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30 April 2016

... it depends on how often you use the machine, from the area of ​​the site and the type of soil, the financial opportunities and to the list of forthcoming works.After all, you can buy one expensive professional unit, which performs almost all the work on your site (clear the snow will carry loads, vspashet, okuchit and so. D.).And if you work for "fun", then you can pick and inexpensive amateur alternative.


For small cultivated areas (6 acres) with a light soil can recommend electric cultivators.They are unpretentious, and they need to run only connection to the outlet.You can forget about refueling with gasoline and oil, and enjoy the fresh air without exhaust.In addition, width of light cultivators does not exceed 30 cm, and this technique can work in tight spaces and in narrow rows.Current models have a high degree of protection against electric shock.Light cultivators are equipped, as a rule, a mill for soil to a depth of 5-15 cm. If you handle this technique virgin lands or h

eavy clay soils, then to achieve the desired depth and quality of processing is difficult.

& amp; 񗳐 Before purchase should review the list of features and attachments included in the package.Even simple cultivators can be completed motograblyami, grinder, cutter and other curbs.

light gasoline cultivators (with an engine of up to 2 liters. With.) Suitable for areas up to 10 acres.They are issued on the basis of two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

The two-stroke engine to pour a mixture of oil and gasoline.Its disadvantages include excessive noise, increased exhaust emissions and a small resource.The main advantages are considered to be low price and compactness of these motors.

Their four-relatives are more economical and durable.In addition, they are less noisy.

Transporting this unit can be in the car trunk.A low weight (9-17 kg) makes working with them enjoyable and accessible for all family members.By the cultivator can connect additional attachments such as aerators, lawn rakes, etc..

However, do not require too much of him.If you are going to seriously address, for example, the cultivation of potatoes or area of ​​your site exceeds 20 hectares, it is time to think about buying a more serious art.

Medium and heavy cultivators.Width of cultivators more than 50 cm, which reduces processing time.But in between rows of narrow and other hard to reach places to work for them more difficult.Engine power plays an even greater role than width, because the more powerful the machine, the faster it will process plot.When you select should pay attention to the clutch gear.Considered the most reliable disk clutch, then go and worm gear, very unreliable - chain and V-belt.If your cultivator klinoremen Nye transfer, prepare for frequent adjustments.

& amp; 񗳐 domestic or foreign?
Western European and Japanese machinery of much higher quality of Russian, but its price is also high.When buying overseas units required to ask how things stand with the servicing of the model (where your nearest service center).

Tillers Tillers - machines that can perform many operations.They can cling to the plow, Hiller, cart, harrow, snow tools, mower, etc.. Tillers are equipped with powerful engines (6-15 liter. P.) And secure the gear transmission.They are able to cultivate the soil to a depth of 35 cm, and the width can be up to 160 cm.

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