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24 April 2016
laser thermometers Raytek MT6 it - the thermometer tells party holiday offline Andrew.After a month of active service Andrei understand many "thermal" issues and recommends the purchase of such a device to all owners of their own homes.

parameters of laser thermometer

instrument measures temperatures from -30 to +500 degrees C. The measurement accuracy of 1 to 1.5 degrees, discrete LCD meter - 0.2 deg., The reaction - a split second.On reflective surface temperature is not measured.

Examples of measurements

temperature in the holiday home.On the street minus 15 C, the air holes are closed.After warming up the house daily on the floor of the 1st floor + 19 + 20 ° C, the ceiling of the 1st floor + 23 + 24 C. Under the roof of the house, becausethe ceiling on the top of the porch has no + 26 ° C.

Compared with the apartment, the result does not matter becausein his apartment (1st floor) temperature difference Mezhuyev floor and ceiling of 1-2 degrees.He thinks that the smaller the differenc
e, the better insulated the house.

  • temperature as ordinary glass and insulating glass measuring correctly and the outside and inside.
  • temperature of the vapor pipe of the boiler to 90 degrees.
  • heat sink temperature of 60 degrees.
  • temperature burning gas stove 350-400 degrees.

device has a measurement accuracy of 1-1.5 degrees at a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees device.And at other temperatures readings are not correct.

Solution - carrying the device in the cold closer to the body.For high-precision preliminary validation convenient instrument or under the arm or in the oral cavity (resp. - 35-37 deg.).

Despite the lack of Andrew is very pleased with the laser thermometer (in terms of utility, not just emotion)!Price in Moscow - 4650 RUR.


After 10 days of active use of the device - the battery is discharged.Switched to economy mode measurements - single "shot".To save, he decided to buy the battery "Crone", and charger to it.

Unit verification

It may be carried out:
  • To measure the oral cavity - 35-36 degrees;
  • under his arm.34-36 ° (depending on whether the lowered or raised by hand).
  • the street and compared with the temperature of the TV or on the Internet.
On the basis of these tests it has reason to trust laser thermometer.

Someone may say that from the information content of such a device - zero thermal better.At that Andrew responds that the imager is really better - in his image and the child can understand ... But the price of his - 200 000 rubles.

How to work with the thermometer

Example 1
behaving device along the skirting board (close to it) and notice where the minimum temperature, then from this point and expose the perpendicular going from the plinth on it.
If plinth at least, the problem with warming at this point, and if not, where at least.

House pyrometer should be checked more than once, and in a few days

temperature can compare with the neighboring dots horizontally only.

Example 2
He came to the familiar (the last Khrushchev floor) - very cold outside -25C.The floor temperature is 15 ° C and ceiling 13oS.He explained that the ceiling / roof need to insulate and not to hang the battery.

Example 3
Andrew came with the device to his friend - a spacious apartment in the middle of a modern building.In the kitchen - a warm floor (TA).Measure the temperature of + 33 ° C floor.House of small children.I explain that this is too much.Dude lowered temperature.The other rooms (without TP) + 23 ° C temperature ideal and on the floor and on the ceiling.

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