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11 May 2016

Though not always have the time or desire to go to a special sauna For example, for the city.But today you can get out of the situation by organizing a full bath at home.

high temperature activates the cardiovascular system increases blood circulation in the brain vessels, improves blood circulation functionality.Colds go away, breathing cleansed.Reduction of muscle tone allows us to experience blissful relaxation: replacing constant stress and muscle relaxation comes terminals.Twice enhanced respiratory capacity of the skin, it rejuvenates, becomes more soft and supple.Sauna help lower blood pressure recover from sciatica, chronic arthritis and osteoarthritis, especially when combined with massage procedures.And, moreover, high temperatures lead to faster metabolism and accordingly reduce body weight.

In our rapid age, we often can not afford to pay your body as much attention as it deserves.Regular visits to the sauna complex combined with an intense work schedule, and will fly it in a pretty pen

ny.But you can arrange a sauna and steam right in your apartment or a country house!

First of all, it is worth noting that the sauna is in the original sense of the word is not the same bath.The difference is that in the sauna are steamed with the so-called "dry steam", i.e. there humidity does not exceed 15%.And yet - except for the sauna in its pure form, there are still showers with "sauna effect" and infrared cabin in which a person's body gets warm under the influence of infrared radiation by as much as 4 cm (for comparison - in the sauna is about 5 mm).Shower same cabin with a "sauna effect" are equipped with steam generators and often - nozzles for hydromassage.And it's worth noting this "sauna effect" nothing more than a fiction, since set up in a plastic shower "dry steam" in a very high temperature fail.

Home bath or sauna - is often wooden cabin, heated by wood burning or electric stove.For heating small single cabins are used oven capacity of 3.6 kW, ie a small cabin to warm up can be with the same flow electricity, which would require a three iron.

In any event, becoming the owner like "relaxation rooms", you can enjoy the dry steam - enough a splash of water (or better - herbal decoction) on the hot stones.Special heating furnace coil, protected from moisture.

Speaking of stones: in electric furnaces are used for saunas volcanic peridotite, Scandinavian diabase and gabbro-diabase Karelian.Other materials from the temperature difference can crumble, so that from the experiments should be abandoned.Such furnaces do not burn oxygen and are equipped with automatic shut-off.

cabin walls are made of a wooden frame filled with insulation (wool, cork or fiberglass) and padded on both sides lining.Furthermore, the outer wall of the cab may be made of pressed wood and even acrylic.

cabin insulation is provided door tight to the jamb.If the door is glass, the best effect sought with silicone sealant, and if the shutters, wooden, three-way make them the edge.The heat and moisture of a sauna outside can not penetrate.

Everything it touches people inside the sauna, that is, shelves, supports for the legs and head restraints as well as support for the back, Western manufacturers are made from African wood abachi.It has a low thermal conductivity and, therefore, in the inspirational heat you can not get burned on this kind of furniture.However, for these purposes is fine and lovely heart domestic wood: aspen or lime.

When choosing a home sauna, above all, you must decide whether you need a prefabricated sauna or folded to you on request.Of course, the second option will cost more - because this cabin will be made of small, carefully matched to each other details.In addition, it is attached directly to the wall, so take it apart, then it will be very problematic, and ventilation it will be worse.But the team sauna, assembled from ready-made boards, as a designer, separated from the walls by 5 cm, which improves ventilation and increases its service life.

models ready saunas varied.First of all, the difference in the shape and location booths, cubicles, there are square, rectangular and angular.By size saunas are divided into single, double, family and "sit" and "prostrate."Some models can be improved, to decorate the windows of stained glass or glass inserts on the door.

design as sauna, constructed to order, depends only on the capabilities of the company, the contractor and the client's imagination.Here are possible mosaic depicting trembling naiads, and strange illumination, and built-in stereo, and other delights.All accessories for the sauna to be ordered separately.

In addition, saunas can be classified by material from which they are made.In ancient times, bath-house is made up of whole logs of pine and spruce.Now the approach has changed somewhat.What kind of wood can be called the best material for building saunas at the moment?

The cheapest option - a Scandinavian spruce.Aspen paneling is also not too expensive, but still has excellent properties - does not rot and does not emit tar.Almost equal to the price of imported coniferous our domestic lime.Light alder density differ, the beautiful pink color and pleasant pattern of annual rings.The most expensive wood now - it is the Canadian red cedar.Sauna from the tree itself is so fragrance, which can serve as a means of aromatherapy, and, moreover, the Canadian cedar differs remarkably beautiful iridescent hue.

All these parameters and determine the price of the sauna.Typically, prefabricated sauna costs from 1800-2000 up to 5000-6500 dollars and above.If you are offered options for less than $ 1,000, be prepared for the fact that as a heater craftsmen use the quilt, and the door will ask you to purchase separately.The quality of it is better not to save.

Finally, do not be superfluous to recall that the adoption of Sauna has a number of contraindications.It is impossible to steam for colds, accompanied by high temperature, on an empty or, conversely, overly and a full stomach after taking alcohol.People who suffer from skin or cardiovascular diseases, too, should beware.If, during the procedure, you feel bad, it is worth it to stop immediately.On the whole, the sauna is better to anticipate hike to the therapist.However, if all the recommendations will be met by you, you are guaranteed a good mood and a great feeling!

light steam!

Anna Fonareva.

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