Heated floor.

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14 May 2016
about the terminology

First of all, we need to agree j terminology.After all, even without the warm floor heating has been, is and will be.We need to talk about the heated floors.

What is the heated floor?
  • have a great desire to go home barefoot;
  • to be healthy;
  • For the comfort and warmth in the room.
Since time immemorial, for floor insulation people use carpets and rugs.From the feet, they are heated sufficiently slow, slower than the board and subjective feelings say that the feet warm even at low temperatures.

Research Andrew

Using a laser thermometer Andrew decided to find an objective temperature lying on the ground floor of linoleum and carpet.After the measurements revealed that the temperature at the carpet and linoleum - is the same.

Feels warmer carpet and also a thermal insulator - under the carpet the temperature 1-3 degrees lower.

If the house is properly warmed, this is enough for walking barefoot.And if the house is not warm, even if you have a heated floor all the heat
will go out.

Of course, if you are cold and sick, then in this case you need to put woolen socks on bare feet and without slippers.Through Barbed wool warmed his feet and how iplikator Kuznetsova wool acts on the acupuncture points of the body.

If a person is healthy, but he was cold to walk bare feet on the carpet in the 21-22 degree heat that it needs to be checked by a doctor and receive medical treatment, but do heated floors.

generally healthy person is much more useful to walk on the cool floor, not warm.

Now Andrew offers to compare prices on the heated floor (taking into account their cost, installation, their lifespan and operating costs) and carpets.

SNIP 41-01-2003 "HVAC»

SNIP This indicates the maximum temperature of the floor in the living areas - 26 ° C.And in many documents and charts providers heated floors indicated the same temperature, but not the maximum, but as typical.

Andrew believes that this is an attempt to falsify the possibility of heating private houses exclusively via OP.In practice, many users put t significantly higher 26C.

so that t the floor in the winter was under the recommendations of SNiP have a very good warm house (much better SNiPovskih recommendations), or in addition to the OP to add to the house battery and pipes, which obviously will increase the cost of heating.

Some figures

Andrei warm home in 3 days t the floor on the first floor about 20 ° C, and in the apartment - 21 ° C.Naturally there or where he does not have heated floors.

Many opponents consider it necessary to comment on the most serious argument - "it's comfortable."

course.However, the answer to your question - we feel comfortable to engage in a hobby or work?We are pleased to eat chocolate?We are comfortable to lie in the sun?Yes, yes and yes.But no one does it all the time, continuously.


Any electrical floors radiate electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 50 Hz., And foil floors are almost on the floor.It is not known how much voltage and power which can harm for years of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on humans, but it is known that you can not zoom in close to the body devices with electromagnetic radiation.They need to push myself at least 10 cm, and then the electromagnetic radiation is reduced by 100 times.

Small children often play on the floor, as if the floor with electric heating, the long-term effects of EM radiation on the genitals of children then can affect their health.

can shield the electromagnetic radiation from the floor.But screening a variety of ways - right and wrong.Besides, can confuse the magnetic shielding or EM field component.

Andrei its laser thermometer measures the temperature of everything that gets in the eyes.So the temperature of his feet is 22-23 degrees - is the nature of the temperature decreases to reduce the heat loss of the body.

Andrei heated floors in the kitchen.Stand on them first, comfortable, and in a few minutes - to become uncomfortable and hot.

course convection, and thus heating the room from the OP is available, but on a much larger convection radiator because it is a powerful source of heat, and the low-power and OP refers to additional sources of heating a house.

If the house is heated only on the OP, in this case, the cold air flows down from the windows to the floor, creating a cold zone near windows.Therefore, according to Andrew perfect heating - is when t floor, walls and ceiling are the same temperature - 20-21oS (floor) and 22-23oS (the level of the head).

Another argument - sleep comfortably at a height of 0.5 meters from the floor and at a low temperature than at high.

heated floor can be useful when you need to quickly cold winter to warm the house, the room, becauseOP without floor 1st floor heated last.

in the kitchen and bathrooms is best to lay mats - replace them with no problem.

According to Andrei, do electric floor heating in the presence of gas in the house - just the top of illiteracy or extravagance.

And finally

examine whether the length and breadth, he decided for himself that heated floors - this is another hoax.

Of course, many may say that parasites infest carpets.Maybe so, but nature does not stand still adapted to the human environment.He formed a strong immune system, which we thoroughly destroy, seeking to greenhouse conditions.

Heated floors are harmful for your health and for your budget.

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