Exterior finish of the oven tiles

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12 May 2016
frequently asked questions on finishing ovens - both covered with plaster or tiles.Questions understandable.It would be desirable that the oven looked elegant and attractive, Pavel Kruglov has experience in finishing ovens, and it may be useful to someone.

oven to look elegant and beautiful, it is best to impose its tiles, and these tiles are usually installed at the same time with the construction of the furnace.

Unfortunately, most people think about the decoration of the oven only when it is built.And then there is always the question arises - what you can decorate the stove?As can be pasted her tiles?Which solution to use?Will tile stay?etc.

Finish oven tiles

First of all, you need to know whether there is a lining in the furnace at the furnace.If it is not, at registration, be aware that the oven may overheat.Otherwise, even with the best quality finish tiles fall off.

If the furnace has a lining and you want to decorate it with tiles, you start with stripping furnace, then hamm
er nails and tie thick wire oven 0,2h0,3 mm or meshsecuring it to the nailed.

seams on the stove you need to clean up to a depth of one centimeter, and before plastering, Pavel Kruglov wets the entire oven, so that it is damp.

Earlier masonry mortar kneading it like this: 1 part river sand, 2 parts sand mining, 1 part of cement and glass salt.Clay does not use, because it greatly shrinks and tile may fall off.

Recently, there are many different cements and adhesives for laying tiles.Pavel Kruglov buy a good glue Cerezyme 17 sets beacons and guides and lays tiles.

Before laying mandatory Pavel Kruglov handles acrylic primer wall oven.It is not recommended to put the tiles on the refractory mastic, because it flows from the tiles.

And when it comes to repairs - mastic suitable material.This usually happens when overheat the furnace - 2-3 tiles falling off, and then he puts them in a solution, and heat-resistant cement.

furnace repair

often due to lack of money, he was invited to impose a tiled stove, the stove-fitter but pride does not allow him to do the hack.So it makes complete renovation of the furnace.

Set oven door
The door to the oven it sets so that the tiles flush fittings.To close the gaps around the perimeter of the door, he paves the asbestos cord and daubed it with clay mortar.It then sets the lighthouses, door aligns and fixes it on the cement.Before plastering mandatory it abundantly wet the surface of the oven with water.Finished plaster, on top of it, he puts on the heat-resistant tile adhesive.

During firing furnace with wood, it expands more than at the furnace gas.

Pavel Kruglov home oven lined with tiles 14 years ago and still has not cracked.

There is an option to impose a front tile stove - she skinny.Less absorb moisture and, therefore, better able to withstand elevated temperatures.

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