Modern garage doors

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30 April 2016

Currently, more and more people to buy or build a garage wondering select gate.The range of gates, garage today is very large, consider the types and models of modern garage doors.

Species garage door

By the principle of action are divided into the garage doors hinged, tilt-up, sectional, rolling and folding.When using the swing and sliding gates of the type needed additional space, which is often lacking.In this connection, for such purposes can be used sectional door with lifting mechanism.Design sectional doors consists of interconnected horizontal steel panels height 0.5 m., Completed penopoleuretanom.The panels are moved by means of roller bearings attached to the edges of the web.Contour gate surrounds an elastic sealant.The design of the gate can be supplemented wicket and glazing elements.

Sectional Doors

distinctive feature of the sectional door is the excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, increased strength and safety in the use of additional flame retardant components, as well as ease of

use.The operating principle is simple: with the help of electric raised door sections that are bent on a course and are placed under the ceiling.This allows you to use the area in front of goal, regardless of its flaps open or closed.Also, there is no need to hold the gate leaf in a strong wind, etc.

advantage sectional door lies in the fact that they can be used in the openings of different shapes without changing their sizes.Most types of the gate mechanism elektropodemnym equipped with remote control and protection system, breaking the drive in a collision with an obstacle.This protection protects against accidental fall or closing the gate as well as a function of the electric emergency release in case of sudden power failure.Located in the upper part of the door construction torsion mechanism is designed to open the valves in case of failure of electric drive (this is set mechanical lock).

Species sectional door models are so diverse that can satisfy the most demanding customer.The standard color of the gate can be added different shades or completely changed color according to your wishes.The buyer's choice will be given or paneled gates corrugated shape with a variety of skins birch, cedar, pine, etc.The moving parts of the structure are characterized by quiet and smooth running.

Currently, the Russian producer of European quality imported components, the cost of which is designed for the buyer with different levels of income.And with self-assembling, construction cost becomes much less the quality and safety performance of the gates do not suffer.

tilt-up doors consist of a steel bar around the perimeter of the opening.Upright door leaf determines the closed position, which goes to the open position by tilting the lifting of the guide parallel to the ceiling.A variation of the gate is a gate-lifting guillotine, in which the same principle, but raised the canvas remains upright.The gate can be equipped with both manual and electric drive, quiet operation is provided by a spring shock absorber.

gates of this model are durable and heat insulation, aswhole metal door blade tight to the wall opening.Long life provides a galvanizing and electroplating parts.Area steel panel can display all the different design ideas and allows the use of different cladding material in the form of siding or, for example, aluminum profile bronze.A distinctive feature is the installation of the lift gate design only rectangular openings.Lack of - the presence of a significant space in front of the garage.

most common and least expensive model is considered swinging doors that open outwards and inwards.The simplicity of design is defined by two bearing frames and connected with them by two metal facing sheets.For the convenience of the gate equipped with an electric drive, as well as the emergency release device with the power outages.

in a tough climate actuators can be installed under the surface of the floor or elsewhere.Opening gates with electric drive are rarely used for installation in garages, asthis requires not only more space but also additional insulation materials, which increases their weight.

sliding doors

One of the most popular models are the sliding doors.Door construction consists of profiled beams, moving on two reinforced concrete base on a carriage with the door leaf is welded to the top of the beam, making it one.Such doors can not be made from a single metal blade, and a patterned grating, cast iron, or using cladding material of different types, for example: or profiled sheet linings, etc.The advantage of this gate is the ease of opening, saving space, sincerollback is performed along the fence gate and does not clutter the area of ​​entry.

also permissible the use of the gate width of more than 8 meters.
Another relatively inexpensive model is a roll (roller) blinds, gates resemble shutters.Their opening is carried out by folding blade mounted on the shaft in a protective box, a roll which is installed inside or outside the premises.Management of this model the gate can be controlled by electric and manual way.

Benefits rolling shutter is compact and space saving, but their drawback is a lack of strength.Installing the roll, and the folding doors is carried out mainly in offices or retail outlets, and serves not only to provide reliable protection, as for decorative designate separate territory.

All of the models of the gate can be opened manually, but it is more convenient to use with automatic gate drives, having a remote control.Ease of use with additional functions, for example, such as the inclusion of illumination of the garage or yard at home, determine the priority of their demand.

Contemporary Russian market is represented by many species imported drives that consume 240-260 watts of power and does not require special maintenance.Depending on the financial capacity, as additional protection, the premises are equipped with electronic code-breakers, installed solar cells, electromagnetic locks, and more.

When choosing garage doors on the market by various companies should take into account a company's products, production of quality-proven and ready-to-install kits.The largest importers of the company should be called: HORMANN (Germany), NORMSTAHL (Switzerland, Germany), BREMET (Italy), MESWAS (Finland).Russian manufacturer is represented by: "DOORHAN", "TEHNOPROF", "ERIN".