Lawn mowers and trimmers - a review

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25 April 2016
involuntarily compared with vivid images of the design of catalogs and feel - not that.Few people realize that a good appearance creates not only a beautiful house as a neat well-kept plot.

Among the elements of landscape design a special place was taken by a lawn.Perhaps no other item can not so much change the overall impression of the plot, except that
pond or night lighting.

It would seem that the lawn - is simple enough: sown grass and let yourself growing greens.Only here in practice is a much more complex: it is necessary to "guess" the seed, correctly and in time to sow them, regular watering seedlings, and even cut from time to time.

The shorn lawn?

Shear, of course, the lawn mower.Normal "grandfather" Spit's not an assistant, because you need to cut the stems at the same level, maintaining the same height over the entire area of ​​the lawn.Grass is usually undersized, mow it inconvenient chore and physically hard, and if there is no experience, then try not worth it.Therefore, to mainta
in the land in order, will have to splurge on a lawn mower, good choice is wide and you can choose a model within its means.

Perhaps the word "lawn" today one can not be surprised.Even the most distant from the villa topics people are well aware of what it looks like this miracle of technology: a sort of "vacuum cleaner", put on large wheels and equipped with a long handle.Stuck, by the way, is quite massive and clumsy.This mower is good for large areas with relatively flat terrain, but cut out her place around the bush, foundation, benches or beds - troublesome.Sometimes you have to stop the "gig" and podkashivat grass by hand with a sickle.

for areas with difficult terrain there is a more convenient technology - lightweight electric trimmer.In people, it is often referred to as "Electrokos" and petrol models - "scythes" or "sickle."There is some confusion with the names: some sellers are called trimmer almost any lawn mower, some - only with the upper hand scythe engine.Actually, the word comes from the English «trim», which means "haircut" and stale values ​​- "barber."That is, in principle, under the name fits any lawn mower.For simplicity and clarity of the text will use the word "trim" in relation to any mechanical braids.

main types of trimmers

By type of motor trimmers are divided into two types.Scythes combustion engine running on gasoline (usually 92 octane), for which he was nicknamed "scythes" or "sickle."There are models that work on electricity ("Electrokos").In this case, the engine weighs less and may be "top", ie fixed to the top of the rod.

and gasoline, and electric trim tabs, as usual, have both advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose according to their own needs and preferences.In general, the differences are as follows.

Electric Trimmers:

  • less noise;
  • not consume gasoline, do not allow the exhaust;
  • weigh less, there is light "hand" model for cutting in tight spaces plot;
  • not afraid of wet grass (models with upper motor), so you can even mow in the dew and after rain;
  • have relatively low power (up to 1100W);
  • quickly overheat (need to periodically let the engine cool down);
  • depend on the power supply, we have to pull the mower wire (although there are models on the batteries with a small amount of energy).

Petrol trimmers:

  • powerful (modern models have a very solid 4-tsillindrovy engine);
  • fully autonomous (not dependent on the presence of nearby outlets, the length of wire, etc.);
  • have models wagons to which you can attach a variety of nozzles;
  • afraid of moisture;
  • very noisy, plus give is not very eco-friendly exhaust;
  • consumption of oil and gasoline, which is used to end at the most inopportune moment.

Workers knife and loops

mowing the lawn trimmer

Of course, this is not about the bandits, and all about the same trimmer.More precisely, their cutting heads, which also are different.Here, there are three "standard" design solutions:

a) knife haircut (model equipped with a hard knife),
b) string haircut (head cuts using fishing line, string cord),
c) combined version (trimmer allows you to attach or knifeor fishing line).

trimmer cutting head is equipped with a fishing line mainly for "gentle" Rider.Flexible Cord string is not so sensitive to the "collision": stones, branches and other obstacles will not cause harm to the fishing line, unless, of course, take it easy.In turn, the line does not injure the bark of trees and shrubs shoots, so it is convenient to mow the lawn in the garden or park and generally in areas with difficult terrain, but the soft grass.

width confident capture plant string braid can reach 45-50 cm. Some manufacturers specialized cord for different types of herbs and unusual "bells and whistles".For example, a favorite Russians secured "Husqvarna» (Husquarna), offers Trimmer head with manual, semi-automatic and automatic feeding of the fishing line, tight cords for hay, cord "Whisper» («wisper», ie "whisper») c reduced noiseand others.

knife can be plastic or iron.Plastic quite tenacious, and cheaper, and iron knives are essential for cutting high and coarse grass, trimming untidy site.Powerful petrol mowers can cut the weeds rather successfully with a thickness of 3-5 mm stem even in autumn when it grows coarse.

One of the characteristics of a knife - the number of teeth (rays).The more, the more accurate and smoother turns beveled band.Well proven 4- and 8-claw cutters.Do knives may be additional "specifications" for the type of grass or design features.For example, huksvarnovsky "Grass" is well suited for the soft hay of the grass, and "multi" shred almost any, even rigid, grass and crushes it.

Weaknesses metal blade - impact strength, sharpening and weight.The saying "found spit on stone" for such cutting heads are still in force: on the rocky areas quickly blunts the knife, and from the strong impact may crack.Due to the weight load on the engine is larger, so the lungs trimmers iron cutters ineffective.However, in recent years, the blades of the various alloys, including reduced weight and increased strength.You can recognize them on the consoles «heavy» and «heavy duty» («long life") in the title, but also to pay for such a knife would have more.

and Sweden, and the reaper, and on dude igrets

Among modern trimmers gradually a class of universals: models that provided separable fastener head.This design makes it easy to change and wash your knives, but, more importantly, use the "profile" nozzle.For some models, there are more than a dozen (!) Different nozzles, each of which performs its function.The most common attachments for Braid:

  • Nozzles-cultivators.This milling, grinding the soil.They are designed to work in small areas: in greenhouses and on ridges, so have a small diameter (usually 12, 20 or 24 cm) and weigh 4-5 kg.Nozzles-cultivators produce almost all the major manufacturers: MTD, Husquarna, Craftsman, Sun Garden and others.
  • Snow nozzle motokosilok.By the usual "trolley" instead of the cutting head is attached coiled grip the snow is pushed to the side.It turns full snowblower, only adjusted for the small size.However, for clearing the area around the house and the tracks in a portion thereof is more than enough.
  • Nozzle "Lopper" ("Vysotorez") for manual trim.The main purpose - handling the trees, removing branches and thick branches.The length of such a nozzle can reach several meters and a width of 20-24 cm (e.g., 366 x 20 cm in the case of shears Craftsmen).

In general, tips for lawn mowers and trimmers can be quite diverse and multifunctional.The main thing is that the model spit support "dock".As a rule, no problem combining modern trimmers with attachments from your manufacturer, but with connection of different "family" may be difficult.However, over the past 5 years and this area is gradually standardized.In nozzles from major manufacturers standard bore hole matches - 24 mm (or more precisely 0.95 inches), less 20mm.In addition, there are special washers adapter.

Market trimmers and lawn mowers

Some manufacturers trimmers do not let their tips, but the design is adapted for coupling with strangers.A good example of such technology gives «Solo» - a German company that is not widely known in the CIS as "Husqvarna" and "calm", but has been successfully operating for 60 years.This year's "Solo" has been actively enter the Russian markets, threatening to oust our usual "dinzavrov", so that the price of its low-end models will certainly be quite acceptable.

In the meantime, the unofficial leader among manufacturers of mechanical braid and drinking vacationers CIS recognize "Calm."There have played a role and the transition to 4-tsillindrovye models and reasonable prices, and survivability equipment and an established authority "reliable brand."However, the quality and 'professionalism', many prefer "Husqvarna", but complain about the high prices.What to do, not every our countryman can afford to buy a specialized "dacha" technique for all occasions.

addition to biting the price, there is another urgent problem - the service centers.Judging by the reviews on the Internet, intelligent points of service lawn mowers and trimmers is very small, from the capital and did not, and to go to the kingdom tridesyatom repair braids as something not serious.

Well, if you summarize the essence of the material, it will look something like this: Trimmer is useful for someone who lives in a private house, or at least spends a lot of time and spares no effort in the improvement of the site.In this case, the braid will be an excellent assistant in the economy and eventually pay off.Well, for one-off short-term necessities makes no sense to spend money on an expensive toy, it is much easier to apply to any "gazonostriguschuyu" company.