The foundation of UWB - as the reliable foundation of your home

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13 May 2016

I think that readers familiar assertion - that the fate of the house in the first place depends on the reliability of its foundation.That is why the choice of the type of foundation should be approached thoughtfully, carefully weighing all the "pros" and "cons".

Most developers at the mention of the word "foundation" imagine a simple concrete base of the plate or tape.

But is there a type of foundation, where all necessary services have been held in advance, and the base itself was a perfectly flat surface, already prepared for the installation of the finished floor?

You must agree that this approach will significantly reduce the time of construction of the house, and if the foundation will be well insulated, it can act as a heat storage, allowing you to reduce the costs of heating and transforming your home into a comfortable and energy-efficient housing.

Many have heard about this type of foundation - a plate with insulation Swedish.Although opinions about the country of origin of th

is type of foundation vary, experts agree on one thing - compared to conventional foundation, UWB is more energy efficient and functional basis for the construction of a modern home.

The main advantages of UWB include:

  • Can be installed on almost any type of soil;
  • Fast term construction of the foundation;
  • layer of insulation laid in the foundation, reducing heat loss;
  • smaller, compared with the usual consumption of concrete slab foundation;
  • foundation base already prepared for laying the finished floor;
  • All necessary utilities pre-integrated into the foundation.

The main disadvantages of UWB include:

  • Increased demands on the materials used, technology, training of workers and the need for strict observance of technology of building the foundation, increases the cost of the work;
  • Compared to strip foundation, UWB has a lower height.On average, it is 300 to 400 mm.
  • On uneven terrain, with large height difference, you must first level the ground for the foundation, which also leads to an increase in the cost of operations;
  • When using this type of foundation is impossible or significantly complicated by the construction of the basement, and the cost of its construction leads to an unjustified increase in the cost of the house being built;
  • Since all communications conducted inside the basement, access to them, in the case of repairs in an emergency situation, difficult.

What is it - the foundation of UWB?

warmed Swedish stove is a solid foundation laying low.The main difference between this type of foundation to the usual plate, as the name implies, is that UWB insulation made of all foundation, as well as pre-installed all the necessary communications, namely:

  • water floor heating system;
  • water supply and sewerage system;
  • power supply system.

But what soil is best suited this type of foundation?

head of the company BAUBILD Alexander Zemskov:

- For warmed Swedish plates virtually no restrictions on the type of soil, which can be placed the foundation.UWB worked well on difficult terrain with high groundwater levels and low bearing capacity.In particular, this type of foundation is successfully used in cold regions where seasonal freezing soil leads to forces of frost heaving.

by replacing the sand or gravel unstable soil under UWB and "armiruya" base geotextile placement of the foundation can be achieved at a very difficult terrain, and the drainage system will reduce the level of groundwater in the construction site.

When deciding to use as your home base UWB should be considered one of the main features of this type of foundation.

Since the technological complexity of manufacturing warmed Swedish plates significantly superior to other kinds of plate bases, then, before installation:

  • Create detailed design as your future home with all necessary utilities, and foundation;
  • strictly adhere to the technology and the sequence of construction of the foundation;
  • Bookmark and maintenance of all communications should be implemented to within centimeters.

Advantages foundation UWB

Since the warmed Swedish stove can not be compared with conventional tape or slab foundation, it is necessary to find out - what benefits the developer receives, if he chooses this type of foundation for your home.

Opinion Project Manager Schwedenplate Mikhail Leontiev:

- The developer receives immediately all the necessary elements to it later - the foundation and subfloor heating system with the necessary communications.We can say that, thanks to the speed of construction of the foundation, in one month you will receive a comprehensive system that can be connected to the heat source. And thanks to its heat capacity, the foundation of UWB provides additional benefits for heating heat pumps.

Alexander Zemskov:

- On average, the foundation of 100 m2 is made within 7 days.The concrete surface UWB does not require additional tie, and thanks to grinding, it is ready for laying the finishing flooring.A comprehensive approach to the construction, allows to achieve a lower final cost of the installation compared to other types of foundations.

Strip foundation with the same set of communications like - drainage, floor heating, laying water pipes, electrical cables carrying, installing sewerage systems, additional insulation may be implemented at least 30 days, and the final cost will be 2030% higher than UWB.

UWB is the most energy-efficient type of foundation.

It is ideal for energy-efficient and passive houses, as the heat loss through the floor to a minimum.

also with insulation Swedish stove is a godsend to frame houses.

It is no secret that frame houses have a low specific heat and cool rapidly, in this case, the foundation will be an UWB storage tank in the house, and did not give the carcass to cool the house quickly.

UWB start?

Foundation UWB, unlike conventional slab foundation, you can call «advanced» , but as with any type of foundation, warmed Swedish stove requires preparation.

But what points need to pay attention to the customer before you begin installation of the foundation?

explains chief engineer «Fundamentalno.rf » Vladimir Sidorov:

- Before the construction is necessary to obtain information on the ground in your area.Otherwise, it is impossible to determine the true foundation of any structure or construction budget.

determined by the design of the foundation should not the customer, and design engineer who calculates loads.And preparing a feasibility study.Purpose slab foundation - soil with poor bearing capacity. Where the pile or tape under stress at home will just "fall through" to the ground.

important to remember that UWB is a shallow foundation, and accordingly - requires addressing the diversion of groundwater and the vadose.And require mandatory devices drainage system and the blind area.

When routing communications in this type of foundation should pay close attention to the relevant design solutions to how work is underway on the construction site.

It is important to all:

  • Compliance diameter valves and pipes floor heating;
  • Brand of the materials used;
  • vertical and horizontal binding for laying communications;
  • No damage communications in the course of work on the installation and concreting.

All the characteristics of the materials used are determined by the project, based on calculations for a specific house and grounds.This also applies to engineering and construction part.A not comply with these parameters can lead to permanent damage of the foundation and laid it in communications.

Mikhail Leontyev:

- Depending on the weight of the house and its final design selected materials and cn olzuemye in the construction of UWB.

This type of extruded polystyrene, concrete grade, cn of sob reinforcement stiffeners and the whole plate.

If there is a section elevation changes, before installation of the foundation UWB need to align the area.

Thus, for the construction of warmed Swedish plates need to solve a variety of complex tasks that require extensive knowledge and highly skilled performers.What ultimately will make you become the owner of a modern, energy-efficient, and most importantly - a comfortable home of your dreams.

Learn more operating experience warmed Swedish plates users can of relevant topics our forum.Acquainted with this division you will receive answers to all questions related to the calculation, construction and installation of this type of foundation.And watching this video , You will see in the UWB made warming and laying communications.