The ponds in backyards

By Admin | Landscape
27 April 2016

you notice that our gardens often resemble the model of the world, trying to accommodate all the variety of different ecosystems in miniature.Then you and alpine slides, and rockery, simulating stony semi-desert vegetation, gardens and sub-equatorial cereals, and of course, all your favorite ponds, combining the flora and fauna of the temperate latitudes and East Asia.On them, we'll talk to our mailing list.It's time to start excavation work to prepare the site for the future oasis of coolness and life-giving water in the hot summer days.

"Pond in the country. From the simple to the complex" - video review, in which the landscape designer Alexey Korovin tell us about the different versions of ponds:
from plastic trough to monumental building with concrete shores, which the owners of suburban areas can make yourself.

"" Budget "pond. Personal experience" - the story of Oleg and Tatiana Reshetova placed on, on the device of a small pond near the holiday home to use as a waterproofing

advertising banner.The principle of device operation and decoration of the pond will be interesting to those who seek not only to save money, but also the physical forces to create a small reservoir on his site.

How to create on a site with high groundwater pond natural filling?As a "run" in the ecosystem it work?How to preserve biological balance?Whether complex care of this type of pond?All these issues are discussed in the topic "The pond without sealing."

For those who have the breadth of the soul and the site requires the construction of the reservoir of global size, we recommend the theme "My pond" in which forumchanin Gyz discuss with us all the stages of a multifunctional pond 80 cu.m, from the construction, decoration, selection of equipment to Serviced settling pond flora and fauna.

Waters in the country can not only provide shade in the summer heat, but also beat the area with uneven, rough terrain.And the subsequent scenes with their original ideas will help us to wake up in the imagination of the design of the area around the pond with significant elevation changes.

With detailed on-line reports on the production of "Mini-pond with a waterfall with his hands (6 cubes)" on the pages of the forum we will introduce Andreevev.In the subject you will learn about the detailed calculation and selection of the waterproofing, filter and pump for service on the boards of the content and zaryblivaniyu pond, as well as the calendar of work seasonally in the pond.

idea of ​​the pond from the theme " It all started with an alpine slide " suggested, as the name implies, a frustrated rock garden.Detailed photo report and the story of the creation of a pond at the foot of the hill share forumchanin Semyon Semyonov.Bowl reservoir as the "shell" on which water flows into a pond, lined with large stones are organically combined with the Baltic nature.

with another example of successful dressing area with difficult terrain introduces us in the video "The recreation area near the water" landscape designer Sergei Likholat online story console owners who went to the site dug in the wrong place foundation sites.

detailed story about the construction and design of "home-made stream" to help all those who not only wanted to give vitality landscape infield, but also add intrigue to organize a pond on it.

Waters on the plot give us not only joy but also cares for its content.The main problems we discuss in this block distribution.

How to deal with the "flowering" of water in the pond, you will tell forum topic "turning green water of the pond."

Another serious problem getting up sooner or later, to all owners of reservoirs - siltation.Topic "The fight against silting" will help you to choose a method and apparatus for cleaning the bottom of your pond.

From the eponymous theme forums you can learn about creating "bioplato" as a natural filter to clean the water in the pond.Not

build a reservoir, you must still breathe life into it, repopulating "Qarase or fish", as well as a variety of "aquatic plants" in the selection, purchase, and care that will help you with the same name theme