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03 May 2016

Compressors - equipment for compressed air.It is used for supplying compressed air to pneumatic tools and provides his work.The tools, running on compressed air are: pnevmobur, Pneumodrill, hammer, wall chaser, etc.The compressed air stream can be purified surface use when painting and can be inflated tire.

pneumatic tools Tools running on compressed air, in some cases very profitable.They are easy, safe to use in wet conditions, have more power than electric counterparts.It's a simple, rough, but robust technology, which is not afraid of failure.

compressors are different from each other on the principle of action and are divided into: screw, rotary, diaphragm, piston.The screw and rotary compressors used oil, and diaphragm and piston - bezmaslennye.Compressor runs with the help of electric motors and internal combustion engines.

By compressor units are driven compressors and auxiliary equipment.They can be both portable and mobile

Reciprocating Compressors

for small and infrequent home work well proven reci

procating compressors.They are divided into oil and oil-free.Devices oil-free coaxial type most simple and cheap, because they use a minimum of components and motor directly connected coaxially with the tip.

oil-free compressor Oil piston compressors - the most common, it is semi-Class vehicles.In appearance, the same compact, but with lubrication have higher work intensity.

obvious and indisputable advantage of reciprocating compressors is their low cost compared to other types of compressors.They are easy to maintain and repair.You do not make much effort to replace not only the individual parts, but the whole compressor "head" in the assembly.If you take good care of the unit and the time to do preventive maintenance, you have it will run forever.The gaps between the piston compressor repair of 500 hours.

difference from domestic professional

performance of low-power compressors - up to 3 m3 / min, average power - from 3 ... 10 m3 / min and high capacity - more than 10 m3.min.

In class compressors are: semi-professional and industrial.Depending on the durability and performance are used in various fields.

Most often household machines are used at home, in the country or in the studio and are designed for a single user, it's a small piston compressors are designed for power and air tools.

Unlike household compressors, professional can be operated for a long time without a break, and the productivity of their income up to 600 l / min.

The plants used are powerful and productive industrial machine.They differ in that they produce air which is supplied to many users.

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Choice compressor specific tool

One of the important parts of the compressor is receiver - storage tank for air.The receiver may be a different amount of air, it all depends on the pressure.

oil-free compressor Performance cars are distinguished by input - how much air compressor consumes per minute.And on the way out - the volume of air that gives the car during this time.It should be noted that the performance of the receiver and the fill rate is not the same.

When buying a compressor is no need to hurry.First you need to determine the purposes for which it is acquired.If you want to use for pneumatic tools, you need to read the instructions and take the unit with a supply pressure and productivity of 10-20%.

For example, the spray gun requires pressure - 3-4 bar, pneumatic pressure you need - up to 6.5 bar.In this situation, it is best to purchase a compressor with larger maximum overpressure.Because powerful compressor can pump more air into the receiver, and as long as it is consumed, the compressor rests.

choosing a compressor, it is necessary to pay attention to the volume of the receiver.For the spray gun is suitable receiver unit with 50 liters, and if you use Staple gun, he will approach the receiver's volume from 6-25 liters.If the tank is less than required, the compressor will run with insufficient breaks and can overheat.