Porch with their hands

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14 May 2016

In the old days the owners decorated the porch carved railings, roof-kokoshnik wooden lace or intricate canopy.

Somehow, unfortunately, do not always make the porch with due care and thus allow even blunders.The books about the construction of the house there are questionable tips of his device.The first of the most common mistakes is when put to the front door with a ladder platform.Frozen ground in the winter porch lifts a few centimeters.The door jammed as a result of this, and it can not be opened.

also sometimes make a porch on wooden foundations, posts buried in the ground at a shallow depth without protection from getting wet.This method does not eliminate the previous disadvantage, besides the porch deteriorating rapidly because the logs rot.Making massive deep foundations for a small porch - is absurd.


How to avoid it?In this article, we will describe a couple of ways to avoid it.The first way - the easiest.In opening the door height (6-8 cm) make a high threshold and it has not jammed.Bu

t ... on the threshold of this constantly stumble.In this case, this method does not suit you.Another way - at 10-15 cm below the door opening set with a porch area.Like, everything is in order - the door opens freely, but "thanks" to the resulting step (permanently forget about it!) It was uncomfortable to walk in the dark and even dangerous.So where is the way out?

Out there.For example, sometimes are advised to make of pipe pier foundation, lay them on the same depth as the foundation walls of the house (this is often 140-160 cm!).It turns out that something like a powerful anchors that hold the steps of bulging.In this case, the porch in the winter does not rise, and it would seem, wish to achieve.But this option is expensive.The game is not worth ....

As you can see, it's not as easy as it seems at first.Because, probably as part of the error in the construction of the porch.

let the stairs up and down "as they please."Simply separate them from the site and everything.Wooden stairs (in the form of a stepped boxes) are installed on the macadam or concrete foundation, and falls on the ground beams protruding from the wall of a house in the 1-1.2 m. (Console).In autumn and spring, "goes" up and down stairs alone, and playground is on the same level.Still, it is desirable to make the door below the 2-3 cm - in case of icing.Bottom board box ladder coat with machine oil or bitumen and laid on 3-4 layers of roofing material.

Another option - a Saddle stairs.It is similar to previous ones in that it also lies in the area of ​​the cantilever beam (its length 0.7-0.9 m.).The lower ends of the stringers are doing so that they rest on a concrete base-board, on top of which lay the waterproofing.Instead of concrete support can take hewn one edge cut of thick logs, and lubricate it well waste oil or bitumen.Better yet, use a tie.Cut in the ends of the stringers to support without nails.Tops connect the base plate, which should be based on the free ends of the beams.Attach it 1-2 through-studs, so that it did not move.Tread upper stage should be a continuation of the area.In this case, it goes up and down only the lower stringers and the upper platform together with the remains stationary.In the same way it is possible to make the ladder and on the string.

If you wish, you can build from stone materials and more durable design, the type just discussed.Brick stairs can be an option to make the first type, and the second - on the concrete stairs kosour.