Lawn Mower.

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01 May 2016
Lawn Mower

Selection and lawnmowers:

1.Elektricheskaya or gasoline.
2.Moschnost engine.
3.Shirina mowing.
4.Vysota mowing.
6.C grass catcher box or not.

Selection by area:
When mowing over 500 square meters is needed mower cutting width of 40 cm., With a capacity of at least 4.5 hp


best in terms of operational costs, I recommend:

electric rotary mower with the capture of 30-36 cm (1-1.5 kW) with a grass catcher box, coil the flexible extension of three wire (phase-nullGND) electric cable length of 30-50 meters, section 2-2.5 mm, preferably bright yellow color (well see, and always needed).

Also required for the export of garden wheelbarrow and sloping semicircular file with shallow notch for dressing blunted knives ....


If you handle the whole area, then take the tractor-mower.It is easier and faster, and sat forward ....

kosilochku And I can advise only SABO.In addition to the normal function of mowing, it has such a function - "cleaner", iemow
s and collects debris, fallen leaves.In the future, you can buy a mulching unit.


Less mechanical mowers - they are not suitable for large areas.

Another minus is no grass catcher, the grass you mowed, left on the lawn.

On the one hand this is desirable as a fertilizer (if the grass is short), and if the grass was high, it must be removed, so as not to interfere with the growth of the lawn.


always comes back to money.
Mechanical ... I see how you cope with it when an area of ​​several acres, so even if the grass has grown up a little higher.:-)))

Yes if you still do not live there permanently, to podkashivat.

Electric ... is for 2-4 years, then break and will be discarded.What do you want for 100-250 bucks?Resource ... I, for example, broke a landing slot rotor and out.Parts not.And if I were - next flight rotor axis (it has already begun to deform. Not to mention the fact that they burn .... I have twice the motor rewind. It is necessary to you? As a result, cost of ownership and will be released at the level of gasoline. Onlyhassle ...

Best of all gasoline from the metal. Reliability and will last 8-10 years. And more powerful and more reliable.

And if you have money - then take SABO. But prices bite. The best brand on the market. It is well-knownand thus produce about 150,000 units per year at very high quality.

This lesser-known brands produced and 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 and the price Well, they are 2.5-3 times lower than that of Sabo. My friendIt is - not praise enough. Plus - the self-propelled, do not have to strain. And mulches grass catcher and scored 100%.

I do work usually oblique. Only on dry grass barely manage to mow electricity. torque immediately drops to zero. A petrolthis is almost no. Power and other construction.


mechanical mowers are specifically recommended for use in the newly established lawns.Partly rotation speed knives prevents pulling grass root system which has not yet matured.However, this mower to mow the grass should systematically.The lack of engine repeatedly difficult to work in overgrown grass.


... It remains to add that it is sold and the collection box.Unless you mow quickly sostirizhennaya grass can even "stored" in it.If you have to mow the run (in my case, there was a rain, the grass was just overgrown, so they had to mower racing "on the ground" to less "skidded" on the lawn), the grass will go anywhere, just not in the collection box.

Besides bagging only complicate mowing (when the screw wedge stones, wire or thick branch / root sticking out, very comfortable [simply] to spin his foot in the opposite direction, and in this case, the grass catcher will be a hindrance here).

... But for myself, I had already decided:

1. Fur mower - for mowing grass nepererosshey.Little noise (up to the first stone), environmentally friendly and "trenazhёrista" (this is when the grass grew all the same).

2. Benzo-mower - to overgrown grass, and if all of a sudden rain, but not impossible to mow the lawn.

3. Trimmer - for ditches and all other inconvenient places.

4. Spit - forget it as a nightmare!Immediately!


Spindle manual lawnmower mows the lawn carefully and delicately, like scissors.

made such as professional mowers, which are used for the care of the golf course.After a "haircut" of such a mower, lawn yellowing.


very properly noticed.She is - scissors, one cutting edge fixed and other (spindle) on her rolls.Therefore, the grass is cut along a line smoothly.

And those that cut blades rotating in a horizontal plane, just "otshibaet" the ends of the leaves.This "cut" may not be ideal, so the image of "fringe" that will dry and apparently give the yellowing lawn.

I've been a little more pomerekal, and came to the conclusion that when buying benzokosilku (on wheels, with a grass catcher box), I'll shave her first lawn to a height of about 6-7 cm, and then the manual mechanical (no grass catcher) to bring to an altitude of ~5-6 cm. Well, with the "high" after empirically I understand, but the essence of "my" technology in the following:

1. "Iron Chainsaw" will perform rough and hard work with the removal of a large mass of shorn grass - into compost (after allthe same goes for the lawn).

2. "Hand shears" will perform "finish" operation - the removal of ~ 1 cm "fringe."Sheared "dandruff" clean will not - let become fertilizer.

Substantiation of technology:

trimmers can "Kotz" even overgrown grass, taking all the physical costs themselves (with manual I have tired of mowing overgrown - and it is easier to plow).And remove the "tops" manual mechanical mower, as I have also made sure - a pleasure.The result - krasivostrizhennoe carpet

That will "make-up artist-palikmahter" on the lawn at his dacha


If you have a small plot of uneven terrain and cultivated area is small, then fit the trimmer.They are ideal for precise mowing inaccessible areas of grass, edges of lawns along walls, fences and stairs.

And if you need to process the entire area of ​​6 acres, then, of course, better to buy a lawn mower.Comfortable in his speech and mobility.When using a lawn mower you spend less physical strength than when working with the trimmer.You will mow and relax!


Everything is decided based on the specific situation.If you need to just get rid of the grass, and then we can trim work;and if necessary, that was exactly - the mower will do.

Again - if you want to plot the grass is not stayed, the lawn mower with grass catcher box, if the opposite - from the mulch (grinding) deck.

And in general - how much money can be spent on the purchase, how often to mow, mow it, etc.A lot of nuances.


course next spring Acquiring email.mower on wheels.And this year is likely to buy a mechanical mower.Mechanical noise is not, so you can even mow at 6 o'clock in the morning, without disturbing anyone.More peace priborchik

But even without the trimmer is now not going anywhere - in the area there are plenty of places where "on wheels" will not approach, and even slash not very razmahnёshsya and mow right.

trimmer I even 2. One 600W, (name, like, for 'A', can not remember exactly - Alko, or what?).Not bad, weighs a bit, but he matter - under the head and the grass gets difficult to rotate, and then breaks it.

second I bought when he thought that the first was covered completely (but then it was repaired).This - EFCO, 1000W.Pretty hefty, 3 kilograms, the male word.Its something I chose is already aware that the design of the rotating head attachment should exclude hit and wrap the grass under the head.

And you know, in fact found such design !!!That this trimmer, I just mow as usual oblique (mean speed of Mach), and even the tall grass without fear that it will get to where it is not necessary.And nettles and sorrel horse, and thistle, burdock, shoots irgi and plums - all crumble in the spray!I have to put the line of the triangular cross-section.Not bad, like, a thing.

... I bought a mechanical mower (Al-ko in OBI = 1700r).The thing is very good.

need only consider that:

1. While I spent time mowing (relatively flat areas) 2-3 times less than that I would "mow" trimmer, and the fact that this device is much less noise thanelectric or petrol things, the forces I have spent more than even when I plowed the same area cultivator Unfortunately, after assembly, I forgot to adjust the "growth" of cut grass (the default control "growth" grass is at a minimum), so thatI certainly lopuhnulsya so cut almost "under the root" - worthless to do so ... That's why such a significant cost of my muscle power necessary to keep the grass taller!
BUT (big plus): grass mowed evenly, and not "torn" trimmer and the earth "podolbana" to bald head, as it usually occurs when using the trimmer.

2. Noise weak, but ... Got up the first stone stone - there was a notch on the rotor, and she (mower) and will continue to be "dzynkat" Well, a little quieter than elektrokosilki course.I advise you to find out - that dzynknulo or jammed and immediately take it away from the lawn.I has caught hundreds of stone, a piece of wire and a rusty nail If tuned to a higher level of mowed grass, stones probably would get less.However, if that wedge very convenient foot to spin the rotor in the opposite direction, and thus release the mower stalled thing (but it's only if you're not hitched "collection box" that you do not need to be honest).

3. To trim work, of course, there will also (I think that everyone understands).

So far, it seems to me that using this "sweet couple" - Hand mower + Trimmer - my site can be treated as a whole.And fizzaryadka not hurt me And next year I will think (I mean, purchase elektrokosilki).

Regarding what Trimmer better ...

I beg to draw your attention to the fact that there are significant structural differences between the different trims:

1. There trimmers, whose grass can (and will ALWAYS!) Fallthe gap between the rotating and non-rotating part.This herb stops the rotation of the head and provokes its periodic "otletanie."

2. But there is a well-designed trim tabs, where the grass just can not get into the gap between the rotating and stationary components


Trimmers for processing for precise mowing inaccessible areas of grass, edges of lawns alongwalls and fences.Trimmers ideally complement the mower in problematic areas.So if a large lawn, and also framed by hedges, you need to have both the trimmer and mower.And if you want, what would your lawn after mowing not perebalival (2-3 days), we need one more little thing - a mechanical mower.

conventional mower does not cut, and cuts the grass.Therefore, the grass gets, like a ragged wound.Because of this, your lawn the first 2-3 days the patient has the form (yellow).A lawn mower is equipped with a mechanical cutting system with contactless cylinder, there is a long knife, the sharp, which gently, without any effort cuts the grass.After such a soft cut, the plant does not perebalivaet and lawn does not have sick yellowed look.Just manual mower provides a smooth cut lawn.Even if it were some flaws to fix.And your lawn will be the most beautiful

Mulching - is to improve the physical conditions and improving soil fertility through the coating its surface under certain plant materials.

Mulching allows you to: raise or lower the temperature of the soil, reducing evaporation, eliminate soil crust, improve plant nutrition and destroy weeds.Traditional materials are peat mulch, manure (humus), straw, hay, sawdust, various types of plant residues.

system mulching mowers in, can simultaneously mow and fertilize your lawn.