Because of what the lamps burn out?

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10 May 2016

Tver has to do with light bulbs of more than 5 years - selling light bulbs.He advises anyone who has installed halogen lamps at 220 volts change them for 12 volt.Halogen lamp 220 can be capsule (G4, G 6.35 and analogues) and type MR16 / 35 with a reflector.

In the event that no halogen bulb 12 volt and 220 volt you can immediately tell that this is the worst case - they will burn out quickly.The fact that Russia has not sold any Chinese-quality bulbs (may be listed, any company producer, it does not mean anything! Usually this light bulb company COSMOS (China), Comtech (Komtech, but also China), can be sold in all stores andhypermarkets, and not depending on the point of sale is a bad bulb.

halogen lamps at 220 volts

If bulbs are easily damaged means for this is the real reason.

main reasons why burn 220 volt halogen lamps

1. Anythe minimum voltage of races, including the inclusion of a light bulb;

2. If the lamp capsule, or reflector (reflector), but without the protective piece of glass - paste the following bulb

need necessarily only with gloves or wrap a napkin, handkerchief, and so on.d. and the better after installation wipe with alcohol - because it removes any traces of fat (not even visible to the eye discharge sweat from your fingers) that lead to burn out bulbs;

3. As a rule, all the lights, light bulb designed for 220 volts of very poor quality, despite its design and price, and bullets in them of poor quality - very bad contact, respectively, and the cartridges can spark and burn out bulb.

What should be done?

  1. First you need to throw out any halogen bulb at 220 volts;
  2. Put transformer on 12 volt light bulbs and the like;
  3. can put stabilizing unit (a matchbox and the price from 100 to 500 rubles. Usually) - it may help, but not always.
  4. can instead put a dimmer switch (dimmer), by which the current is supplied to the lamp smoothly;
  5. Another option - to put the stabilizer in the whole apartment for the price from 1500 1 kW.And on the whole apartment would cost is 10,000 rubles.minimum.
    But in this case, Chinese regulators (typically firms Resanta);
  6. last tip to see themselves and the lights can be changed in their patronchiki.

halogen lamps 12 volts

As the Tver:

┬źUnfortunately there are a number of bulbs is usually used in chandeliers socket G9 - capsule is also light, which is below the top, not from the pin, and the loop.There are more rare, but also appears in Russia bulbs at 220 volts.These types of bulbs are no replacement 12 volt equivalent, so they can burn out as often.In addition, it began to appear on Osram bulbs with ordinary socket E27, also halogen and 220 volts - they certainly quality, but the tension in Russia is very unstable.Thus, any galogenki 220 volts can blow at any time and without reason!Look for analogue 12 volts (as the transformer (though email, though the solenoid) serves as a voltage regulator, a place full stabilizer). ┬╗

Member Forum Pavel holiday after a detailed consultation with the Tver decided to take his advice.

Pavel primarily replaced halogen lamps 220 volt 12 volt transformer that work.After replacing the room was much lighter and there is no hint that the bulb can burn out.At the same time Pavel says that he bought the cheapest lamp, but they do not burn.

As a result, Pavel solved all the problems with the apartment and the lighting was very pleased with the Board of Tver.

Posted forum participant Tver

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