The hard way the developer.

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11 May 2016


on holiday forums, as a rule, there are no oligarchs who do not need to know how to build a house or make a septic tank.They either buy everything ready-made, or hire workers who will build all that is necessary.Traditional owners of suburban areas want to have an idea about the construction of home, of heating, sanitation and water supply.They are interested in how all this can be done yourself, because no means always available to hire construction workers.

Grandfather shares his experiences and those of other truckers.He tells about the experience of those who have passed the hard way the developer, their mistakes and victories.

general idea of ​​connecting to the communications

In one of the publications of five years ago the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" reported that in Moscow the cost of connecting communication is the cost of building the house.Digging in the matter, Father faced a lot of facts and believed it to the newspaper.


Realtors during the sale area

is usually touted him talk about the immediate prospects of the development of the area will soon connect electricity, gas, etc.

  • Seller will show you a pole or transformer booth, to which you can connect to the future power house, gas pipes passing near the village - that they are too close.You about anything without knowing purchase of land and only after that you recognize that: gasman and Energy do not invest a penny is now in laying of communications on construction projects.Or have a transformer, but his power is not enough to connect your home and personal transformer can not be connected due to technical reasons, even if you have all the costs ASSUME.It happens that the transformer and a special connection to it will cost you a few thousand dollars.
  • With gas similar story.Some landowners were pulling gas pipes from afar at his own expense, and for agreeing to be connected to the pipe again, you will have to pay a few thousand dollars.That is, you have already lost 10 - 20 thousand. Dollars.At the same time you do not have no gas, no light, they still have to pull up to your home and connect and it is also necessary to spend money.

The examples and figures are not an invention, in the village of Santa neighbor for connection to the gas pipe has paid 10 thousand. Dollars.More familiar to him 4 years ago, 40 km from Moscow to Kaluga highway gave 16 thousand. Dollars.

More examples of Noginsk near Moscow Well

Six homeowners paid 4.5 ml.rub.400 meter for laying gas pipes under the ground, and arranging to go home.It took 5 days of the gasman and 1.5 years for documents.

Gas has brought to the site, and for the laying of a gas pipe (11 meters on the site) and its wiring in the house the homeowner has paid 157 thousand. Rub.In the paperwork it took 8 months.

course, not everywhere in Russia this mess.For example, a friend of Father acquired in the Tula region (140 km from Moscow) site.On the paperwork he spent 3 weeks and 17 th. Rub.gasification.

Therefore, during the acquisition of land think about buying a new finished house with all communications or pre-check with the respective organizations, how realistic will connect your future home to the communications.Be sure to talk with your neighbors and owners of transformers or gas, if any.It summed up the water in the locality, and if not, what is it in the pits.Is it possible to drive up to the cottage by car in winter or spring, and time, etc.

house project.When you need to start working on heating device sewerage and water supply?

at the stage of selecting the project house and place for its construction is necessary to take care of the water supply and sanitation.

Last year's summer Santa encountered such a case.His friend ordered a house project in the Moscow Research Institute.In this project, a boiler room identified 5 kV / m.At the same time there was no window (a wall), entrance from the street (the second wall) and the entrance from the bathrooms (the third wall).As a result, it was found that almost no place to put the equipment and on the drawing completely forgotten.And after the construction of the house began unplanned expenditure - had to drill a hole in the base of a chimney hoods, lay the door to the street and the door from the bathroom.Instead, they made the door of a spacious hallway.

is an example of how to design organizations enjoy the fact that customers are generally not experts in and sign a project agreement, estimate, costing in the hope that such mistakes can not be.The organization makes the project did not see or did not understand what they are doing?I understand - but everything is done on the project, the customer has signed it, and they have no complaints.To correct the defects the customer has hired the same builders who privately corrected flaws, and this extra spending.


Before starting any construction, many gardeners begin to think about the water supply construction and stand before a choice - a well or borehole?

Ideally, if there is a ground floor of a well to do there - saving on materials, no need to dig a trench to insulate the pipe.But do not forget that the well is ephemeral - rusting pipes, clogged filters and repair the house it is not real.

can dig a well, but eventually the water can escape from it.Where there are developments nearby sand pits, often lost water from wells.Well and well in the house is not deepened or do it for the big money.

In the event that the well or wells are located outside the home, do not skimp on the insulation of pipes and the depth of the trench.This does not apply to the sewer drain the well.If the slope is done properly, the water in the tube is not worth more warming due to the well.Downspouts enough to dig to a depth of 60-80 cm.

Selecting a location for the house

Before digging the trench for the foundation you need to make a plan to find all the objects on your country site, and first of all it concerns the well, septic and sewer linerto it, as well as roads for harvester.

There are different cases, such as a sewer drain the well can be reached through a portion of a neighbor (and if you quarrel with him?), Cleaning with a hired labor force (it can get away from the smell of the beginning of work), a clever man dug a well before the housein the street, he was fined and forced to bury all the neighbors after a call to the SES.

What to choose sewer drain well or septic tank?Father believes that the septic tank to the well no benefits.Firstly, the cost of septic above.Secondly, in contrast to its well must be regularly maintained.B - Third, from a septic tank, as well as from the well should be pumped sewage content.

Grandfather said that the septic tank is comfortable and fashionable thing, but no more, and the choice between a well and a septic tank for sewage is necessary to take into account the local conditions of the soil.

Once a place is designated for the foundation, with its filling do not forget to leave a hole in the foundation to bring sewage pipes and fittings to the house water pipes.At this stage, no cost is required, but if you forget about the modifications you will fly a lot of money.

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