Wastewater treatment systems

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04 May 2016

cleaning systems "Flotenk»

Typically, residents of city apartments do not think, where water flows from the tap and other sanitary devices.For us think utilities with a lot of employees who provide us with the comfort.And in the construction of suburban housing all of these problems fall on the shoulders do not versed in these matters the owners of cottages.

Cleaning Systems "Flotenk" on the territory of suburban farms gardening and for many years the waste water discharged into the nearest ditch or pit latrines.Today, wastewater discharge increased significantly, and enjoy the old pit latrines threatens an environmental catastrophe.

Modern technologies allow today to take advantage of the various systems for wastewater treatment.But ordinary cottager are often unable to choose which type of sewage treatment plants it will do.And we can not do without a qualified specialist.

Choosing treatment systems

main thing when choosing a treatment plant - which treatment technology is acceptable, and what you need to apply.Today,

there are three main treatment technologies:

  1. septic systems work on the principle of oxygen-free fermentation.
  2. lagoon system with one or more cameras.
  3. forced aeration systems.

purification systems are based on the quality of cleaning septic tanks - 35%, and easy to operate.

forced aeration provides quality cleaning - 98%, but they maintain in working order, you must have an uninterrupted power supply, the system must always be switched on and requires frequent maintenance.In addition you need to make sure that did not get into the sewer inorganic inclusions (candy wrappers, plastic bags, etc.).

is therefore advisable to consider septic system, which represents the company "Flotenk."Purification produced without biofermentov is effective at 50% and maintained once in 1 - 1.5 years.

biofermenty If you plan to use, the quality of cleaning is increased to 70%, and the frequency of service is increased to 2.5 - 3 years.Autonomous systems, besides, they can be combined, ie apply different components: water intake and distribution wells, wells for sampling.

Tanks for cleaning can be made from concrete, polyethylene, iron.But they all have drawbacks, or require constant investment.

Company "Flotenk" offers fiberglass.It is used in the manufacture of vessels from it produce industrial wastewater treatment plants, tanks for aggressive environments.Fiberglass 50 years loses only 10% strength.Therefore, using this material, it meets stringent requirements.


This system allows you to use it as a filter field Cleaning Systems "Flotenk", and without it.

This can be done by including an additional biofilter, which produces the biological refining of waste water and allows them to withdraw from the receiving pit directly into the ground.

This system is useful in difficult ground conditions when the soil is poor filter if the area has a well or water well or the property is located in floodplains.

When the area has a slope, the system can be mounted as a samotёchnuyu.And if there is no bias, waste water discharged by a pump with a float switch over long distances, which is necessary if an on-site well.

If the horticultural sector frequent power outages, it is best to have a purification system using a biofilter.It is not completely dependent on electricity because the left always reserve volume not filled with sewage during normal system operation.

in water treatment systems can be used as an aerobic microorganisms and anaerobic type.They are fully neutralize odors.Their use increases the intervals between servicing of up to 3 years, the quality of cleaning is increased to 95%.

Treatment facilities of JSC "Flotenk" have been tested and have the appropriate certificates.