Choosing a lawn mower

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24 April 2016
approaching holiday season.A unique opportunity to go on nature.Fresh air, bright color of greenery and flowers, soft carpet of lawn ...

But, unfortunately, giving not only provides vacation.Behind it is necessary to look.Paint the house, take care of the trees (the last time you whitewashed trunks?), Mow the grass.Let's talk about the grass, lawn mowers, and (there is no need to explain that the mower - on wheels, and all portable - it trimmers or mowers).

require different amounts of different devices.My great garden needs professional mower with all the bells and whistles and amenities.Because I want everything to be «easy» - easy and convenient.And most importantly easy.

Let's understand what affects the efficiency of the mower as far as certain of its characteristics are important.Oddly enough, but the choice of the mower does not only specifications mower.Not so important engine speed and his power as the correct selection of lawn mowers on the conditions of its use.

Types lawnmowers

Anyone who decides to buy a lawn mower, asks the question: what fuel does it work?There are three types of lawn mowers: electric, battery, gasoline.

Then the determining factor is not economical, and easy to use.For the sake of the experiment had to get all three types and compare them.

My good friends, decided to mow the lawn on a Sunday morning (ie after Saturday night), so hard competed in the mowing, which cut the wire from the electric lawn mower in half an hour.But this is not the worst.Difficulty is the wire itself (even when he did not cut).He zamatyvaetsya over all the bushes and not enough at the crucial moment.A run with a heavy mower, untangling wires - not the most interesting occupation (breakfast is getting cold).

Rechargeable mower does not create these problems, but there are others: first, the capacity;Secondly, my memory.On Friday evening, arriving to the country completely exhausted, I completely forget about the need to charge the battery.Saturday afternoon still put charging.But on Sunday afternoon, when all the work is already converted and you can mow, it's time to go home.However, I managed several times to charge it and start mowing.But I got so carried away that valiant car simply discharged into the far corner of the site (hello Murphy's laws).

«Nothing" - I said to myself after a month of tests - "much gasoline will not fail."And gasoline inventories.And do not let down.I do not switch off, do not cut the wire.Know only adds gasoline.So the type of engine, I decided.Petrol.

Working with lawnmowers

But there are other difficulties began.Firstly, it is difficult to start a gasoline engine.Pull the handle on the starter only fun movies about maniacs with chainsaws.In fact, it is tedious and monotonous, to the same tired arm.There's two choices: either look for a lawn mower with the finest setting starter rope.Or buy electric starter.Typically, you can find a lawn mower and so with others.

But sorrow not over: on my site started to grow stones.Otherwise I can not explain how my mower sent them into the case of selection, the scratched and dented.Stones grew suddenly and inappropriately (hello again Murphy).Requirement there is only one: reinforced hull selection.Usually it is made of polypropylene, it is strong, but not enough to tolerate multiple stones.Today's manufacturers are looking mowers other materials.I think that when you buy should consult with the seller.

And since we are talking about the case of selection, it is worth noting a few important things.It would be nice to make it as smooth as possible inside.I spent a scraper, and all adhering grass fell.From the housing selection depends on the noise.Good morning to wake the neighbors howling blades, but it's better not to do it (and the stones on the site will grow even faster).

When we planned to do the lawn, I said, "Why leveling land, let it be natural."And then long suffered because the mower can not simply stop by the irregularities.As always, when I create a problem, solve their wife.She offered to get high wheels for lawn mowers.Think about it, if you land too - not the golf course.

Particular attention should be paid to the lawn mower engine.

depends on it too much to afford so just ignore it.Firstly, there are 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

4-stroke enjoyable to work - on them less and cleaner exhaust (also want to make their own, albeit small, contribution to the preservation of clean nature), there is no smell of the traditional mixture of gasoline and oil, than so is not too pleased with the qualitative model.4-stroke quickly gaining momentum, smoother and more efficiently perform work duty - to twist the blade.I realized that I do not want to mess with all the technical details, and therefore chose that safer and easier.And then I heard the engine neighbor 2-stroke machines ... I have much quieter.

Among other handy additions to lawn mowers need to pay attention to the possibility of regulating the height of the mowing.Lawn for children and volleyball will be at different heights of grass.

special opportunity to give a very new technology mulching (usually comes with the mower optional).To avoid soiling the grass, it is possible to finely grind tapered stems and pour them into the lawn.Because of their size they begin to rot and ruin the lawn and soak up immediately and fertilize the soil.

But most importantly, that machine was easy to use and you do not bring problems, the only way to have fun on the lawn, not only when you lie or play on it, and when cared for him.

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