Mice in the building.

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06 May 2016

It would seem that what troubles may be winter homeowners?Keep an eye on the garden, cleaned the snow so ready for the next season of labor.But no, country ownership does not give relax for a minute and throw new problems.Are you going to invite friends to the cottage for the winter holidays, New Year meet there?The fact that you are not disturbed swarms of rats and mice to spring you can not find dust instead of clothes and other things necessary to take care in advance.

under construction house

Validating believe that the favorite place for winter quarters are rodents frame houses.However, it is not immune to this problem, and stone dwellings: mice love nest in materials such as foam, which is often used as a heater.As practice shows, does not shrink from the gray beasts mineral wool and glass wool, even that, in theory, should they irritate the skin and mucous membranes.

According to experts, the construction of yet more preferable to use mineral wool, and all insulation works carried out car

efully, avoiding anywhere slots through which can penetrate tailed.

am-b rid of the mice during the reconstruction of the house: stripped all the floors, walls and ceilings are found in numerous glass wool mouse moves and sockets.During subsequent installation between floors it rough and basic flooring tightly packed layer of expanded clay 10cm.

Thus was organized so-called "expanded clay Castle", which has become a real obstacle for rodents.

Then all the angles (ceiling, wall, floor) were upholstered with galvanized grid with small cells.It is important not to miss a single interface.Only after all these measures have been insulated and finished walls and ceilings.As the host for the third year in a house no one mouse.

tor28 also advises using rubble spilling it during pouring strip foundation, and fine-meshed metal grid, which protect the housing bottom and sides.If the house is already built, you can try to bury the mesh along the foundation - deeper than the mouse and rat holes.Usually it is 20-30 cm, sometimes - up to 80 cm. The grid can not dig in right next to the foundation, and away from home, away from the foundation to the grid waking ballast layer wall of the house a meter from the foundation also sheathe grid.As an option - on the perimeter to make a narrow deep ditch, which is filled with large rubble.

GrandAmigo during construction of the summer house carcass acted differently: Paul did not warmed only shield - Flooring on logs that were almost on the ground, on single bricks.To rodents it out of the gap between the edge of the floor and the outer skin, it is sliced ​​from galvanized strip width of 10 cm, which are nailed to the floor on the edges around the perimeter (except door opening) so that the strip came up against the outer casing.Then the band was closed on top insulation and lining inside.Result: from the floor sometimes mouse squeak and rustle, but do not go into the house.

«old-fashioned" ways

Validating remember these ancient ways of struggle against rodents:

  • add insulation slag, tobacco dust, ash, dry burr, pine branches, mint, tarragon, etc .;
  • put a floor under the burned logs - deter mice smell;
  • the perimeter subfloor scatter broken glass;
  • along the walls and the walls to pour burning red pepper;
  • catch a mouse and singe her rodents do not like the smell of burning hair;
  • in an old aluminum pot to put a tuft of wool, make a hole in the lid, set fire to the hair and put it in the basement: the smoke slowly and evenly be spread under the house.

To get rid of the mice on the site:

  • vegetable garden scattered cotton balls impregnated with birch tar;
  • mouse burrows fill with water;
  • on metal rods hang bottles of water and beer on the perimeter of the flower beds and plants, occasionally rearranging the bars: rodent scare noise;
  • with the same purpose, to dig glass bottles wind, getting into them, create noise interference rodents;
  • put in burrows rags soaked with ointment Vishnevsky;
  • modern version: put in the petard, covering ground: the mouse can not stand the propellant gases.

about rodent control using non-chemical means here.

poison and glue traps

Toxic compounds - one of the most effective ways to stop the invasion of rodents.However, unsafe.Apart from the fact that these substances can be dangerous for the people themselves, and pets, there is also a risk that a poisoned mouse or rat zapolzut under the floor, where they can not get.It is better to use glue traps: rodents approach the bait, and stick to the application on any surface, such as boards or cardboard solution.Note, however, that large rats can break out of this trap, and get there immediately.

Thunderstorm mice

Those who can not or does not risk to use poisons, help to get rid of mice, rats, moles and even their natural enemies - domesticated stoats, weasels, hedgehogs and, of course, cats or dogs.However, not every cat will be able or willing to do the work.More likely that mustachioed and Stripes stand you in good stead when he was taken from street cat kitten.That neighbor snickers cat helped overcome the arrogant mice, and the owner did not even notice when the animal is hunting suit.

Vladimirs not believe in fairy tales of cats from the whole flock of these animals living nearby, there was no good.Some cats are sometimes brought into the house mice, then, to play, they were released.

Lilith offers try not very pleasant way to those who do not want to mess with pets: bring filler cat litter and put in the corners.However, along with mice, slain awful smell out of the house and you can escape.

What to do if a cat shrink "black work" and prefers to bask in the sun, thinking that "we are here, well fed?"


In this case we have to trust his ingenuity and make (or buy) a mousetrap.The advantages of this method of catching rodents are clear: there is no threat to human health or pets, and you do not depend on the mood or the skills of your cat.It only remains to choose the device and the desired effective bait.With mice - simpler: they eat almost everything, and cracklings or a slice of fried bacon with rind they certainly seem tempting treat.

difficult - rats.There are cases when the animals got into the room and the food is not chewed products, packaging and other Inedible from a human point of view, things.Validating say that rats are well "peck" on the dry dog ​​food and sunflower seeds.

traps for rodents can be made independently.

Option 1
ivan.kulibin offers automatic trap: a bucket half filled with water, put the tablet to a mouse could go through it.Next came two boards crosswise.The length of one must be slightly larger than the bucket, and the second - less.On one side of the short boards fasten the bait.Mouse climbing trapiku a bucket and walked the short stick, falls into it, then cross under his weight comes back and trap is ready again.So you can catch the night of 8-10 mice.

In the manufacture of such a trap, it is important to choose the right length of the short boards, so that she herself returned to the place, and rodent, falling into the water, could not get to her.

Option 2
kpc advises using glass bottles of beer.Pour a little vegetable oil to better - with the smell, crude, and leave it in places where you have seen rodents.The bottles should be placed at an angle of at least 30-40 degrees, securing a rope or wire to the mouse can climb on them.After a week in each bottle you will have 5-7 pests.

Option 3
serg-e presented another trap that can be made from a plastic box of floppy disks.If there are a lot of boxes can be made disposable trap.But they have one disadvantage: "beast" gets there and still alive, so that you personally have to decide his fate.

ultrasonic generator

Some gardeners say that the device type elektrokotov working on the basis of ultrasound, can be effective.However, the devices have drawbacks: the results of their work is not immediately noticeable, sit down batteries quickly and hardly audible sound irritating effect on the people themselves, so it is better to include them when no one is home.

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