What you need to know about the Moorish lawn

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24 April 2016

We already wrote about the Moorish lawn.Such a riot of flowers and herbs seem attractive and magical.And many vacationers "bought" at the beautiful pictures and enticing replica sellers promising description on bags with seeds: unpretentious, easy to maintain, grow in partial shade, and on poor soils, mowed only once a year, etc.

However, attempts to recreate a piece of the suburban area "untouched" nature fraught with some unpleasant.Today we'll talk about what you should be ready, if you still dare to revitalize your garden "wild" colors.

From the experience of members of the forum

first unpleasant surprises faced by many gardeners - instead of a picture of beauty grew untidy, "garbage" of the field.Validating warn that often range of seeds on the box, does not correspond to reality, and the plants grow far above the promised "20 cm."The very same lawn tends to quickly fill the adjacent square.From another "surprise": you may have to contend with the fact that you have planted.

participant forumhouse.ru Lena Lin tried to plant a lawn: sowed a small piece in Q3.m, the whole of June was looking forward to, in mid-July saw the first individual flowers - daisies, poppies, cornflower:

- And so 6-7 flowers all summer: one fades, another emerges.Grass grew up flowers, mow it can not be trimmed with scissors, so as not to hurt the flowers.It is a chore and can not say that very beautiful.

Complements Sveta2609 :

- I had the imprudence to spread like lawn ... grown flowers interspersed with grass and weeds almost 70-80 cm in height.After the first summer rain it all were killed.In addition, there were got any jump, crawl and "kvakayusche-sverchaschie" ... Kind of a horrific, terrible to pull out with his bare hands!

So if you dream that you can, as a child, with pleasure last for a flower meadow, be prepared for the fact that you have to compete with other bidders.And, as in the case of a lawn of clover, you should be careful not to step on a bee or slug.

dispel the myth that the Moorish lawn does not need to care. Alain writes:

- you need to take care of him in the same way as for the other beds.He's not one of those "planted and forgotten."

addition to regular watering, you have to manually destroy the weeds and crop plants that are in a hurry toward the sun.Lawn mower in the case of no help: for the bulk of the flowers in a lawn - annuals, lawn mowing only after mature and zaseyutsya seeds.

Lenochek-cottager talks about caring for the Moorish lawn:

- The main demand - to plant a lawn in a sunny spot (automatic .: that plants do not pull).Before planting, the soil should be dug to a depth of 30 cm, the top layer thoroughly cleaned from stones and roots of weeds.Ideally, prepare the soil should be even with the fall in order to reduce problems with weeds ... It is very important to monitor soil moisture and time to carry out fogging watering.In September and October, after flowering and ripening, in dry weather, the lawn is mowed to a height of 8-10 cm from the soil surface.Grass clippings are left for 3-5 days, then harvested.

to facilitate weed control, the forum users are advised in April, but only seem grass, treated area, which will be seeded Moorish lawn Roundup.After sowing sprinkle clearing the purchase of land (there is no weeds).Another tip: Plant a narrow strip of lawn: pull weeds will be more convenient.

Should we abandon the Moorish lawn?

With favorable scenario blooming front lawn or meadow in the garden would be surprising element of landscape design.So what are some forum users are convinced that just abandon the blossoming lawn is not necessary.

as the main lawn sow ordinary: it and are not afraid to walk, and you can soak up the sun.And under Moorish highlight a small section.He will look harmonious, if you make it wrong shape, with curved edges.

Sow flower lawn near the fence on the border of the garden and flower beds, fenced off a low zabochikom, mask with the help of a ditch.Wild flowers can "refine" area in front of the house, to which has not yet reached his hands.

Appointment meadow carpets - highlight the colorful islands against the background of the rest of the vegetation, to emphasize boundaries of ponds, pavilions and other buildings on the site.

Alternatives "Mauritania»

Those who still feared to measure themselves with wildlife, forum offer alternative solutions.


- If much like a blossoming lawn better separately buy seeds of meadow flowers (flax, cornflowers, bluebells, eschscholzia) and sow them on the edge of a conventional lawn: will look more beautiful and well maintained.


- Moorish lawns all sorts of tried, none have matched declared on the label.Almost everywhere there is grass that grow and ruined all the flowers.Now the lawn is composed of the annuals itself: 4-5 eschscholzia grades 2-3 grade large-linen brahikoma, Prunella, mesembryanthemum, Linaria, Drummond, small Californian poppy, undersized annual phlox, nemophila.At the edges, instead of decorative fences, sow Iberis purple and white.It turns out very nice and much better than purchased.


- Try to plant a large space-travyankoy cloves, add low-grade cloves.View is fantastic!Sama grow this travyanku - growing hat, unpretentious: bloomed, threw a large number of seeds, I cut her, and again she blooms!

new posts notes that such a "carpet" is growing rapidly: in one year the area has increased by five times!


- Aromatic thyme lawn turns.Very beautiful flowers, but walk on it is undesirable.Mow the lawn so it is not necessary, but have trimmed periodically.

Finally, threads are a few tips for those who still decided to stay at the traditional flower lawn from forumchanin Kser :

- Classic Moorish lawns in Moscow, Bryansk area gets only modest meanssandy soils.Grow them on clay and peat can not even try.The composition of the cereal: best - different subspecies of red fescue, 30% - meadow fescue or perennial ryegrass diploid.Fertilizer is best avoided (except for the very poor soils, but in minimal doses) as mineral water gives a powerful burst of cereals and organics often contains weed seeds.In the first year it is better not to plant flowers: they will not withstand competition fescue or ryegrass (and without red fescue can not successfully fight the weeds).From the second year, it is already possible.

Members Active notes that in our conditions, good to add on the lawn melkolukovichnye plants (crocuses, etc.): « ottsvesti They have time and to accumulate forces in the bulbs before the first, a little late mowing ».In southern areas, you can add thyme, but better - courtines sinceseed does not always work.

And another important point: to flower lawn does not become "garbage", it is necessary to renew every year: to pluck flowers and plant the next year again.

troublesome?But beautiful!

way, spectacular landscaped welcome - spring bulb flowers, sprouting straight through the usual green lawn, you can peek in this video.

Successful you garden experiments and beautiful, flowering lawn!