Saving Irrigation System

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02 May 2016
  • irrigation system is very efficient and requires only 1.2 liters per week.
  • Helps grow lush, healthy plants even during drought conditions or when other watering systems can not cope.
  • provides water directly to plant roots.
  • Ideal for indoor plants and for use in the garden.
  • The automated system does not require electricity or pump connections.
  • easy to install.

The principle of

Wetpot watering system consists of a porous ceramic pots are underground in the vicinity of the plant.Under the influence of gravity the water gradually flows from the pots.The earth remains moist and the grass and vegetables, shrubs and trees grow strong and healthy.

Saving Irrigation System

storage tank supplies water to a number of pots, water oozes out of them by force of gravity, and delivered directly to the root system.As soon as the plants develop their roots entwine pots with water, then the water flow corresponds exactly to the quantity of water consumed.

If rains and the soil is sufficiently hydrated, that, accordingly, the wate

r from the pots will be virtually no flow into the soil.Wetpot irrigation system can be used where other irrigation systems are not applicable.

tank storage capacity of 30 or 60 liters can be filled with water by hand, using a hose or a pump, and not necessarily connected to the water supply.The storage tank can be connected to a rainwater tank, so the water in the system is constant.


Set system can be themselves.This is done quickly and easily.You just need to follow the instructions.Irrigation system operates under the influence of gravity.The dimensions of the tank storage, and the entire system can be selected independently - depending on the area of ​​watering it.

not have to worry about fitting for high-pressure, how to dig up the pipe - forget all the problems associated with conventional systems of irrigation.Watering Wetpot - self-sufficient.It operates under the influence of very small pressure.To assemble the system only need to cut the pipe right length, dip one end in hot water and then attach it to the pot with water, and then - to bury the pots in the ground in the vicinity of the plant.


Most irrigation systems need to be connected to the water supply for the water pressure.Basically, these systems are not easy to install, and a challenge to master can cost you 0.

The system Wetpot irrigation water is supplied by gravity from the storage tank, which is included.This tank can be connected to the container, collect rainwater, while watering your garden is independent and automatic.Even on vacation on the watering can be completely forgotten.

the fertilizer directly to the roots

Wetpot watering system allows you to add liquid fertilizer directly into the storage tank, thus, nutrients are fed directly to the roots of each plant.

Note: The storage tank is recommended to add the liquid from the worms, and the like.Do not add fertilizers containing oil.Such fertilizers are best added directly to the soil.


weeds in your garden will appear much less weeds since water them simply will not be delivered.This saves even more water, and the surface of the earth is dry (except rainy season).Provided the fertilizer directly to the roots of plants, weeds do not get the nutrients.The closed system prevents clogging due to the ingress of dirt or ants

Wetpot The system of irrigation water flows only from ceramic pots.Ants and dirt can not get into the system and block it, which is pretty common thing with other systems.

Editor: Roman Adamov