Preparing for the winter.

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27 April 2016

Do not wait for the snow to get from cluttered house to store large equipment will be possible only by helicopter.But then the natural question arises: how snowthrower choose?Of course, it is not about brand awareness, or the appearance of the car.These questions buyer must decide for himself.We will try to explain to any real problems need self-propelled and self-propelled, gasoline and electric, and the auger screw-rotor model.You must admit one thing clear tiled track near the town house and quite another - to get rid of snow blockages in several hectares of land with significant elevation changes.

Analysis concepts

To begin let me make a few introductory remarks of the technical plan.This will in the future not to be distracted from the main theme of the conversation.

on the market snow machines can be divided into two types: screw auger and rotary (still referred to as one- and two-stage).The difference - in the design of the production system.In machines of the first type, it consists onl

y of the screw (a screw shaft with a continuous wall), which scoops the snow to the center of the ladle and discharges it through the outlet channel side.In two-stage snow throwing rotor assemblies - special wheel with blades.

I must say that the working edge of the screw can be completely smooth or toothed.The shape and number of teeth on different models vary from shallow rectangular basins to real teeth (such as disk circular saw).The presence of the teeth allows snowthrower cope with packed snow.

have single-stage machine screws, spinning, touch the ground.Therefore, these models are either rubber-coated metal or solid rezinoplastikovye.As a result, the risk of damage to expensive decorative coatings in the clearing, for example, garden paths is minimized.

to rotate the screw rotor and a motor.Rotating auger collects snow pack inside the unit, which has a powerful impeller.Last throws snow through the pivot box (in the people - snow blower) in one direction or another.For along with the snow snow blower he did not shoot ice shards or stones, snow tools vendors typically provide in the outlet channel bars.Engine power screw machines, usually not exceed 5 liters.with.At auger-rotor units indicative range - from 5 to 13 liters.a., although there are more and less.

In single-stage models put different types of engines: electric, gasoline two-stroke and four-stroke.Two-stage machines are provided with only petrol "chetyrehtaktnikami."Incidentally, this is the most advanced version.As practice shows, with two-stroke engines users have problems.The fact that such devices operate on a mixture of gasoline and oil and are distinguished from "chetyrehtaktnika" greater fuel economy and less resource engine.Four engines are exclusively petrol (oil poured into the crankcase).These units work longer, and run them much easier.Fuel economy and low noise - plus two "chetyrehtaktnikov."

auger-rotor assemblies in the vast majority of self (that is, have the drive to the wheels) that allows you to work a long time without tiring.Screw rolling, "pushed by hand" snow tools suitable for cleaning snow.

Winter stories ...

And now for the solution of concrete "snow" problems homeowners.We'll start, of course, with the simplest option.Let's say you live in a cottage or townhouse.Its territory from time to time cleared of snow drifts operational service.From time to time, but not always.Sometimes at the most inopportune moment (the arrival of guests, urgent departure to work, and so on. D.) Path to the house is covered with snow, so that it can not find.

Accordingly, it is necessary to have such a unit, which at a minimum of physical and time-consuming to help you tidy up the area in front porch and around the house.And this machine is.It is an electric screw snowthrower.Machines of this type are not very performance and power, they will not cope with the "pie" packed snow, finally, they are "tied" to the length of electric cable.But, being light and compact, with an enviable ease (not without your participation, of course) will walk along the paths, trails, clean up loose snow, help clean the hard to reach areas (for example, in a narrow passage between the house and the economic annex).Electric snow tools are usually equipped with a rubber worm that allows you to remove the snow, such as tile flooring without damaging it.Another definite plus electric snegochistov - relatively low price.This is understandable: professional equipment such models will not name.

second situation, a little more complicated: you need to clear a couple of square meters of land in front of the garage.

In this case you will definitely suit Gasoline snowthrower self-propelled."Nesamohodki" as mobile as the electrical model (their weight, typically about 40 kg at a height of 30 cm and a width of 52-53 cm snegozahvata), but not attached to the network.However, such a snowthrower (with the "manual drive") you probably get tired of working on a large plot, especially if the snow is deep, stale.

What to do?Buy the more expensive gasoline propelled auger-rotor snow removers (by the way, this type of machine is most common on the market).This car does not need to push, she goes herself - you just have to set the direction.Auger rotary benzosamohodka much harder ordinary electrical screw.It required a massive bucket wheels driven by a motor, a multistage gearbox.Downshifts are used when a lot of snow fell, and allow increased use of the most efficient machine for cleaning shallow snow cover, while saving you time and money.Rear speed handy when snowthrower bogged down in deep snow.Self-propelled auger rotary models are usually equipped with a powerful halogen lamp, which will allow you to observe the space in front of him in the dark.A heating function handles will not freeze arms.

often self-propelled machines are equipped with wide pneumatic wheels ("Quilted").In addition, the tire snowthrower should have a special protector.It facilitates the grip and prevents the wheels slip.

And now go to this extreme.Suppose you want to clear the snow and ice embossed or wooded area or territory covered by ice (ice rink, where conventional snow tools can be easy to lose control).What to do?It is best to invest in a Solid Gasoline snowthrower self-propelled crawler.This all terrain vehicle.Truckee caterpillar "snegochista" by far greater than that of the wheels, the contact area with the surface provides a very high throughput.Efficient grip tracks with the surface will allow you to work even at small slopes.

tracked snowthrower with a special arm weight transfer can adjust the position of the center of gravity of the snowthrower with respect to the wheel axles.If the center of gravity forward, the machine most efficiently cope with the cleaning of compact, deep snow.When the center of gravity is exactly in the middle - the last hour comes loose snow.Finally, if you move the center of gravity back, then easily be able to remove the snow from uneven surfaces, and carry snow tools from one site to another.

And another important point.There are models with a maintenance-free and serviced gear screw.In the first case, you will from time to time to understand the system and change the oil.Maintenance-free gear, if necessary, change the whole - a good way out for those who do not wish to delve into the gland or hopes for the hand of his gardener.

snow - Fire!

Now, from private to general.Whatever goal you may pursue, getting snowthrower ("cosmetic" clearing snow in front of the porch, or the struggle with the elements in the spirit of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"), you would have to think about how to release to remove the snow and ice.If necessary, grind the inside of the unit, they "shoot" out of it.Only the distance and direction of the shots clearly regulated by the machine operator to not hurt anyone around.It is important to understand how and within what limits adjustment occurs.On this depends the convenience and continuity.

In the simplest models, the direction of ejection of snow is necessary to change with the handle fixed to the chute through which passes the accumulated snow.A more convenient option when the chute is used to rotate the worm gear: you do not have to reach far to turn the handle - it is always there.In the most "advanced" devices for controlling the release of Snow used a joystick on the operator panel.

Range sets emission peak to trough.The angle of inclination change, either manually or by various levers.By the way, "range", the producer said, is treated only as large as possible.It depends on the state of snow and wind force.For example, in the case of fresh snow on the range of emission at all difficult to say, especially in windy conditions.Departing from the trough mass dissipates rapidly and settles on the ground.But then melted snow flies podmerzshie a jet, though quite far.

Finally let me give you one piece of advice for the storage snowthrower.If the machine is stored in an unheated room, after the work necessary to clean it from the snow stuck.While the engine is hot, the snow will melt, and the image of water - drain on the details.As the engine cooling fluid freezes, and a screw-auger or rotary mechanism may jam the ice.

Before starting the machine, it makes sense to include the drive screw and carefully crank shaft of the engine starter rope.If it spins - all in order, you can start and work.

Vadim Alexeev