Makita mower

By Admin | Equipment.
22 April 2016

In this article we will examine the principles of the lawnmower Makita PLM 4601

lawn mower The main working principle is to carefully examine the treated area.Stones, twigs and even large pieces of dirt can cause damage to your lawn mower engine.After a thorough inspection of the work area should be checked equipment.Lawnmower blades worth seeing, and in finding the worn blades other parts should be replaced with new ones.Thus the replacement of old parts must be made solely on the similar original spare parts.

So your lawn mower has undergone full.The next step is the preparation of the equipment for operation is refueling.It is necessary to remember what to do during refueling lawn mower is not recommended.Therefore, the additional fuel injection is necessary to turn off the device, wait for some time, and only then do the necessary operation.

Once typed the correct fuel level, should check the engine oil level.Even before joining the mower should pour a little engine oil.It is important to know that the

oil change is only possible when the engine is off.

Finally, all preparations are finished - you can start work.The first step is to start the engine.You are required to take the lever to the end and click on the pre-start the pump several times.Pushing need a short break, and at low temperature procedure must be repeated more than 2 times.Then, should be given the lock lever of the engine.It bends towards the handle.Starter will also need a little pull, but then return to the starting position.It is important to remember that you need to run the lawn mower in the grass low.

Before cutting process itself needs to be fixed grass collection bag and activate the defense system protecting the stones.The process of cutting the limit is simple.You only need to roll the mower in front of him and do not let the lever engine.Remember that with Makita PLM 4601 can not mow the grass at an angle of more than 20 degrees, so work on sharp slopes and steep hills is not recommended.

lawnmower Makita PLM 4601 Before cutting process can adjust the cutting height.You need with the help of a special lever to increase or decrease the location of the wheels on the deck mowers.Naturally, this operation is done with a non-working knife.
Finally, you have completed the process of cutting.To turn off the engine it is essential to lower his pace to reduce possible wear.This is done by moving the throttle to the minimum (MIN).Remember that the blades in the Makita PLM 4601 will stop immediately after switching off the engine.

worthy of special mention maintenance lawn mower Makita PLM 4601. So, to maintain the durability and other characteristics of the device you need after each mowing grass remnants removed from the chassis and blades.First, you must turn off the engine, and then with a brush and a rag to clean all surfaces thoroughly mower.If the paint on the inside of the deck has worn off, it is necessary to put on the surface of the special anti-corrosion paint.Also remember the following: engine Makita PLM 4601 in any case can not be washed with water, and the very mower should not be left with the fuel in the tank.