Farewell to the weeds.

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29 April 2016
and serene summer days are necessary to devote loosening and weeding all day without straightening his back ... That passion did not lead to loss of health and strength, Get a helper.

loose seems to be easier than to dig.But where loosening - there and weed control, these two processes are inseparable.So, ease imaginary.We need to think about the actual facilitation work.Aides have - it's cultivators, implements simultaneous loosening and weeding.With their help, these two cases do not give a break from spring to late autumn, will go faster and easier.

Cultivators are different, designed for different volumes and varying severity of work.In one place, quickly deal only electric or gasoline assistant.In another jew can only run a small hand tools.

Instead of or together?

Tillers, equipped with gasoline engines, can be heavy and light.
Heavy universal.They dug up the ground to a depth of bayonet spade, loosen and straighten simultaneously with weeds.Their productivity is very high-that is called o
nce and done.But heavy cultivators has a serious drawback - decent weight.Work with a powerful and massive "steel horse" under the force is not everything.And the easiest model of heavy units weigh 9-15 kg, and control will be able to cope with even schoolchildren and pensioners.Among

light cultivators also have models that can dig up the soil with a bayonet spade.The depth can be adjusted by loosening - from surface treatment to the deep.This means that you can work near the plants whose roots are shallow and do not be afraid of injuries.

change the mode of treatment, easy Tiller remove such "difficult" weeds with tap roots, like thistles and dandelions.Only the ubiquitous wheatgrass with its nearly six-meter roots cultivator unable to eliminate completely.It only hurts thoroughly overgrown wheat grass for a long time and takes the opportunity to grow weed.

Tillers - fun quite expensive.The price depends on the structural features and the type of engine.Lightweight models are on average from 9000 to 20 000, heavy - more than 21 000 rubles.

becoming increasingly popular electric cultivators.This is understandable: they are environmentally friendly, do not need to think about the quality of gasoline and oil, do not have to breathe the exhaust gases.
However elektrokultivatorov there are downsides.First - it is attached to the electrical network, depending on the length of the supply cable and reduced maneuverability.Even if the use of extension cords and supers, and even then the possibility of an electric helper is not unlimited, particularly on a large plot.

Electric cultivators usually very light - 6 kg.And this is their second negative - less power compared to gasoline.At the same power the electric motor with a gasoline will weigh more, so there is a limit elektrokultivatorov power.

maximum depth of tillage elektrokultivatorov have a little less than gasoline.But they did not perform worse with the digging and loosening the soil cultivated, it is quite tough for large lumps of hard crust and heavy soils.

elektrokultivatorov price ranges from 7,000 to 25,000 rubles.
When choosing cultivator must take into account what he width: it must match the width of the beds and size of the cultivated area, that is, to ensure good performance.

Handmade in small beds

Each suburban allotment will always be bottlenecks, where the petrol and electric units with their decent width not get.Especially for such small towns set of hand tools.

great cultivator for loosening the light soil - Rotary (also known as a disk, or star).Width depends on the number of toothed discs of steel.By rotating models included additional tool - knife weeders, which cuts the weeds and turns them out of the land;In addition, a cultivator can plug the clippings into the ground.It can be spread on a long handle and work without bending over.And for the very fine work in tight spaces is changed to a long handle short.Price

portable circular cultivators depend on the image of the manufacturer.Imported goods worth 550 to 1400 rubles.Domestic much cheaper - 250-300 rubles.

Heavy soil compaction disc cultivator can not do.To cope with it hand-cultivators with sharp and strong curved teeth - with the power of his thrust into the ground, breaking a dense crust.Depending on the material and the reliability of the manual "zemledrobi-Tel" can cost from 30 to 700 rubles.

soil in containers and pots also have to loosen and weeds there too sometimes fall.For this purpose, apply very small narrow cultivators short handles.Especially they need to work on the alpine hill - where the area of ​​weeding and loosening is necessary to consider almost under the microscope.Mini cultivators mini works are from 30 to 350 rubles.

1. Cultivator Mantis
Electric Price-19 990 rub.The company "AgroUM»

2. Cultivator Mantis
Gasoline price - 25,900 rubles.The company "AgroUM»

3. Hoe Pubert H90
Petrol Power 5.5 hpPrice - 33 999 rub.Shop OBI

4. cultivator Honda FF 300DE Petrol Power 2.4 hpPrice - 00 dealer network Honda

5. Hoe Pubert BCR90
Petrol Power 5.5 hpPrice -21,999 rubles.Shop OBI

6. cultivator Honda FG201DE
Petrol Power 1.8 kW Price - 0 dealer network Honda

7. Cultivator MTD T / 120 hp gasoline Power 1Price - 5999 rubles.Shop OBI

8. Cultivator MTD T / 340
Petrol Power 5.5 hpThe price is 12 999 rubles.Shop OBI

9. Cultivator Gardena EN600 / 36
Electric Power 600 W Price - 8400 rubles.Shop "Bauklotts»

10. Hand cultivator star Gardena
Removable cutting price-690 rubles.Shop "Bauklotts»

11. Cultivator-hiller manual Gardena
flat removable cutting teeth Price -511 rubles.Shop "Bauklotts»

12. Hoe hand-star
Removable Handle The price is 259 rubles.Shop OBI

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