Remove stumps.

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23 April 2016

How to uproot the stumps, large and small, and do it quickly, efficiently and cheaply?Typically, at a meeting with stump on the site experienced users follow these instructions here (written by the user of the assembled Vasil and user WebProffy):

1) dig around a tree stump on a circle.
2) dig up the roots.
3) Chop the roots.
4) Lom or vagoy poddevat stump at the bottom and the pressure on the other end of the scrap take out the stump from the ground.If the stump does not get out because of the holding of its roots, it is easy to determine where neobrublennye left.
5) When the stump pulled, level ground.
6) If you do not make unnecessary movements - nothing fancy.

- What's the catch?- Surprised Mountelf.- undermine, shake, pull up the roots, taken out.Even I'd been able to already get the hand.

Chemical uprooting

However, for the inexperienced Rooter cleaning section from stumps could be a very long and tedious: one sticking out of the ground the rest of the tre

e at the beginner sometimes takes a day or two.Therefore, many forum users are used to achieve Applied Chemistry: from autumn drill holes in the stump (if a large stump, make the hole deeper and more frequent), pour them in a solution of ammonium nitrate, clog wooden plugs the hole and wait for spring.Spring stump ignited - the roots must be burned "to the very bowels of the earth" (p) SergeSB .


- Cut stump using chainsaws on the type of cake slices.In the center of the resulting cutting pour a little gasoline or kerosene, well or machine oil.Ignite.Cover the stump some old sheet iron or pelvis.That's basically all it burn from the inside without a trace.The process of combustion and heating the iron can be used.

t azer resembles that used a chainsaw very carefully: after a complete cleaning of the root from the earth, "and saw other plant and eye zaporoshite" spray "."

bonfires of hemp can not everywhere. «I, for example, peat and summer fires on the ground even one does not burn, but burn trash in barrels.Afraid », - says Bee. In addition, the experience of "uprooting chemical" is not always successful: Some stuffed nitrate stumps out of hibernation strong as borovichki.

Consultant Sodmaster notes that the scheme described above does not work on live stumps.

- for these "fireworks" works better to use calcium or potassium nitrate, but also ammonia amiss.The reason for failure - an attempt to remove so "fresh" living tree stumps that this nitrate is actively processed.

system described above works well if the stumps left by the dead trees.If you have young shoots of stumps (ie. E. The stumps live), it is not likely to work.You can kill the first (the same Roundup), and then burn, but it will take time.

to clean the area of ​​unwanted trees Gameday use concentrated Roundup (1 part Roundup 3 parts water).


- We have the second section - the forest was impassable, so we cut down, leaving a little green, green plentifully watered concentrated Roundup - our forest is dead, along with the roots.The roots like to stay longer for the land - uprooting was much easier than living stumps (also tried).A rooted out in the same way - chop, break in, crowbar to hook.But actually physically easier and faster.We have a bunch of roots were taken to the dump.

All this is best done in the summer, from June to August.


- quote from "Handbook of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation":

injections into tree trunks unwanted species in June and August to prevent porosleobrazovaniya ... 15-3 g aia tree (in preparation - 4-10 g).Featured products - Glifos, Zero, Roundup, tornado, etc.

Skaarj for the total destruction of trees unnecessary uses arbonal. LIGHT recommends poured the contents on the stump of an old battery: «After some time to clean up dust.And yet!But this method only for the lazy!The rest are ax + + scrap shovel. "

non-chemical uprooting

Adherents of organic farming and in general all those who do not want to use herbicides, forum users are advised that here:

1) At the beginning of summer to impose a stump Stozhkov cut grass and watering more often, in the autumn of this Stozhok infusion pour honey agaric(or sprinkle with oyster mushroom mycelium).After two or three years, the stump may turn into dust.


- uproot the stumps was hard ... I did this - bought mushroom "Oyster" nasverlil many deep holes and fill them with mycelium.He collected a mass of fungi, and the next season the stumps turned into dust.

2) Fill the fresh stump as fresh, so-called hot horse manure.

4) Cover the ground stump diameter of about 50 cm and covered with soil, and ground cover plant lilies of the valley, from the top to put the pot with annuals.

off-budget uprooting

course, many believe that the word "quickly, efficiently and inexpensively" have no relation to the above-described methods, but these:

- to hire a team of workers,


- I stump cost just 5000.And before the whole year suffered and grass land in chemistry.Decide what is more convenient for you.

- to hire a tractor with a bucket,


- pulls stumps as seeds.I dug 120 meters of trenches and passing near twitching stumps sticking - 3 hours without straining.If there was a problem only hemp - hour for the eyes.

- use a stump grinder - "penkogriz."To work with him the tree cut down as low as possible, at ground level, and then, if the diameter of the stump of a large, inner part is sawn into several parts.Next penkogriz by milling grinds the wood sawdust at a depth of 10-20 cm. This depression can then be simply covered with soil.

But most people agree that it is better to do everything himself and "not to engage in this nonsense with the nitrate."


- This is some fun, even surprising.First, dig around a tree stump, then shatters, and so on. D. Technology uprooting.The main thing to solve this: Do you giving or not?If needed, you just take it and do it.Unfortunately, special simplification here nobody came up, except to facilitate the purse.And all the helpers and strive to chop off the roots of the shorter, the stump with an ax to cut the top and sprinkle with the ground - only to stare.So we slowly for 2 years and did it ourselves.And you get.

How to remove unwanted stump to discuss this branch our forum.By this link video on how to make "blossom" dried apple and beyond.A here can read how to master a wild land.