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02 May 2016

lachance history began, like so many - a long-term dream of rustic land with the house.And it happened - bought a large plot, lovely family.For the mother it was a few apple trees, happy and good location in the center of summer: that it was not terrible.For the Pope - train nearby, from which only 10 minutes to go.At the same time this distance was enough to traffic noise did not bother gardeners.I was pleased with the husband - 19 acres allowed to each do their work, without disturbing others.There were advantages for children - a daughter and a niece - two lakes nearby.

In general, everyone was happy: the prospects loomed rich and bright.The fact that in addition to the old garden on the acquisition of land was nothing but pleased lachance: she convinced family that build your dream home a lot cheaper than buying ready-made and suitable for all members of a large family.

All agreed with the above arguments and began to plan for.Then - the choice of firms providing cheaper services for the construct

ion of a small house from a bar.It was advised to invite them long-term partner for the construction of strip foundation: because of the rocky soil of the pile was difficult to establish.And the owners have signed a contract to build a house and basement, slandered line made an advance payment (for the base - 70%) and waited for happiness.

On the first day the problems started: car broke down, the foreman was not available, the building hung a week .Attempt number two: the expected car waited at the superintendent was not a plan, nor the terms of reference (secretary messed up the folder, and on a day in the office there was nobody).They began to dig, but three hours later had to kick a careless builder , managed to get a drink.

lachance regrets that at this stage not try to pick up an advance minus imported materials.

felt sorry for the time spent.In addition, much work has been done at the option of the company and the signing of the treaty, to take a holiday during construction, etc.Again, relying on the bright future, we have decided to correct the situation.We went to the office and talked with the director.There - sorry, overtures, replacing the unfortunate head of the department of building superintendent."Break through" - thought lachance.But even then it alerted advice performers not to interfere in the construction of, say, the case of the customer - just to get a quality finished product.And its something the firm promised to give.

promised three-year wait: as a result, instead of ten days, the foundation made four weeks, during which time several times a week, night and weekend vacationers came to check the work.And no wonder: in place appeared that the materials are not able to take, what not delivered, then you did not .

not go down the pit size.Instead of tapes prepared under the base plate.Baffles were not in place.Missed 15 cm diagonally with formwork under it showed holes 10 cm.

From these endless "under-" and "not the" head was spinning.Further more.The contract lachance prescribed reception hidden works in four stages: the pit to sand, after it - macadam base according to plan, then - formwork and reinforcement, in conclusion - concrete work.

acts on the first stages of the hostess did not sign guessed from the fact that every time I had to redo something, and it was another mistake.

One of the company called and told to not come home in the evening, since the valve is not yet able to take.He was advised to come to take all the next day to twice not to go.On the next day promised concrete.

Again - deception.The specified day lachance phoned to say go, but work did not take tube, and the foreman statement stunned: You invited yesterday, you did not come, and now we have all filled.The hosts were in shock, but her husband persuaded lachance not to go to the construction site immediately: that night on the Priozersk District raging hurricane.

The next day, the foreman showed up himself, quickly telling the inexperienced customers new fable.He warns that they are not frightened by what he saw at a construction site: this is not the ultimate job, and "semi-finished" that builders will still be "finish."His efforts were in vain - arrived, the hostess almost fell faint: formwork led all - by pouring concrete broke her .Saving what you can, it seems, simply threw back shovels.Vibrations - a separate issue.

Again deplorable results: on the basement surface traces of legs, the horizontal deviation is 8.5 cm, width - 10 cm, height - and even more - 18.5 cm, everywhere - a single straight line.After removing the formwork, the hosts also found the lack of air holes and voids up to 10 cm deep.

But that was not the worst: after a lengthy explanation of the relationship owners do decide to examination, which showed that instead of concrete grade B20 was used stamp B35! The valve is still not able to take, and one that was cut short because it is not tied axes.

on the company by new claims waved away, assuring that everything is normal and under control, that the foundation "in dozalyut level srezhut bolgarochkoy and beauty is."Following the examination of the performers we stopped to take the phone and managed to change the address of the office twice.The firm, which ordered the house hands only bred: Wai-wai, before such was not.

And customers are now still counting losses, learn from their mistakes and wait for the snow come down to make way for a technology that will carry this nightmare.

approach to the selection of construction companies very carefully: Now many people do not care about quality work and its reputation, and earn money fast, and the rest - the headache of the customer.

RESULTS: spent money on expertise, compensation for material advance in the amount of 95 thousand. Rubles was not achieved, had to sue.The office does not react, even though their partners - the company with the house - they were assured that all the problems are solved with the customers, and those claims have not.Advance payment for the house back, but the cost of building a year later on the order grew.

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