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23 April 2016

But then the sun came out, the spring came, and it was found that in the garden - no end.Remove debris, crop withered, autumn leaves gather, conduct sanitary pruning, comb through the lawn, removing the felt with him the grown overwintered grass poryhlit beds.

Even five years ago, the main instrument of summer resident was unpretentious rake steam shovels, forks, ploskorez constantly natachivaemy secateurs and hacksaw.

But now come full abundance of various garden machinery and tools.Yes
such a variety that is often looking at the store on this or that beautiful "piece of iron", did not even know what it was invented.

And think of many, even more than that, you might need the average normal, if there is one, the gardener.

One of the leading manufacturers of hand tools is a German company WolfGarten.
handles her instrument, bright, red and yellow, attract the attention of many large garden stores.Along with a wide selection of traditional garden tools have a very interesting line, multifunctiona

l system multi-star.

Where do we start?Start over.

We need to prune trees and trim hedges.Simple pruner, handsaw and a ladder - this is the past.What's in this?Some pruners have WG - several kinds.Bypass or anvil, for a large man's hand and graceful female (marking indicates size L / M / S), there are even special scissors.Oh, you're left-handed?Not to suffer with standard shears - at WG pruners and there for you.A pair of scissors with long blades facilitate haircut dense hedge.

garden tools tree was too high and the branches - too thick?For this is a high-rise and high-rise scissors secateurs.The system blocks makes pruning on 4-5ti meter height in an easy and pleasant experience.Do the same altitude plodosemnik, remover of dead bark and unnecessary branches.

Generally, convenience products WolfGarten that all tools can be bought without a handle.They all have a standard tip, easily inserted into one of the standard handles.Pens much they varied in length from 20 cm to 4 meters.Therefore there is no need to have a symmetrical rows of shovels, hoes, rakes and cultivators.Buy your works necessary for the tip - and a full set of garden tools - in your hands.

garden tools Hand tip 30cm, the shaft for the rake / shovel handle adjustable telescopic 220-400sm.

Along with the traditional, long-familiar summer residents each, WolfGarten tool in the arsenal there are some very interesting news.

especially - for fans of the beautiful lawn.

This cutter lawn edges - for a beautiful smooth edges.Hand-
prorezyvatel lawn aerator - for those who want to quickly collect the dead grass in the spring and thin out overgrown grass roots to better its sprawl.Foot Lawn Aerators - perfect replacement of outdated forks and slippers with nails.

garden tools Drill - for even distribution of seeds.

You can also use the products for cleaning WolfGarten not only gardens, but also at home.

garden tools There is a wide selection of garden brooms, cleaning slots street tile sponges for washing windows, and even simple dustpan.

garden tools For fans of the pond there are nets for harvesting and pruning shears to trim special aquatic plants.
garden tools

WolfGarten The arsenal is also present and various garden tools.It
mowers - gasoline, electric, rechargeable, and riders, garden shredders waste vertikuttery and trimmers.The number of models - great.Everyone will find themselves right at the price and size of the wishes of the garden.

fun and beautiful landscaped gardens in the new season.