your imagination is unlimited nothing more than: round, oval, rectangular - depending on the application and your ability.
We will build a small and therefore relatively inexpensive pond .
  1. First dig a pit.When calculating its depth should be remembered that in the future the bottom of the pit due to the concreting is lifted by 35 centimeters.In addition, consider the height of the curb on the perimeter of the pond - even 10 centimeters.
  2. Bottom align with a slight slope to where the water will drain, and then it is thoroughly compacted.
  3. then fall asleep a layer of sand 10 cm, then - 15 centimeters of rubble.
  4. At this stage mounted drain pipe.She laid before pouring the walls and placed where the bottom of a slope.One end of the pipe is displayed in the pool - its lowest point.The other end - in the drain hole, which is arranged nearby.To keep water out of the pool was a gravity pipe should have a slight bias.She set the shut-off valve.
  5. drain pit dug to a depth where the water will easily go into the ground.
Once all communications are routed, proceed to concrete works.
used for preparation of concrete cement grade 400.
Concrete prepare in the following proportions: 327 kilograms of cement take 176 liters of water, 620 kg of sand and crushed stone - 1,280 kilograms.All in all we get 2400 kilograms of concrete, or volume - 1 cubic meter.
lay concrete evenly thick 5 centimeters, then carefully ramming.
  1. armiruem bottom of the pit to take this wire thickness of 5-8 mm and make it mesh with a mesh size of 15-20 centimeters.
  2. Places intersection connect fittings soft wire.
  3. Next grid laid on the first layer and the second layer on top of fill and concrete thickness of 5 cm.
  4. until the concrete dries, it should be wetted with water so that it is not cracked.Now the bottom we have done.
proceed to the concreting of the walls of our pool .
For this formwork made of boards.It can be concreted at once all the walls, but it is difficult: it will take a large amount of concrete shuttering additional strengthening.It's easier to lay concrete slowly, layer by layer, at the same time, increasing the formwork.
When pouring the first layer of concrete, it is necessary to consider that wall should maximize firmly and tightly connected to the bottom, so we first moisten the bottom of the water, the fresh concrete and carefully tamped it.Moreover, for better grip in the concrete must be added aluminum powder.After the layer hardens a bit, it put a grid of reinforcement.Then we do the formwork above and fill the second layer of concrete and so on.It should each concrete layer around the perimeter of the pit.
When concreted pool wall, you need to wait a few days so that the concrete has hardened, then you can remove the formwork.Then arrange on the perimeter of the pond of our border.It is also made of concrete, or if you wish, you can lay out a brick.Then lay ceramic or tile floor, walls and curbs.Facing the pool determines its appearance, so carefully chosen colors, emphasizing the beauty of beneficial water surface.
Build a pond with his hands proved quite capable.Now your country rest become much comfortable and enjoyable