Heat carriers for heating homes

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15 May 2016
Andrew believes that the choice of coolant for heating holiday home to choose, above all, environmentally friendly - not poisonous.This has an explanation.The fact that the system is not eternal and leak sooner or later.And if all is well done, add a liquid in a while and still have to be better if it would not be poisonous liquid (eg, ethylene glycol - poison).

Water heating of a country house personally for your heating system at home he decided to use propylene glycol as a coolant (cost 8 000 rub. Per 130 liters).His term of 5 years of operation.For the year in his house had several leaks (small - for carving, while the average for stupidity).

Andrew believes that "insure" the heating system from the bursting of pipes and batteries for 8000 rubles for 5 years - a very good price.

propylene But there is a disadvantage: because of the high viscosity it requires more power boiler (20 percent) and more powerful circulation pumps.It can also be burnt.

heating specialists believe that any coolant other than water necessarily burnt in
the heat exchanger and rapidly destroys it.Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the risks of each.

In no case do not have to give up water.This is an excellent coolant until it froze.

Choice coolant

When selecting the coolant should be guided by several factors.For example, if the house is always people live, probably, water - the best coolant.
If you have a cottage, and you're there in winter is rare, then Andrew Council selected propylene glycol.

however, and you can choose to give water (distilled), but then he recommends that there is a system of informing you of "cessation of heating," such as GSM-alarm signaling.It can be combined with the security and fire.

  • Propylene glycol is not recommended to heat above 70 ° C.Even with this limitation and high velocity coolant flow is not excluded some sticking of propylene glycol in the combustion chamber, resulting in an accelerated damage.
  • Andrew suggests that the nonvolatile heating system will use propylene impractical because of the possibility of its enhanced burning in the combustion chamber due to low speed of its motion through the pipes.
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