The best way to remove the snow - buy snowthrower

By Admin | Equipment.
02 May 2016
Life outside the city in winter has its own, with nothing incomparable charm, its own special charm.However, the trouble is added, and this is due primarily to the need of snow removal.Old-fashioned way to rake drifts plywood shovel and a broom to sweep the track of twigs for a long time is gone forever - the owners of suburban real estate, value their time and appreciate comfort, switched to snow tools.

If, say, the site is small, and the only thing that is required - this is a timely and quick to clean the track suit simple design and affordable models with two- or four-stroke engines 3.5-5 horsepower.

augers have rubberized, so do not spoil the cover tracks.Similar snow tools - not self-propelled, they have to push ourselves, but they are easily held in the most confined spaces infield and will track up to a width of 53 cm. This will carefully tilt the snow through the nozzle at a distance of five meters.

And which way it (the snow) to fly - it's up to the owner, who manually can quickly an
d easily adjust the direction of the polypropylene tube to throw snow in the range of 190 degrees.

another matter when the work falls on a fairly large area, when under the feet - centners dense, packed snow.Then you should pay attention to self-propelled snow removers wheeled or tracked with motor power from five to thirteen "horses."

width of such machines - up to 84 cm of snow emissions - up to 15 m, capacity - more than 2,500 square meters.meters per hour.Screws - jagged, easily breaking open packed snow or ice crust.Domestic snow-plow has several forward gears, allowing you to choose the best option of cleaning depending on the density and height of the snow cover.

There are two reverse gears to facilitate maneuvering.Wheels with a special tire tread reduces slipping in all weather conditions, with regard to Track shoe - for them there are no barriers.

Incidentally, tracked snow tools are equipped with a unique system of weight transfer "Weight Transfer", operating in three positions.Normal fresh snow removed when the center of gravity is, as expected, in the center of the machine.For the cleaning of packed, icy snow center of gravity shifts forward movement of the lever, and of transport or on the off-season storage snowthrower - ago.

question naturally arises: how difficult it is to manage such a machine?Yes, that's the thing that there are no difficulties!Manufacturers have considered all, in order to cope with the self-propelled snow tools, anyone who does not have special technical knowledge and skills.

displayed on the control panel that is in front of the operator.The system is simpler than the joystick in children's electronic toys: click the lever - and changing gear.The efforts are not needed for maneuvering, because the machine is equipped with a control wheels or tracks "Power Steering": pressing the right trigger blocks the operator the right wheels or tracks and snow tools turning right, pressing the left trigger is carried out turn left.

And such a powerful technique, the weight of which reaches up to 130 kg can be operated with just one hand!Handle inclusion auger drive is locked in the down state.Therefore, the left hand is released, in order to adjust the direction and distance of throw snow without stopping the snowthrower.

Usually after the second or third sweep snow yesterday newcomer adapts itself to the intelligent machine and works with the grace of an experienced operator.

All American snow tools - from the simplest to the most "clever" - equipped with special winter engines "Tecumseh", adapted for operation at low temperatures.Among them are overhead valve engine, providing substantial fuel savings.

Some models have electric start for easy starting.And in order to snowthrower could operate not only during the short days of winter, it is equipped with a headlamp.

In general, everything is taken into account - choose the right model and Sturm snow drifts at his dacha!