Operation of bio-sewage

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25 April 2016
exploitation "Bioxy-1" Andrew began in early May 2009.(Bioxy-1 - is an analogue of Tapas, capacity - 1 cubic meter / day).

himself he ordered with automatic washing system (+ 10t.r.).Every 20 hours for an additional 20 seconds, the pressure of the pump and hoses washes.Compressor Japanese, Italian pumps.

serious problems is not there, we had to solve the problem.Draining is a 2-annular well, and then the drain pump automatically in the groove along the section.Output water - do not smell!Only the faint smell of the river, pond.

summer he joins the discharge pipe hose and watered the lawn garden, or poured into the hole size 0,5h0,5h0,5 meter in the corner of the plot.The groundwater level in his area is low and the water without problems goes underground.In winter, this hose is removed so as not to cold, and the drive system in normal mode "is not freezing."


the summer of 2009.Masters had to call on the guarantee twice - it was a short circuit in the supply cable - with backfilling it sli
ghtly migrant workers killed, was a call to slightly lower the cover of the main box, asthere was a gap, and the smell was.The gap was removed, and the smell became less, but - remained.


Sometimes in the summer (no ventilation), the smell of fresh feces near Bioxy, after flushing.Odour mild and rare, but unhappy wife.The reason is generally clear, it is certain that the compressor sucks in ambient air and a discharge pipe (venting) and no.Therefore, it is the excess of cracks cover well go along with the smell of the receiving chamber (since there airspace over all cameras except compressor, general).

In principle, suppliers can make themselves ventilation, but since he was traded with them much, they did not offer ventilation, especially for such a low-productivity system.

summer dacha live permanently.In winter, come every 1-2 weeks - no smell is not felt, the station - 4 meters from the walkway.In March, 2010.Snow came down from the box and there was a smell.

ventilation design:

In early April of 2010 Andrei himself made ventilation - Connect an additional tube of 50mm in the floor under the sink and brought it into the ventilation ducts going to the roof.The smell was gone.The tube inside the box goes to the top.

It is likely that this winter will be the condensate pipe 50mm, so he did it with the correct slope for draining it back into Bioxy.Even if the whole tube of 50mm in winter is clogged with frost, the smell will not.If the smell of winter through the ventilation gets into the house, he can stop up under the sink and ventilation exhaust air goes out into the street in the cracks of the well - as it was in the winter 2009-2010.

autumn revealed the news - in the three chambers was the swim mud.Call the installer gave nothing becausehe could not understand what had happened, and then said that probably all right.

for service, he did not call, and collected sludge scoop twice within 2 weeks.Is it normal, he did not understand.And still do not understand what will happen if the floating sludge is not removed - the instruction on this point, there is no word.

IL like a river and does not smell.Probably, it is optimal to pump twice a year, in early May and in September.Operation - primitive and quite clean.Run it is possible for 1-3 hours using a pump such as "Baby" or drain and 3 hours regular compressor, which is very slowly shakes.

Control functionality:
  • There is a full-time emergency lamp that lights up when the overflow of the primary chamber.Andrew believes this system inadequate becausethe bulb lights up in just a few hours after the malfunction, iewhen the system is already overcrowded and could already take place emergency drain is not fully purified water.
  • As an additional gadgets for listening to gurgle of the house he uses a medical stethoscope.In summer, bubbling and so heard, and in the winter must be approached through the deep snow to the box and to listen, and it is - inconvenient.Play the most convenient under the sink, below the siphon (the course of water).Stethoscope bought the cheapest (200 rubles), to understand its "microphone" strapped with tape to the siphon tube and lengthened.Now listen comfortably.
  • can, of course, a real microphone to connect to a small amplifier - by clicking at the face and listened, and automated controls (for example, via GSM) is possible the output of the amplifier to deliver a primitive detector and the presence of DC voltage at the output of a judge gurglingin the system in real time.
11 months of operation (first inspection system after the winter):

opened.It seems all right - all the rustling and gurgling.The only thing - on the surface of floating sludge in 2 compartments, well, on the walls of his little naroslo.Minutes 10-20 liter collected three, diluted with water up to 8 liters and poured the most frail bushes.Washing systems, emergency float with lamp and sump pump checked - everything is normal.

12 months of operation

the morning burning lamp "accident" due to the overflow of the primary chamber.Overcrowding due to clogging of the riser pipe, located in the primary chamber and the supply drains into the next chamber (the "main airlift").All pulled, I clean the wire and then washed with a hose.At the same time washed going to the same pipe automatic washing system - it is possible that because of its clogging it all started.Everything turned out just the second time.

the photo pulling out the coarse filter.On the left - the main airlift, which he washed.Chief airlift is inside thick truby- "filter" on the right.

13 months of operation

in large numbers began to accumulate sludge on the surface of the sludge stabilizer, he became waddle into the outlet chamber and then - in a well.I made a special scoop, raked and carried 20-30 liters of sludge.

After this incident, patience Andrew was over, and he called the service and installation service Bioxy.The chairman said that he had made a request to check the warranty (warranty - 3 years).Departure appointed after 3 days.

At the appointed time came, and 2 guys have done the following:
  • finalize a major airlift - drilled a hole in it at the bottom for better cleaning.
  • build up a wall of mud stabilizer so that it no longer waddled where it is not necessary (although it did not have to swim).
  • slightly expanded diameter of the nozzle, the water supply in the sludge stabilizer - once the water flowed into it is not tonyusenkoy trickle, and decent (he thinks it was a major problem in the ascent of silt).
  • slightly expanded and deepened the hole of the stabilizer overflow sludge in the aeration tank.
  • washed and just in case the main airlift.
  • told that the Japanese membrane compressor (the planned replacement of the term - 2 years) is from 2 to 5 years.
  • said that the main airlift better to pull out and wash every 3 months.
  • informed that 1 cc Bioxy can process up to 1.5 cubic meters of wastewater per day.
  • answer to all of my other questions.
And all this - free and clear for 1-1.5 hours.I understood that I have to pop up almost all the sludge, sincemeasurement by sedimentation in the bank shows a decline (eventually) the amount of settled sludge, rather than an increase, as it should be.

After the annual operation "Bioxy 1" Andey confidently can say I made the right choice in his favor, and satisfied warranty.

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