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13 May 2016
1. Make sure the drinking water in the well

«Drinking Water" - a concrete and definite concept.It must comply with the requirements of SanPiN 4630-88 and GOST 2874-82.

Oddly enough, but the water has no taste or smell and seemingly transparent - can be not only harmful but also dangerous to health.And if you are happy to drink the water of undetermined composition, it does not mean that it is suitable for drinking.

while digging a well the builders can not guarantee that the water in the well will be of good quality.It depends entirely on the aquifer from which the water flows into the well.

In my experience Ladomir knows that water in some parameters may correspond to SanPiN and guests, but not necessarily all and not always.

According to some environmentalists in the suburbs in the upper soil horizons there are no drinking water.In this regard, all water used for domestic and economic needs to be cleaned and conditioned.

2. The depth of the well should be at least x - m

Build a well is usually up to the top of the aquifer, and the depth of the well depends on the depth at which it is located.

Practice shows that in Moscow the depth of the well can be from 1.5 to 40 meters.It all depends on hydrogeological and other natural conditions in the area.Therefore, builders locate water on the basis of their experience and determine the depth of approximately.

3. Well must necessarily give the right amount of water

Debit wells or water loss determined exclusively features the aquifer from which the well fed.More on the amount of water affected, the size of the water intake of the pit.Therefore, if your well is powered by a powerful aquifer, then the well will be a lot of water.

Typically, builders wells do not guarantee a particular quantity of water, which will give a well.

4. The customer wants to know exactly the depth of the well, which will be built

Existing detection methods aquifer before the construction of the well, but they do not provide 100% accuracy determine the depth.And the cost of the definition of occurrence of water-carrier are quite expensive and are comparable with the construction of the well.Therefore, the actual depth of the well can be found only after construction.

But before building a well is necessary to explore the area dowsing, and other techniques, explore the local hydrogeological indications to have an idea of ​​the depth of the water-carrier.

5. The well is to be built for a certain period

speed construction of the wells is from 0.5 to 3 rings per day, depending on the soil and traversed the depth at which at the moment are working (provided that the ring sizeheight - 0,9 m and diameter - 1 m).

6. Can water to escape from the well?What happens if the water in the well is over?

on the amount of water in the well influence:
  • Seasonal and cyclical fluctuations of water in the aquifer and other weather conditions;
  • Large withdrawals and irrigation and drainage works;
  • aquifer depletion or modification of hydrogeology in the area of ​​the well;
But if the water is still left, the well can be deepened by making smaller rings.

7. When using the well bottom filter needs

During the construction of wells, customers often argued that the need for the well filter bottom and asked for advice, what better buy.

In practice, only 5% of wells Ladomir is equipped with a reverse filter or gravel sketches.In many cases, who watched Ladomir the repair of wells, remarkable bottom filters installed in the wells after their construction did not bring tangible benefits.

8. The walls of any of the well must be impermeable to water upper

order to not fall into the well of the upper water used mortars, prefabricated concrete structures, gidroplomby, waterproofing solutions.

To do this, replace the soil around the well on the sand around the well to do "soft blind area" - is spread out on a sandy base waterproofing film, which can be installed: lawn, tiles, paving stones or gravel at your convenience.One should not forget and always be possible to offset the blind area in relation to the well at the expense of laying the blind area with a "margin to the castle."

around the well can not do blind area of ​​concrete that is rigidly fixed to the shaft well.During seasonal movements of soil is a relationship destroyed.

These works can be carried out after the natural shrinkage of soil that occurs in the interval from 1 to 3 years.

Despite the measures taken with a large water pressure on the walls of the well, she gets into it, even with careful embedding ring joints.

The only reliable way to protect the well from being hit by the upper waters - a position it at the highest point of the site, make a blind area, the castle and the clay water dispersion grooves.

In some cases it is necessary to carry out drainage works to prevent the displacement of the rings in the winter because of the freezing of the soil.When reheating is possible to organize seasonal drainage open or closed.

According Ladomir influence of melt and rain water to clean water in the well is insignificant and has little effect on his health condition.A much greater impact on the water in the well has a state of the environment and sanitation in the region, which is a particular area.Therefore, the organization of the blind area of ​​the castle and the clay is not mandatory.

Before buying rings for well need to consult with experts.Otherwise, you can sell a ring of poor quality or frank marriage, which is poured, where it is necessary, and to present their claims to the quality of the rings will be nobody.

Ladomir recommends purchasing rings for small industrial production.Moreover, the geography and the location of production you will not say anything, because in every area of ​​the ring can sell several manufacturers.


When choosing rings for the construction of the well should the customer pay attention to:
  • Hygiene;
  • rings shall be strong, and thus reinforced;
  • geometry of the rings should be standard;
  • price must be set (for customers with modest incomes).

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