Deicing roof

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03 May 2016

These systems are suitable for use in new buildings, in the reconstruction, on the roofs of existing buildings.Installing such a system can extend the life of the roof of your house.

Systems Melting snow and ice - RoofHeat

revolutionary patented heating system allows the roof to build a self-regulating cable thermoradiation or PEX tubing from thermoradiation system in aluminum plate for maximum heat transfer.Each panel has a special durable coating - have the opportunity to pick it up in the color of the roof of your house.

Deicing roof Deicing roof

THERMORADIATIVE of snow melting and de-icing RoofHeat to eaves and gutters.

Zmesh - a system for deicing roof

Zmesh THERMORADIATIVE system to combat icing Deicing roof roof - an additional award to melt snow and ice at the eaves, gutters, and even over the entire surface of the roof.Fine Zmesh reliable system installed under the tiles, it is possible to attach straps or nailed shingles without damaging itself.The entire system is controlled by automatic sensors tha

t activate themselves, if necessary the system.Zmesh systems have been used for more than 20 years and still enjoy huge popularity

Zmesh ideal for laying in the construction of new buildings and renovation of existing roofs

Technitrace - cables for deicing

Technitrace heating cables to roofs and guttersDeicing roof is highly efficient performance and excellent energy efficiency.Illuminated conductive core improves thermal capacity as the temperature decreases, and it decreases when the temperature rises.The heating element is also different lifetime in use.

cable is covered 100 percent copper braid, it comes with a fluoropolymer coating and the metal ground.Technitrace easily recognizable by the classification of electric (E record 76,498) and meets the requirements of Section 426 of the National Electrical Code.Certificates and requirements that meets Technitrace provide its high efficiency and durability.Manufacturer daet10-year warranty on the cable.

Cables deicing Danfoss RX

Cables Danfoss RX (optional) protect from snow and ice to prevent damage to the eaves and gutters Deicing roof.Each kit contains thermoradiation cable RX, roofing clamps and warning labels.

Cables for heating roof Danfoss RX provide maximum energy efficiency and are designed for use on metal or asphalt roofs.

Durable, high-quality design and materials provide excellent protection against moisture, corrosion and shock.Heating system and roof deicing Danfoss RX is easy to install, simple to use and do not need repairing.Just turn the plug RX Cable into a wall outlet and do not have to worry about dangerous icicles and heavy snow, which can damage the cornice.

Cables deicing Danfoss RX is designed for use on metal or asphalt roofs