The road to the dacha

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14 May 2016

Road - the beginning of all beginnings

suburban Member Forum - forumhouse Senin believes that building a house on summer cottage is necessary to begin the road to the dacha.And not to be unfounded makes the following recommendations:

The road to the cottage

  1. good way to start building materials allows the early spring, when prices were much lower.
  2. delivery of materials will be cheaper because they do not need a tractor maintenance in case the car gets stuck.
  3. During rainy weather, with good road construction materials will be delivered in a timely manner.
  4. If during the construction of a house used by crane, then it supports necessary to prepare enough solid coating.
  5. foundation is best to fill continuously avtomikserami.It will be cheaper and stronger.And if it starts to rain, it will reach avtomiksery not pouring the foundation and continuity broken, which is bad for his strength.And you can still impose penalties.
  6. always nice to stop by his car to the site at any time.After all, not everyone drives an SUV.

Then consider the road that built Senin

First of all I must say that the whole area where the land Senina solid clay.The preparation of roads Senin started with the fact that:

  1. Some soil from the digging of the strip foundation he scattered on the road, where grass grew before.That was the first mistake.Clay in the rain acts as a lubricant.The wheels rotate in vain, tearing the turf.From this rotation are formed holes that are filled with water.The resulting pools of very long time to dry, so long will not be expensive to use.There is only one way to level the bulldozer, the road will dry out faster and therefore more often it is possible to go.
    first conclusion - road with turf better not to touch, and if you decide to equip, then go to the case seriously.
  2. ASG is a mixture of sand and some clay and gravel, is inexpensive.Senin decided to straighten the road bedding CBC.Where was the turf was a little better, and where clay pools no result.
    second conclusion - ASG used only in well-groomed road.And he needed it?
  3. ¬ęgravel" road.Top clay poured gravel car.So far, only passenger cars traveled the result was good.Drove truck gravel going into the clay, she began to slip.The result is only one - on gravel ripped wheel.A year later, all of the gravel left in the ground, leaving no traces.
    third conclusion - or make a mound of gravel (very expensive), or not use it at all.
  4. road from railway sleepers.On the next train station I bought b \ y concrete sleepers.Hired workers from distant Tajikistan, laid close ties across the road.The result is good.However, when he counted the cost, folded "cheap" sleepers, delivery, installation work on, I realized that it is very expensive.
    Conclusion Four - no need to experiment and look for non-trivial solutions.
  5. road from road slabs.I bought b \ road plates at two times cheaper than new ones.He put in two rows along the road at a distance of 30cm between rows.The result - very good.
    Conclusion fifth - if you want to save, then immediately buy used \ y road plates

little about transport

cause the greatest damage to the road trucks in wet weather.And this damage is not the same in different trucks, all depends on the load on the rear axle.The smaller it is, the less damage.Therefore biaxial KAMAZ spoils road less uniaxial MAZ.

How to reduce the cost in half while building a house

What are some ways you can reduce the cost of building twice - three, compared with the construction company?

Senin thinks you are by their efforts - running around the market, work on the project, the control of the builders achieve such results.Moreover, for many it will be more profitable to temporarily leave (pre-accumulating the required amount, or taking a loan), its substantive work and save (or earn, as you wish) on building your own home.

Senin deeply convinced that you can make very good money (the amount of money the more, the more expensive the house), the quality built home will be guaranteed.

For those who choose this path Senin makes several recommendations

  1. buy all the building materials only yourself, first around the whole market to find where cheaper to learn how to trade.Any costs imposed on you checks - shameless lime.You can always find a place where significantly cheaper.
  2. need to understand the technology of construction, have a project at home.
  3. to hire guest workers.
  4. negotiate with the builders at the beginning of the scope of work and the overall cost of the work.This requires the project.Beat all the stages of construction on with the list of the most significant works.Pay in stages, strictly after the stage.Verified builders can give the first advance.
  5. At the end of the work, all the builders are beginning to talk about raising their salaries, because they are tired and not as "hungry" as in the beginning.Do not go on about, stick to earlier agreements.One has only to show weakness again, the process will be an avalanche.
  6. Build once, without alterations, which are very expensive.On the one hand it is overspending materials, as is necessary to break the built and then re-build.On the other, it is a favorite excuse of builders to force up the cost of alterations to the work as they have not been pre-negotiated.To eliminate rework again needed project.
  7. If the pace of construction work slowed down, it is a bad sign.We must redouble vigilance, avoid any advances.Drunks ruthlessly expel.
  8. Keep records of materials expended to not go "left."
  9. transport all building materials in his car.Use the carrier only as a last resort, if your not carry.For example, when transporting pipes for fence posts is more profitable to pay for cutting of pipes in steel and drop off yourself, you hire a truck to transport the six meter uncut pipe, and then another and cut them in place, although free.

His motto - always to think and consider.

Posted forum participant Senin

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