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25 April 2016

Autumn - perhaps most raznolikogo and at the same time - a sad time of the year.Expecting a stable cold and monotonous winter landscape, we are eager to enjoy the multi-colored paints, already fading, but still pleasing look green, lush beauty of the latest colors.Life autumn garden can be divided into two periods: before the first frost - the beginning of October, and late autumn, when the shoots of plants die and become the dominant trend in the form of plants, not their flowers.

Last flowers

Many of autumn plants bloom in summer, others ripen until the fall.There are also encounters, such as onion, which usually bloom spring.In early autumn you can admire the blue, white and light purple flowers of some species of crocus and light purple - gorgeous crocus.

Many plants starting to bloom in August, continued to impress us in September.These include Monarda with fragrant leaves, "Daisy" - rudbeckia, helenium - with big baskets of yellow, orange, red and red-brown flowers, goldenrod - spreading

with yellow buds, echinacea, phlox, Ligularia, tricyrtis etc.

real queen of the garden is the autumn aster, flowering until until the snow will cover it with a handkerchief fluffy blossoms open.Not inferior to her and chrysanthemum - one of the most popular garden flowers.

autumn blooming chrysanthemums grown in beds or in containers, because they bloom later than other garden plants.

How not to recall the "broken heart" as we called Dicentra, it - "heart Jeannette" and "flower heart" - a plant with wonderful flowers in the form of small chopped heart, which now and then gracefullyjiggle.This unpretentious flower with delicate, these pieces, like fern leaves will decorate any flower garden shaded.

the autumn time to blossom and the Japanese plants: tricyrtis - with small flowers, stars, prefers partial shade and moist soil, anemone - white, pale pink or red.Dahlias will please you in September, with the first frost of the leaves dry up and there will be time to prepare for winter storage roots.However, if the frost was short and small, do not rush this: undamaged buds may still be dismissed.

Impressive looks in the garden blooming heather, on which in summer and early autumn clouds circling bees.Varieties with different colored flowers and leaves combine well with grasses and conifers.It is worth mentioning, and annuals, which are not afraid of light frosts: marigold, zinnia, salvia, Cleomenes, pelargonium, space - will be a worthy addition autumn flower garden.

Planting and design of the flower bed

arranging autumn flower garden, keep in mind that it is important to plant less long-lived original inflorescences, with many beautiful and interesting foliage or fruit: sprawling bushes, bushy crops, spreading everywhere purple, gold and silver,structural plants that can keep the shape, despite continually changing weather.

Bulbs and tubers autumn flowers can be planted in August.Autumn crocus and crocuses are planted in the soil to a depth of 15 cm., Or purple crocus Sternberg arrange drainage by filling the hole with a thick layer of sand coarse fractions.

To flower garden with bulbs looked impressive, follow these rules:

  • flowers combine with trees such as kolhikum - fan-maple tree with yellow and orange foliage;
  • Plant tubers and bulbs in large groups, in a variegated flowering carpet;
  • as background tall plants planted: dahlia, whose height is 200 cm, delphinium (fragile stems, needs garter!), Echinacea purpurea, montbretsiyu and others.

late autumn, after the freezing of the soil at 5-7 cm (approximately - November 10), to the trunks perennials pour dry leaves or peat layer of 10 cm. On top of the plant can be covered spruce branches, removing the shelter in the middle of April.

Points charm

«sad time to" not so sad gardening forum participants LЁKA77.It still pleases Rose Anniversary F-II: a huge and gorgeous shrub that fears neither wind nor rain, nor become cool night blooming for the third or fourth time.

From Hydrangea paniculata not take my eyes, that's why breeders - ardent fans of this flower - continue to display all the new varieties.Favorite mistress are Pinky Winky and Limelight.The first blooms profusely amazing purple flowers from late June until the first frost.The second form is impressive beautiful bush and greenish inflorescences, which are gradually becoming lemon and white, often lowering their weight sturdy, straight stems to the ground.

new posts I like Vanilla Frazee, most of pink hydrangeas, and lush beauty Phantom, with luxurious white flowers with sirenevato-pink shade.And it would leave anyone indifferent latest, "magnificent beauty" physocarpus diabolo, with dark purple-black leaves that are so beautifully combined with orange-pink roses and delicate bluish tints Christmas trees?

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