Attic not in Paris

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05 May 2016

I love the attic.Although ... Lofts, too, love.Maybe it's strange and even extremely suspicious, but love and cellars.The fact that the arrangement of the main part of the house - that, you know, my main job, soup and burgers, so to speak.

In it are quite wonderful customers.I do lucky people.To make the house a home, even if it is flat, you need a lot of work and desire.All participants in the process.Do not do as the neighbor Lev Petrovich.Or - as in this picture.And - to collect a piece of the house so that these disparate parts become habitat for a particular family.Or - the individual.As much as possible approached them as clothing made-to-measure accurately.So, the house itself - a main dish.And if I equip the attic and turns it into an attic - my birthday of the heart.Champagne with strawberries and cream.We are with the customer, both in the children's story - trying to find a hotbed of painted door to a magical land.

The climate in most regions of Russia boil down to the fact that the autumn

rains pour.And in the winter - snowing.And there are frosts, but such that it is time to cancel classes at schools, goose fat to smear your nose and drink from dawn to dusk cocoa.And therefore do flat roof and rebuild, such as cute heart house style palazzo - with a courtyard, fountain and peacocks - no way.Even if no peacocks.And we have to do the roof with a slope.Another question - at the approach to the planning of the house at home, rather than as two (three, four) level apartment, we can solve this problem once and avoid any appearance of dark, close and completely unused rooms.

If we properly think through the whole design of the house, with the volume of work, we can get some incredible things.We will have a "second light" - is when the room height is more than one floor and windows in it, respectively, too.And it is - a big plus, since it increases the natural light the house, and once the sun ray is capable of much.

Also, if work is carried out initially with the plan, and we are preparing accordingly (warms and enhances) the design, the ceiling of the top floor, no one will forbid to leave free.Save the volume of the room to add to her height and air.Yes, the ceiling will have a bias.But - one (ceiling) is height 3 or even 3.5, but, for example, 5 meters.This difference is very significant, the ability to add spaciousness and intrigue to the rooms upstairs.This is - an optimistic scenario.We speak about it, because this way of working with the volume - it's a great opportunity to learn it.This "option A".But, as often happens in life we ​​are dealing with a set of options from the rest of the letters in the alphabet.

So attic, if you still have it we have - this space between the ceiling and roof of the house.Ieattic floor - is the ceiling of the top floor, its ceiling - roof slope.Inside the attic - it's usually such a perfect "insight" - there is visible all the backstage lives of our architectural designs.Generally - no decorations and even hidden.What features of this room?, Little space, a little light, dust.May encounter bats and owls.Cats can even black.

What can we do with a good offer so - classic from Beetlejuice, attic?If there are ventilation pipes, polcherdaka takes the chimney of the fireplace, and we have a box the size of a portion deflope?Even in this case - not all lost.We can use this space to display units of air-conditioning at home.You can also position the pump (if available).Then the outdoor units of air-conditioning will not cling we have on the front, and a pump does not need to give away part of the area or to equip residential floor basement (can do without it, or - to use as a "clean zone" to place there an economic unit, laundry,yes even the billiard room and sauna).

If we are talking about turning the attic into living, iecut, in his attic, it is possible to do.Typically, for this we need the following.

beginning - build a ladder for an unused attic stairs and stairs to the attic, which is, say, a bedroom or office - they are two different steps.My personal priority in the calculation and design of stairs is their convenience.

Please consider how you will bring the furniture in the attic (and in principle - any different from the first) floor.If a family has children - they are always with the ladder can slip.Let's do it on the basis of, to roll them was long, and then there were bruises.From this sometimes depends on - how generally will use this floor.

In my practice was a situation where virtually no customers to use the second floor of the house.The reason is the incredibly dramatic turning staircase.With a very beautiful natural stone steps.The quantity of 20 pieces.Up to a heap, the last and the first steps were 1/2 the height of the rest.From it fell not only small children but also adults tipsy.In the end, deciding that an idle second floor - all the same great folly than the dismantling of this miracle, standing as the iron bridge, the problem is eliminated.

Paying tribute to the engineering part of the project, to work thoroughly on strengthening structures and insulation of the attic floor, we finally can start decorating.

let you dwell.

room for imagination is enormous.Attics are often lighter than the rooms downstairs.The view from the windows can please us much stronger.General Terms and recipes here and there can not be.

Most importantly, on what should be a start - the geometry of space.

Availability ceiling areas with the slope, I would advise of the downsides to translate in the pros.Using the walls a different color finishes, further highlighting them, you can achieve a normal rectangular room unknown results.A kind of "marquee" space allows us to translate accents and see here is not pressing on your wall, and - almost cathedral architecture.Directed upwards.

One small design secret: by using wallpaper to prefer modest decor and harmonious combinations of color palette.This wallpaper pattern used on vertical sections of the walls and parts of the walls, stairways, hang colored wallpaper, with little or no non-drawing.

height of the side walls of the room can be very different from the end.In this room it is best to use a horizontal piece of furniture, do not clutter up his tall cabinet.A small dresser or nightstand in the bedroom, a low cabinet for stationery or low bookshelves in the study will provide us with the necessary and allow to feel comfortable here.

two words I would like to say about the flooring in the attic.Of course, his choice is mainly dictated by the general style decision homes, but there are also small trick: light tone visually increase the floor space.You can also use the reception of combining several colors of flooring.For example, in one of his latest projects on the perimeter of the attic floor room floor I made lighter in color and warm in tone than the color of the main area of ​​rooms.

This technique allows you to push the walls and a little "lift" them off the floor.

colors - everything is both simple and difficult at the same time.Planning decisions - our alpha and omega.But the architecture without color - is dead.Color at all - one of the main weapons, and my - so all your favorite.Light colors in the attic will help us to make the room a luminous, warm and alive.But, with moderate consumption of dark and bright colors we can get an interesting and non-linear interior.

selection of colors - a difficult and very laborious.It needs artistic taste and "nasmotrennost."I prefer to search for color inspiration to spend with the customer in an environment where exactly there are masterpieces and harmony.Great artists and their paintings - this inexhaustible source.Here you can see the tips in style.Look in the primary sources, in a word.

Selection of colors, textures and finishes - this is not just an individual, and almost intimate process.Some people like a plaster concrete, metal elements, monochrome and graphic quality.Another loves textiles or natural materials, the third - gloss and satin crystal.We are all different.

And - I love the attic.I mention?Still I love.And most of all - when my meetings with the client, search the palettes, materials and attempts to attach to the minimalist interior of a new home grandmother sideboard - HOUSE born.When the sketches, drawings and visualization acquire flesh and blood.And the picture that I saw really only in your head come to life!This - my favorite moment.

completed the hard work of the magical transformation of a dusty loft into a wonderful attic, you can drink tea with cakes near the samovar.Or a glass of dry red.And congratulate ourselves on the fact that absolutely no magic for yourself, you have not only increased the inhabited area of ​​your home, but also have at their disposal very special square meters.

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