Paving: Error

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07 May 2016

Once adopted concrete and asphalt everything - from city streets to suburban tracks and recreation areas.Today in vogue Pavement - relatively inexpensive, beautiful and unpretentious in the care of the material.It is easy to replace in case of need, and for laying the seemingly there should be no difficulties.And yet, we should not forget that the choice and laying paving slabs - an important construction project, on which the appeal of the exterior of a country house.A participant of the forum "Home and cottage" tells about the basic errors that occur during paving.

first mistake was made irusya8 when choosing tiles.Trusting the advice of friends, the owners turned to the company which manufactures the tiles near their cottages.Externally, beautiful and smooth product with rich color impressed, and the seller was able to interest good prices, so the rest did not pay attention.Two weeks of waiting, and that the long-awaited Pavement is made to order and brought, paths paved with sand, started styling

, and with it - and problems.

The owners realized that such an important element, as the border, they knowingly did not pay attention when buying, and it has become the second error minutes.Border should be smooth in order to smoothly into one element to another.In irusya8 stone appeared at times thicker at times - thinner, resulting in a curb place to get wavy.Curve, but still different in structure, and tile appeared, but ordered only smooth and matte.The color was unstable, the dye went, when watering coloring cement-sand mixture.They found a lot of tiles, chipped at the corners, the result was a lot of waste, and the tiles are not enough for a few meters track.

When buying paving slabs should consider a few things: any party may contain sub-standard material in accordance with the standards it should be no more than 5%.In the process of laying some of the material in the trim will go to waste.A few spare tiles should also have, if you want to change something or hereafter podremontirovat.Therefore, the tiles have to buy 7-10% more surface area lined.

Misunderstandings arose, and with a team of handlers.The owners believe Okay bikes foreman, touted his job, but in fact it turned out that "all who know how to" Tajiks keep an eye.Two weeks irusya8 almost did not leave them a single step, trying to control their actions, but it still turned out defective masonry, with many depressions in which water collects.No new posts third conclusion: always check the evenness of masonry level!At the end of

climbed another problem .Brigadier persuaded the owners to fill all the joints of tile cement-sand mixture, not just sand, between the tiles to not sprouted grass.Those agreed, as a result, they had to spend a lot of effort to ensure that the cement from the scrub tiles: red became gray and gray - is also divorced.

better to lay the tiles on the sand-cement mixture at a ratio of 1: 8-1: 10 cement simply connect the sand to the water is not washed away.Seams should fill screenings gravel fractions 0-10 because natural stone joints are large enough, the sand will be washed away.You can wake up the seams screenings by 30-50%, and the rest - land (50-70%) with grass seeds - get very impressive.

Member Forum blagostroy-rnd, has a decade of experience laying paving slabs, advises to stick to a technology :

  1. Prepare a crushed stone base: Lay it flat, to just lay down tile or stone.
  2. Ram base vibratory plates.Do not skimp on the seal, take in rent the necessary equipment and Trumbo each site at least 3-4 sets.
  3. Do the same with sand in a layer thickness of 3-4cm.
  4. lay on the sand sand-cement mixture layer of 3-5 cm, it - stone.Begin with large and gradually fill the gaps smaller.
  5. Seal machine or a rubber mallet.Eli tiles larger than 30h30sm, first be sure to use a mallet.
  6. After leveling and tamping fill the joints with mortar or sealing pour sand-cement mixture at a ratio of 1: 2 or crushed stone screenings.
  7. If you filled in the seams, wash the stone with a wet sponge.If you fall asleep, sweeping away the remnants of dropouts or mixture.

Most importantly - do everything gently and leisurely: the result will please you for many years!

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