What to choose: warm or cold attic loft?

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03 May 2016

forumhouse.ru Members are well aware that the image of the house depends on the shape of its roof.Any homeowner would want his house not only look impressive, but it was functional, warm and comfortable.And so at the stage of project selection raises the question: which is better, more functional and cost-effective to do - warm or cold attic loft?

In our material we have collected the most common questions that can help you make the final decision.

So, in this article you will learn:

  • What is and what is the attic loft?
  • What is different from a cold attic warm attic?
  • What features can be cold in the attic and attic warm?
  • Do the benefits of the construction of the cold attic or better to build a warm attic?
  • How to properly insulate the attic?
  • What is the difference from conventional skylights?

Attic attic against

Every year the price of land for development is increasingly growing, and because many owners of their own homes often think about whether there is a way to "build" a useful area

of ​​the house on a small plot.Of course, the easiest option - is to increase the height of the house.For example, to build a two-storey cottage with unheated loft.Or go the other way and build a house with a warm attic.Both options have their pros and cons, which we describe below.But first, let's define what is the attic, and that - an attic.

Management Company "DDM Story" Faith Vavilov:

- Attic - is a non-residential space between the ceiling of the top floor and roof of the building.Attic - is also a space between the ceiling of the top floor and roof of the building, which has been used as a dwelling.

Due to its design, creating a well-ventilated attic buffer space under the roof.So, to provide ventilation of roof space in the attic, for example through the skylights, much simpler than the attic.

On both sides of the attic has a direct vertical gables and on the other two fronts formed surfaces inclined or sloping roof.Thus, the ceiling of the attic at the same time a roof.

Head building otdelakompanii " Ronas Group " Roman Nakonechny:

- The main difference from the attic loft - in the appointment of the premises.While attic with insulation - is a complete dwelling, cold attic is intended solely for storage.

Expert Corporation TekhnoNIKOL Anton Borisov:

- Traditionally attic used as a warehouse or household equipment, or does not use.But the attic can become additional living space, such as a guest room, study or nursery.

Benefits attic, compared with an attic, it is that it allows you to create additional living space without increasing the overall height of the house and do not nadstraivaya additional floor.

Remember that finishing finishing the attic, as well as any other room, requires an investment of additional funds, while the build attic can be cost-effectively.

advantages of the attic is also the simplicity of its construction and the possibility of easy access from within the premises of the second floor for inspection of the roof, if necessary, repair the roof, such as leakage.

Also, be aware that access to the roof space you need to build a separate entrance leading to the attic.Usually this is done with a sliding sunroof or foldable ladder.

architect companies Home in the Woods , Sergey Petrov :

- In the attic you can make additional room, thus reducing the very area of ​​the house on the site, reducing the cost of the foundation,the roof and walls.This is important, because the foundation to the roof - is often the most expensive items in the house.

big plus attic floor is that it is possible to arrange sleeping areas for adults and children separately.But the attic - it's just an empty area.

Faith Vavilov:

- When you get the device attic unfit for life void between the ceiling and roof.The advantage of the attic - it saves.Insulation is placed only on the overlap, reducing its consumption and the resulting attic space creates an air gap.Gables can stay cool, which also leads to savings.

Unlike attic warm attic gables require insulation.Warming of the roof produces the relief of the roof, which gives a much greater consumption of insulation than in the attic.

attic floors involves direct ceiling of the last floor, which severely limits the ability of the design space.When the device attic rafter system can be made visible, which gives a unique design of the room and gives a special touch to the space.

The ceiling of the attic is not direct, but the internal terrain of the roof, and you get a large three-dimensional space that can be nice to beat in the interior.

And in order to calculate that less - build a loft or attic, you can resort to a simple calculation of costs.

Faith Vavilov:

- So, second floor must have a minimum height of 2.5 m, in order to live in it was comfortable.It turns out that all the external walls of the house and interior partitions you need to raise the height of the second floor.Accordingly, the material spend and pay for the work.The external walls should have the appropriate insulation, depending on the material of the house.Then on the second floor you pass the attic, a device which also will leave the material and payment of labor.

key benefit of building a loft and a full second floor- a useful area of ​​the second floor.You get the second floor of equal height, comfortable for living.Before you is not a problem - whether the cabinet will fall to the wall?You do not have the low "pockets" that are necessary to beat in the interior and think how they can be used functionally.

Non-residential premises of the attic can be used as a storage room, which also significantly increases the usable area of ​​the house.

Sergey Petrov :

- very often make a cold attic, considering that the roof insulate expensive.However, the cake that in the attic, that in the ceiling of the attic, almost the same.Insulate the ceiling of the second floor is still necessary, but to reduce the area of ​​the roof and foundation, plus the area of ​​the walls and ceilings, can be much more profitable. As interior designer I can say that the room in the attic, with sloping ceilings, always have their mood, they not dull and very scenic, the main - right to beat them.

But, as with any construction, everything should be approached carefully, carefully weighing all the "pros" and "cons".

Roman Nakonechny:

- Construction spending a cold attic may be significantly lower than for the construction and decoration of premises.If the insulation of the roof is required both in the construction of the attic and in the construction of the attic (these costs are roughly equivalent), to furnish the dwelling would require additional resources, such as interior walls, floors, ceilings, heating facilities, as well as its furnishings.

Often, people think that the design of the attic is much more complicated than the attic, resulting in a significant increase in the cost of the project at home.But, as experience shows, it is not so.

Roman Nakonechny:

- Designing attic - slightly more expensive than the attic.Just in the project will be considered premises, their location and size of rooms will be given special attention to them subsequently to live comfortably.

attic will also be included in the project, just the requirements for its location and the area will be smaller, but work for the design of the attic still have to pay for floor space.The main thing in the design of the attic - carefully consider the height of the walls and ceiling.

Sergey Petrov :

- I recommend doing walls that go under the eaves of the roof height of not less than 1200 mm, then it fits perfectly to the bed or dressers.

Roman Nakonechny:

- attic height measured along the side wall, a comfortable wall height - 1.5 m.

At this height of the walls there is a possibility in the attic room to go to the full-length, andin the lowest place to place, or beds, or storage space.

Faith Vavilov:

- In the design of the attic there are a number of nuances that must be considered, and which you can not think about the design of the attic ceiling.For example, the height of the premises.

In the attic so you must have the room to keep it turned out that the bathroom does not fit the height shower, or that there is no place to put in a bedroom closet.

height of the second floor under the attic ceiling at least 2.5 m done - comfortable for people of average height and no problems with the arrangement of furniture.To

attic was functional, the side walls are usually raised to 1.2 - 1.4 m to obtain, depending on the size of the house, about 3.5 to 4 m in the ridge.Then you will have a three-dimensional space, visually increasing the area of ​​the second floor due to the volume of space.

Indoor loft roof can begin directly from the floor, as in the technical space is not necessary to do a full height, of storage do not need it.Useful area of ​​the attic depends on the height of the side walls.The maximum height of the side walls must not exceed 2-2.5 meters, otherwise it will have a full floor, not the attic.

In order to maximize the useful space of the attic and see where you want the support, you can take advice Sergei Petrov :

- If you plan in advance to make the second floor with an arrangement of furniture, it will be clear where you can place the power componentsFor example, the pillars.Not only that column will look very good in rooms with a sloping roof, so he still will carry the load.It is also very well looked truss structure to maintain the roof.From my own experience I know that the sloping roof is about 30 degrees or more, usable area is eaten little, only about a meter under the eaves.

design features of the attic and the attic

If the construction of the second floor and a full-fledged cold attic is carried out under the schemes spent years (main - pay attention to reliable steam and waterproofing), the construction of the attic requires more knowledge andplacing increased demands on skill builders.And any error made at the stage of designing the attic, can lead to costly repairs in the future.

As noted above, the loft increases the "residential" area, the house gives expression, transforming it and improving.The main thing that all construction work - insulation, insulation and roof ventilation - were performed in accordance with the requirements.

If the roof truss system is under severe strain, some of its component parts should be made of beams of laminated veneer lumber.These can withstand much greater load than usual rafters of the board.Small spans, load that is small, require the use of trusses of dry planed boards with a cross section, specify the project.

But most importantly - it is properly folded and warmed "roofing pie".It determines whether the warm and comfortable in your attic, you will not accumulate condensate, and a leaking roof.

Faith Vavilov:

- The size of the beams in the attic, like any structure, determined by the length of unsupported span.If the project provides a large roof space without walls, the rafter system can be safely and beautifully run of trusses.

They can arrange a reliable design of the roof, giving the room a unique modern design.

When the device attic floor should focus on high-quality thermal insulation of the roof.

Anton Borisov:

- When it comes to the living room, it is logical to assume that such a room in the first place, it should be comfortable to live in and that is important - warm, especially if the house is used for year-roundresidence.To make cold attic warm attic, you must insulate the floor and roof slope.

When the roof insulation should observe the following conditions:

  • in the insulation should not accumulate moisture;
  • thickness of the insulation must conform to a certain size (in accordance with thermal calculation) so as to maintain the heat indoors in winter and summer.

Therefore, for better performance of your roof is necessary to provide a vapor barrier - to cut off the steam coming out of the room.It is also necessary to apply a certain thickness of the insulation layer, according to the calculation of a given region, as well as the need to provide a ventilated gap between the layer insulation and roofing.

Roman Nakonechny:

- For proper attic insulation is absolutely necessary steam and waterproofing.As the insulation can be used rock wool for pitched roofs.In this case, a heater is mounted with an overlap in order to avoid cold bridges.

second option - to use as insulation extruded polystyrene.

Anton Borisov:

- This material is well suited for the insulation of the roof, becauseit does not absorb moisture, it has a high compressive strength and is easy to assemble.

Also, when the device attic special attention should be paid to ventilation insulation.

Sergey Petrov :

- can use rafter section 200x50 mm, and a thickness of mineral wool to take 150 mm.Since the insulation must breathe, the difference in the thickness of the rafters and wool, in essence, is the air holes.

order to not gaining moisture insulation, attic with the device must be made air holes, otherwise in a few years the insulation loses its thermal properties.

Standard cake roof attic floor is as follows:

  • roofing;
  • sheathing;
  • kontrobreshёtka;
  • diffusion film (and hydro - wind insulation);
  • air layer;
  • insulation;
  • steam;
  • trim.

Faith Vavilov:

- «Roof pie" attic floor should always include a vapor barrier, insulation and waterproofing.Under no circumstances can not be ruled out of steam - and waterproof!

Any topcoat roof involves just such content.The thickness of the insulation must be at least 200 mm.Convenient and efficient use of mineral wool insulation slab.It is also very important to insulate the junction truss system to the walls.This weak points where bridges can be formed cold.For example, in the vertical grooves between adjacent rafters inserted facing panels made of wood or plastic.They are inserted into the inner and outer edge of the wall.How to do it?