Dry closets: what you need to know about them

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01 May 2016

advantages of using composting toilets

composting toilets, for example, the company Envirolet reduce water consumption in the home and 60%.

closets make you independent from septic tanks and urban waste water treatment plants.In addition, this system can also be used for composting food waste and grass cuttings from the lawn.These toilets are absolutely harmless to the environment.

The only problem that may arise with a toilet, a disagreement home owners to put a toilet, but this question will arise only when you are shooting a summer residence for the summer.Although, if you give the figures of how much water can be saved by installing a new toilet, such arguments can act.The principle of operation

Biotoilets work because rapid dehydration of 90% of the liquid contained in the waste, while the remaining 10% solids composted.Then, these solids are called "humus" can be used for lawn fertilizer and as additional land.

types of composting toilets

Today, there are two well-known type of comp

osting toilets.

batch system or a stand-alone waste disposal system (pictured above) is the toilets "all-in-one."The waste is composted in a container located underneath.The photo shows a pipe located behind the toilet - a ventilation.A small wind turbine, located at the top of the tube, often on the roof, ensures that no odors in a closet.

Such systems are designed to be used in a small family (two people) or in cottages with irregular use.These toilets are absolutely not require water, and do not worry - when you lift the lid, you will not be seen that composted in the tank bottom.In such toilets it provides for a special cover that separates you from recyclables.

Another advantage of these toilets is that they require no preparation for winter - thermal insulation, etc.Pipes are not freeze.

in batch systems can only have one container for composting or several, depending on the chosen model.And the frequency of how often you have to clean the tank depends on the number of people in the family and the frequency of use of the toilet.

continuous processing systems are designed for large families.They can cope with the large volume of waste and are ideal to use, if your house is built on a foundation or above ground.The photo shows a model of a toilet Envirolet.To use this toilet and no water is needed, and he will cope if the house will always be no more than 10 people.The capacity of the toilet have to be cleaned about once every six months.

Systems that use small amounts of water

Many companies also produce toilets that use little water.If you are sickened by the idea that the waste will simply "go" into the hole, then you should take a closer look this system toilets.

They work on the same principle as that of continuous treatment - on the street near the house is a large container for composting.But the difference is that the waste washed using 0.5 l of water.The company produces Envirolet system allows the installation of the three toilets that use small amounts of water on the same line.

closets and toilet paper

unbleached toilet paper can really be thrown into the toilets are, it will also be redesigned.But feminine hygiene products are best disposed of separately.

cost of composting toilets

average cost of such toilets ranges from 0 to 00, depending on the company and model.Of course, you can try to make a bio-toilet with his hands - the effect will almost the same, but you can save a lot of money.